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Brooklynaire seems like an average love story novel, but it’s a lot more than that. Written by Sarina Bowen, the book comes after the trilogy Brooklyn Bruisers, which are hockey love stories on their own and has made quite the impact. In this post, we will be doing a comprehensive review on “Brooklynaire” to figure out if this is one you should pick or skip!

What is Brooklynaire about

brooklynaire by sarina bowen

At its core, Brooklynaire Sarina Bowen is a romance novel, but it’s got several layers in it too. The story follows Nate Katzenberger, the man we’ve seen as a billionaire in the other books in the series, starting up his company, along with a handful of employees; Rebecca Rowley, “the office manager,” ends up being one of them.

The reason why this run of the mill sounding story ended up being such a meaningful one was the fact that Nate and Rebbeca weren’t the main characters in the other books, their relationship was only something we had read about in little glimpses here and there, but it would always be these small little moments, never really something concrete. That led to the two being “shipped” a lot. Still, fans of the Bruiser’s universe never really thought that they’d ever get a front-row seat on their relationship building up, and seeing how Nate went from being a guy that took a chance on a dream idea for a company and how it led to becoming the success that it did.

While this book can be read as a standalone, if you’ve read the other books, that too in order, you’ll have a much more satisfying experience because the other books have several little easter eggs that will be very fun to explore fully in this book, however, if you haven’t read those, you could still read this as a standalone too.

Author background: Sarina Bowen

Author of brooklynaire

Sarina Bowen is easily one of the best writers in the world. She’s been a USA bestselling author twenty-two times! Not only that, but she’s also a Wall Street Journal best-selling author. Sarina has several books on the Amazon Top 100 and is someone that just seems to have the secret to making great books down! No wonder this one has received such great responses worldwide!

The main plot of Brooklynaire

brooklynaire plot

The main plot of Brooklynaire starts off in the present day, where the last book left off. We see Nate and Rebbecca in their natural element, but instead of glimpses, we’re getting the full show. Within the first chapter, you can tell that even though they are “just friends that work together”, there’s a lot more to them than meets the eye.

We finally get the confession from Nate that he has liked her from the very beginning but hasn’t been able to risk losing the friend in search of a partner. However, while he’s still trying to figure all of that out, something major happens.

Rebbecca gets a head injury, leaving her unable to continue working as she had been before. Nate steps in to try to take care of her, but even then, she doesn’t heal the way she was expected to. So, he asks her to leave her apartment that’s overrun by Rebecca’s family and move in with him in his mansion, at least until she’s got a clean bill of health and can go back to her normal life. The decision’s hard for her because she’s always been shown as the “giver” in the books. She’s the one that takes care of other people and isn’t really used to being taken care of. But, regardless of that, she moves in with him, and things begin to change.

We see lots of flashbacks throughout the book that date back seven years to the very beginning of it all. When the multi-million dollar company wasn’t established yet, Nate was this nerdy guy trying to make sense of it while leaning on a few key people, one of them being Rebbecca. It shows us how their friendship began and the little things they did to get it to blossom into them finally getting together, something the fans had been eagerly waiting for!

The main characters and conflicts in Brooklynaire

brooklynaire characters

The main characters of this book are definitely Rebbecca and Nate, but we also get other characters from the older books sprinkled in throughout, which help shape the story ultimately; no one else really matters but the two of them!

Throughout the Brooklynaire Book, we get a very realistic and natural progression of two friends turning into something more. The joy that comes from it, but the hint of the uncertainty of “how will things change”, Rebbecca’s fear of letting things turn into something new, and how they navigate their feelings together is quite the journey for one book alone.

Most philosophical or applauded dialogues or quotes in Brooklynaire

the quotes of brooklynaire

“I have a little confession to make.”

“Well… I used to have a crush on you. Back in the early days.”

“… Seven years seems like plenty of time to figure out that you’re my favorite person in the world. And I don’t want to go another year without you.”

Overall review of Brooklynaire

Overall, Brooklynaire by Sarina Bowen is a book that keeps the reader hooked from the get-go, regardless of whether they have read the other books in the universe or not. That in itself is one of the best parts of the book. But what really stands out is that while this is romance fiction, the characters are just so relatable with their fears and shortcomings that it feels like you’re witnessing a real love story unfold right before your eyes.

This book is a great light read. If you want something to tug on your heartstrings while being enjoyable to read through and through, this is a great one to get invested in. Sarina Bowen Brooklynaire gets a 4.5/5 here, and you can get your copy on Amazon, Goodreads, and all major book platforms today!


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