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Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter tells us of Zi You, a really pitiful woman who had her life taken from her by the people she once called friends and family. Zi You at first, had no idea that these people were wolves in sheep’s clothing. They coveted everything that belonged to her. Was it love? Zi You had lots of it. Power? She was born with it. Wealth? It was in abundance. No way for Zi You to know that she was a target. A target that would bite the dust at their hands. At the same time, her unborn child would also forfeit its life as well.

Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter is very on point with the theme of justice for the wronged. It projects the frustrations of the unfair world the readers all know, and then it effectively enhances the experiences. The satisfaction comes at the moment when the evildoers meet the worst kind of fate possible. Death was too little a price to pay.

However, a miserable life and a pathetic death seem just the right amount of justice needed to deal with them.

The thing I find most comforting about the novel is basically the way the protagonist approached everything from her death to her rebirth. She shows strength and doesn’t beg. Then, her power suddenly unsealed because of all the anger ‘that part is so exciting.

The author of this story, Bīng Yn, does amazing work with the theme of revenge and karma. And, not to mention the crafting of such a wonderful and undoubtedly relatable protagonist.

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Part 1: The Story of Rebirth of The General’s Granddaughter

Rebirth Of The General's Granddaughter: Read Now!

The story follows Zi You. She is married to the Duke, and one would think that for this reason, her life would be pleasant and easy. But, it is not so. Rather than an easy life, Zi You is subjected to one of loss and scheming. Pregnant with her son of six months, Zi You is accused of poisoning the Duke’s second wife with miscarriage medicine.

Zi You is innocent and says as much in the face of her husband’s scolding and beating. Zi You understood why everything was happening this way. It has been some time since she stopped being nave.

Zi You’s stepmother was the Aunt of the Duke’s second wife ‘ the woman she had once called her “best friend”. It was too late by the time she clearly saw how they had used and manipulated her into living a life without any value.

Her stepmother turned away her father’s love for her, spoiling her reputation in the process. Also, her so-called “best friend” turned away the Duke’s love for Zi You. With the accusation of poisoning the second wife, the Duke could care less that Zi You was pregnant with his child: he sent her to her death.

Soon after, Zi You awakens in the period four years earlier. She is given a second chance at life and wants nothing more than to get her revenge. The power of her bloodline is unsealed due to the massive hatred and anger in her heart. With this power and her knowledge of the devil hiding behind human faces, Zi You is prepared to render calamity.

Part 2: Meet The Characters of Rebirth of The General’s Granddaughter

Zi You

Rebirth Of The General's Granddaughter: Zi You

She is the only grandchild of Old General Mu and the daughter of Ying Rui. Zi You lived a blessed life while her grandfather and uncle were still alive. She was protected by those two, and when they were gone everything changed. Zi You is a very patient character. She quietly endured even after realizing the truth of everything. Her stepmother had turned Zi You’s father against her, and Zi You had the misfortune of being labeled as horrible and many other vulgar things, by her own father.

For this reason, Zi You could not return home, no matter how much she wished for a divorce. With her grandfather and uncle dead, there was nowhere to go for Zi You.

She was no longer shielded from the two evil women who had taken over her family. The person she thought was her best friend, used Zi You and finally landed in the position of the second wife of the Duke. But, this wasn’t enough for the greedy woman. She wanted Zi You to vacate the position of the first wife. What could Zi You have done to avoid the calamity that would befall her?

Eventually, they got what they wanted. Her husband hated her, her father despised her to the extent he wished he’d killed her in the cradle, and no one would help her. The most numbing fact, however, is that she carried an unborn child in her womb to the grave, because of them. Zi You didn’t fail to leave a blood curse on them.

With her sudden rebirth, she’s going to drag all of them down even if she had to go down, too.

Part 3: Amazing Chapter from Rebirth of The General’s Granddaughter

Rebirth Of The General's Granddaughter

Chapter Six

Zi You have been reborn. She has returned to four years prior. Now, she analyzed all the events that took place because of her stepmother’s manipulation in her last life. Her stepmother, Yi Ping, had been the one to put the evil nice of hers at Zi You’s side, making Zi You lose a trusted servant. Again, because of the same woman, Zi You’s father, Ying Rui, didn’t stand up for his daughter when she was accused of cheating on her husband.

Zi You silently promises to make every single one of her enemies regret coming after her. Was it her stepmother, the evil best friend, the murderous Duke, or her traitorous father? They would all pay. Zi You plans to pursue the things she had wanted to do, but couldn’t in the past life. With her strength and abilities, she would protect her loved ones.

At this time it was unknown to Zi You that her eyes were glowing purple. It was evidence of the power passed down to her from her maternal grandmother. It was sealed by her mother to keep it hidden. But, it seemed Zi You’s burning hatred vanquished the seal completely.

Zi You is found by her grandfather who notices her changed appearance. He worries for her, and she is relieved to see him. When Zi You’s father walked in, she begins her act.

Rebirth Of The General's Granddaughter

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