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Mated to the Alpha Knight is an interesting yet taboo take on the werewolf genre, and the author is well aware of it. The story starts out with Celeste, the main character, and Jackson driving back to Celeste’s place after a study session. Before walking out, Jackson makes some of his moves on Celeste in order to appeal to her tastes, while Celeste watched and described the scene to us in awe.

Before Jackson could make another move, Emrys opened Celeste’s door for her which spooked both of them in the car. However, it was just Celeste’s brother. She felt relieved for a second until Emrys, being the overprotective brother he is, warned Jackson never to touch her sister again. Celeste disapproved of this remark, and till this point, I was liking the story. Though, what happened next got me hooked.

Celeste, on the next day in school, had been harassed by Jackson, so to say. He kissed her neck, and upon Celeste refuting it, he got aggressive and started making undesirable sexual moves.

However, as tears started rolling down her face, Jackson furiously pushes back Celeste and cusses her out. Emrys immediately calls to ensure that Celeste is okay, followed by him picking up Celeste which created a click within her mind.

Fast forward after her sixteenth birthday and a few character introductions, Celeste comes across her brother on a sudden occasion and then utters the word, ‘mate,’ at first sight. This was the turning point in the series’ direction. Emrys declared to Celeste that they were supposed to be mates, that they were meant to be despite them being siblings.

While I never approve of incest, the author didn’t take an obnoxious approach to it.

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Part 1: Main Theme of Mated to the Alpha Knight

Mated Alpha Knight Wolf Moon

As do most werewolf novels, Mated to the Alpha knight is a story of romance and drama. It also undertakes elements of mystery, royalty, comedy, and a sense of self-discovery. Let’s break down each element of the novel.

The romance is done well, incest is a subject that I disapprove of in any case, however, the author alongside the characters seems to be aware of it.

A few chapters in, Celeste comes across a nearly naked version of her brother, thoughts cross her mind which is immediately shot down by her description of the scene as ‘Alabama Bullshit.’ This is a very intricate way of turning a potentially bad scene into an incredibly humorous one that I enjoyed.

The mystery and self-discovery elements come from the fact that Celeste has to find out who her mate is after she turns eighteen, which means two years from the beginning.

Questions arise as to whether her mate will be her brother or someone else. Sorts of ‘Prophecies’ also start to rise up which escalate the tone of the mysteries. As you read further, you get much more invested in what the story has on hold for us.

The comedy is well done as well. The situations that Celeste gets put in are oddly somewhat hilarious and I find myself laughing sometimes even at the serious scenes. A lot of dialogues that make me laugh originate from Celeste herself and her clumsiness. Celeste and her friend Ostana thirsting over one of the jockeys while talking about who they stalked on Instagram was genius, to say the least.

Overall, I would say the story perfected its themes and knows what direction it wants to take when it fleshes out each of its themes. Emotional moments at times feel a little underexaggerated though this is a very rare case that derives from Celeste’s teenage tendency to cry a bit too much.

Part 2: The Beauty of Celeste’s Character on Mated to the Alpha Knight

Mated To Alpha Knight White Wolf

The Beauty of Celeste’s Character

Celeste is a very realistic character that I cannot get enough of. Talking about realism in a novel about werewolves never clicks right for me but I had to point it out.

Celeste locks her room and tells her parents everything is fine, silently crying while muffling the noises with her pillow and trying not to become part of a horror movie trope with what’s under her bed. All of these moments made me appreciate Celeste’s character a lot.

She also reacts to situations very realistically and as if an actual teenage girl going through werewolf puberty was reacting. Her tendency to describe things to their fullest extent, especially the physical features of the people she meets, implies that she’s analyzing men from top to bottom. Very natural for a teenage… werewolf.

The way she deals with situations, for example pondering whether she’s mated to her brother, dealing with the supposed ‘prophecies’ of her and just carrying out her life within a family of royals just clicks with me in a way that I deem indescribable. Kudos to the author for amazing character introductions and development overall.

Part 3: Conclusion

Mated to the Alpha Knight is a beautiful story that knows what it wants to do. The author, Elizabeth Jane, is masterful in this area of work. The writing is also amazing, with a decent contrast of formal and informal, direct and indirect.

The characters develop very naturally throughout the entirety of the series, and they feel very real. Some authors tend to overdevelop or underdevelop their characters while focusing on something else entirely, though this novel is an extreme exception to that testament.

The romance elements are done well and avoid negative factors very intelligently. I felt conflicts within myself every time this element was developed, and I enjoyed every letter that I read which was pertinent to romance.

However, the later parts of the story lack direction, and the fans have been wanting a little bit of insight into what is going to happen for the future of the series. That, however, is only a concern that the reader will face at a very late point.

I highly suggest you read this novel, it will absolutely be a wonderful experience that brightens the entirety of your day with every second of it that you read.

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