Meet ‘Rain after Fire’ with a New View


Amber Kelly’s, ‘Rain after Fire’ is the third instalment in ‘Balsam Ridge Series.

This is the story of fire chief fighter- Corbin Tuttle, and a nomad at heart- Maxi Buffon.

This story has a spicy and steamy fake relationship troop with well-developed and endearing characters.

The leads have a magnetic pull and shared intense chemistry.

But it was a treat to onlook that what started out fake, will turn into reality.

So if you are a fan of emotional stories with a high voltage of drama of ex, and the headstrong female lead who doesn’t back off then this is the perfect read for you.

Part 1: Background and Characters of ‘Rain after Fire’

“Fire can give and fire can take away.”

Amber Kelly is a pro at writing hometown sagas, this is how she made a great addition to the Balsam Ridge series via ‘Rain After Fire.’

This small-town romance is a funny yet emotional roller-coaster read. My eyes were teary when I reached the end.

Undoubtedly Corbin Tuttle and Maxi Buffon were flawed yet beautiful characters with perfect character arcs.

The female protagonist Maxi Buffon, after losing her mother when found herself in ‘Balsam Ridge’ was as tough as rock.

Rain after fire- Maxi Buffon

Even though she had a very tough childhood and never had anyone at her side, especially men. She remained calm and strong.

On the other hand, Corbin was a perfect book boyfriend who was in a toxic relationship with Susanne for the last six years.

Rain after fire- Corbin Tuttle

To finally end this relationship which was no less than a nightmare, when finally Maxi offered him help. He couldn’t resist.

Rain after fire- Background character

It was the first time that somebody had given him the courage and confidence that ‘Yes! He can still move on.’

That’s how our hero and heroine met. As a reader, their first meeting left an incredible mark.

I adored how Maxi was so supportive of Corbin, especially regarding his job. At this specific time, the author perfectly showed the underlying difference between Corbin’s ex-Sussanne and Maxi.

At that moment he realized what he was exactly missing in his life.

That encouragement and support felt so foreign yet so warm to him.

At the same time, he didn’t forget to make Maxi feel that she deserved every ounce of happiness in her life and that she was worth it.

Apart from that, we get to see her relationship with Corbin’s mother and brother. Their equation was loving and quite humorous. It was fun to read that.

Amber Kelly depicted every emotion amazingly and the last few chapters were so heart-wrenching. But I loved every bit of it!!

Part 2: The Most Exciting Plot of Rain After Fire

Out of all the three books in the Balsam Ridge series, it is safe to say that ‘Rain After Fire’ is my favourite among all.

Although I was a bit hesitant to read this due to Corbin’s on-and-off relationship with his ex Susanne, it turned out to be a good plot.

The female protagonist Maxi Buffon moved to Balsam Ridge after her mother’s demise.

She came back to the place where she spent her childhood to settle down the issue of property that her late mother left for her.

Due to some uncertain reasons, there were some issues generated in the process and her stay extended in the small town.

That’s when she decided to work as a bartender for the time being but she started enjoying small-town life more than she anticipated.

On the other hand, Corbin Tuttle was a chief of the fire department and was in a toxic relationship with his wife Susanne for the last six years.

One night an argument between them, she left for the Caribbean and Corbin went to hang out with his brother.

Meanwhile, he was talking on his cellphone, Maxi heard everything.

So she couldn’t stop herself from moving forward and offering her help to him.

She was the first person who had given him the confidence that he can get out of that toxic relationship.

When Corbin asked more about her plan, she told him that the best way to push Sussanne away from him was to pretend to be in a relationship with her.

That fake relationship will stop his ex from coming back into his life.

Rain after fire- Exciting plot

But as we know nothing comes for free in life so this also happened here.

Maxi also had some ulterior motive behind this offering and she had something crucial to ask him in return.

It was a give-and-take, a game where two of them were going to help each other.

Will Corbin find it a fair deal? Or will Maxi’s negotiation go in vain?

Part 3: End of This Book

“If you play with fire, expect to get burned.”

Maxi and Corbin started the fake relationship fiasco just to stop Susanne from coming after him.

Little Corbin knew that Maxspitfiret fire that he needed in his life.

On the other hand, love was never on Maxi’s cards; she hated the institution of marriage.

It was a favour and it should remain like that. But she remembered that her mother used to tell someone, “Sometimes you will need a little rain to calm the fire.”

But the question was still the same, “Will Maxi accept her feelings and give this relationship a chance?” Or “will Corbin find another way to deal with this?”

Part 4: Conclusion

An incredibly entertaining read.

Amber Kelly once again wrote a spectacular book that not only showcases lots of emotions but has the element of steamy, flirtatious romance with the pinch of angst, heartbreak and loads of family moments.

Corbin and Maxi gave all the reasons to read, re-read and repeat. So what are you waiting for?


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