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The story tells about Gu Feiyan. She is plagued by strange dreams that are so vivid they seem real. She suddenly finds herself in a strange realm and another body. What was the reason she was sent to this place by her master? Gu Feiyan has to answer that question somehow. Everything she does in this new realm seems to be leading up to something bigger that could change everything she ever knew.

Poison Genius Consort 2: Emperor’s Swallow seriously gives off the saying that being a medicine genius can take you places. Gu Feiyan had no idea that it would be the thing to bring her before the prince. They had a very rough first meeting, however. One person nearly got strangled and the other got poisoned.

The story doesn’t let up on the perfect dose of suspense and drama. The quick change of realms is startling and very intriguing. The mystery of this new realm and what Gu Feiyan might encounter just makes this book all the more of a page-turner.

The theme of reincarnation isn’t something new, but there’s always a certain type of thrill you never get tired of each time you read of characters going this way: they leave the mundane existence they always knew and are thrown into unfamiliar territory where they have to fight for survival.

The author creates a vortex that pulls the readers into a colorful world that undoubtedly needs a peerless genius of medicine. Gu Feiyan has the right stuff to conquer, and she won’t let any being stop her. The Prince however is an unexpected factor she never considered.

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Part 1: The Story of Poison Genius Consort 2: Emperor’s Swallow

The story follows Gu Feiyan. She was by her master’s side for ten years. These ten years, she had been having strangely vivid nightmares of a battle, a young girl, her brother, and the man who helped her escape. Gu Feiyan had no idea what it meant or why it was recurring. , on her birthday, she receives a gift from her master. It was the precious cauldron he used to refine medicine. At the same time that he gave her this gift, he sent her through a portal and into another realm. The words he left behind were vague and Gu Feiyan was unable to find their meaning to them.

She arrived in an unfamiliar world in another body. The body had the same appearance as hers, but the original owner was gone. Gu Feiyan transmigrated and became a lowly medicine slave. She is bossed around by people, and her life is made difficult.

She isn’t rescued from humiliation either. But, all of that had little bearing on her existence in this new realm. With her medicine cauldron, she could take on her fair share of harsh experiences. It allowed her to go places no one else could. Gu Feiyan could even save the emperor with her knowledge, skill, and equipment.

Things could only get better after receiving the acknowledgment of her abilities. But, maybe she got too confident and relaxed. There was the assassin she poisoned. The same assassin that turned out to be the crown prince. Nothing is ever as simple as it seems. Gu Feiyan could run, but could she hide from the man who undoubtedly wielded great power in the imperial court?

Part 2: Main Characters of Poison Genius Consort 2: Emperor’s Swallow

Gu Feiyan

Poison Genius Consort 2: Emperor's Swallow Gu Feiyan

She is a young woman who is quick to think up solutions in difficult situations. Gu Feiyan has no memories of her origins. She was found and grew up at her master’s side for ten years. It was on her birthday he threw her into another realm. Gu Feiyan uses the medical skills she learned from her master to survive in the strange realm. A realm where she was a nobody. No one was there for her, so Gu Feiyan would be there for herself. Gu Feiyan encounters an assassin who nearly kills her. She manages to escape but has no idea that the assassin was not one to forget. Nor did she know that her skills would be the thing that brought her before him. Gu Feiyan is a tenacious young woman, unbridled and cunning.

Prince Jun

He is the crown prince. A man is skilled in martial arts and quick to action. Prince Jun never thought he would come face to face with such a troublesome woman like the medicine slave who poisoned him. Not that he had the right to fault her, all’s fair in love and war. However, what will he do when he comes face to face with her once again?

As a man with absolute power, he knows more than anyone else. Maybe it was something more that tied Gu Feiyan’s fate to his. It couldn’t be easy to explain. When that imperial edict is passed, things were going to change drastically.

Part 3: Awesome Chapter from Poison Genius Consort 2: Emperor’s Swallow

Poison Genius Consort 2: Emperor's Swallow

Chapter Six

Gu Feiyan did her best as she struggled to get up. On the other hand, the masked assassin worked hard to press her down. Gu Feiyan cursed and struggled to no avail. The masked assassin was indifferent to everything, even her threats. When Gu Feiyan tried to bite off his mask he easily dodged, but then they locked eyes before both looked away awkwardly.

Suddenly, the masked assassin’s head dropped on her neck. The poison had sapped up all his strength. Gu Feiyan was scared at first. She was finally able to push off the man. She went to remove the mask, but the eyes of the male opened. Gu Feiyan didn’t go any further. He frightened her with his dangerous stare. Hurriedly, she left. But, not before delivering him a kick.

Not long after she left, a guard came and helped the assassin. The identity of the assassin was then revealed. It was not just a mere assassin underneath the mask, rather, it was Crown Prince Jing. He is the most special existence within the royal family of the Sky Flame Nation’s Jun Clan.

The Prince had received Intel that the medicine to be delivered to General Cheng was tampered with. For this reason, he came to take the deceitful thing away. He never expected to meet someone like Gu Feiyan in the process.

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