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Don’t lose hope by Ellie Norse is a contemporary alternate-world werewolf romance book about a tiny high school human girl who accidentally encounters her werewolf mate Zeke while trying to end it all.

As warned by the author, Ellie Norse on the book’s first page, ‘Don’t Lose Hope’ is rated eighteen because of its mature scenes and inclusion of suicidal thoughts from the female protagonist.

This is a trigger warning for people battling with depression and suicidal thoughts or people who don’t fancy such tropes to skip this.

Born into an unstable and inhospitable home where her alcoholic mom and workaholic dad are always arguing, Hope grew up to be depressed just like her mom, and a loner too because there was no way she could make friends when being loved wasn’t encouraged by her parents. She grew up skinny and too small for her age because she was neglected and barely fed.

As she didn’t have friends in real life, Hope was also a loner in school and was practically invisible. At first, she used to enjoy this solitude that came with being left alone but when she couldn’t endure the emotional negligence (as humans are social creatures) she decided to end it all.

Heading into the woods to facilitate the transition into the afterlife, wherever that may be, Hope encountered a grizzly bear and then wolves all of which she thought would pounce on her.

Recalculating her plans and running towards a cliff with the intent of jumping into her afterlife, she was rather saved from her actions by a boy whom she did not yet realize was naked

Waking up in his house, Hope was more than overwhelmed with how the boy’s family, Zeke, as he learned his name be, smothered her with love, while all the same claiming that they didn’t want anything from her in return.

Spending some time in the care of this family that had gone out of their way to make sure they took proper care of her (by making her parents let them keep her and by making her principal let her stay away from school for some time), Hope began to notice some strange things about them.

Like how they were unnecessarily bigger than average humans (especially Zeke who looked more like a professional athlete than an eighteen-year-old teen), how they seemed to interact with their minds and seemed to know

what she was thinking, and most especially how Zeke (a boy whom a few days ago she didn’t realize used to go to the same school as her) was so possessive of her.

Putting these weird puzzles together, and with the help of her memory of what really happened in the woods (how the wolves were actually fighting the bear to save her and not to hurt her) a theory began to form in Hope’s head.

Read ‘Don’t Lose Hope’ by Ellie Norse now to find out Hope’s reaction when she learns about Zeke’s family’s true identity and that she was his mate.

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Part 1: Main Characters Of Don’t Lose Hope


 Dont Lose Hope Quotes Hope

Hope is a small high school girl with long wavy brown hair, big blue eyes, and milky white skin. She’s pretty, with her only blemish being her malnourished petite stature. She’s Zeke’s mate.

At some point in her life, Hope had actually thought her superpower was being invisible because of how her parents and pretty much everyone in school neglected her, leaving her to be a social outcast.

She never had friends or tried to make one because her house was inhospitable. Besides, she never had social skills.

Hope’s parents never abused her physically but they did emotionally with how they neglected her, and never felt the need to hide the fact that they didn’t want her or a child yet.

This was why she was so skinny and small even though she was almost eighteen – her parents rarely bothered to feed her or know if she ate (which she rarely did).


 Dont Lose Hope Bible Verse Zeke

Zeke is an eighteen years old werewolf and soon to be alpha of his pack after his father. He’s from a wealthy family and is Hope’s mate. He is muscular and has interesting tattoos. He has black hair and golden eyes.

Getting ready to take over as alpha of his pack when he turns twenty, but without anyone by his side to be his Luna, Zeke had gone in search of his mate. When he finds it in Hope, he does everything in his power to protect her from herself.

Part 2: Hot Chapters From Don’t Lose Hope

Chapter One

 Dont Lose Hope Ellie Norse Chapter One

As the day went by, Hope gradually slid from thinking about running away and starting life afresh somewhere else, to end things once and for all. And when she’d had enough of being tortured in solitary she left school to top it all.

Her plan as she’d roughly sketched it, was to get lost in the woods and let faith happen with her. Heading into the woods Hope experienced a rather turn of events when she was intercepted by a grizzly bear.

Bowing her head in resignation, she’d prepared to meet a swift end; the best way to end things she figured, but things got weirder for her when three wolves made their way to the scene.

Hope, now rethinking her plans, was surprised when she saw the wolves attacking the bear instead of them all pouncing on her. She surmised that they were probably trying to get rid of competition, while in reality, they wanted to save her.

Scared because of the new developments, Hope began to run away from the wolves, coincidentally running towards a cliff.

The suicidal thoughts came to her again at the edge of the cliff but before she could act on them, one of the wolves whom she did not notice when he shifted into a human stopped her. He soothed her and she eventually passed out in his warm embrace.

Part 3: Conclusion

 Dont Lose Hope Conclusion

Don’t Lose Hope by Ellie Norse is a werewolf book about Zeke, a soon-to-be alpha, and his human mate Hope. Taking the suicide part aside which may be triggering to some audiences, it’s a very interesting book.

The author Ellie Norse uses her book as a medium to address issues concerning untreated postpartum depression, and its consequences in the long run. It also knocks on the issues of child neglect.

Word of advice, if you are feeling (or know anyone who is) depressed, have suicidal thoughts, or suffering from postpartum depression please visit a therapist for counseling.

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