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Rosa Lucas’s dual POV, ‘Resisting Mr Kane’, a billionaire Age-Gap romance is the second instalment of the ‘London Mister’ Series.’

This book showcased the intense chemistry between hot and handsome attorney Tristan Kane and feisty young lady, Elly.

The characters are progressive and well-written.

So if you are interested in billionaire romance and wanted to read something less heavy then, ‘Resisting Mr Kane’ is a perfect choice.

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Triggering Warning: Due to reference to sex trafficking, Drug Addiction, and steamy encounters, the book is highly recommended to 18+ audiences.

Part 1: What Do People Like in ‘Resisting Mr Kane’?

Rosa Lucas’s, ‘Resisting Mr Kane’ is a seductive, steamy, funny and gripping read.

The main story is set in the high society of London and undoubtedly the author succeeds in bringing a sense of realness and authenticity to the plot.

The main characters not only shared incredible chemistry but they are equally considerate towards each other.

For instance, the male protagonist Tristan Kane wanted to solve all the problems of the female protagonist Elly.

And it was a treat to witness his efforts.

Whereas I was also content to see the growth in the character arc of Elly.

She is one of the kinds that are easily relatable and interesting.

The foremost fact I liked about her was that she, a twenty-five-year-old young lady, wanted to be successful on her own and even if it meant enduring some discomfort, she didn’t hesitate.

It’s very rare to have this kind of strong-headed female protagonist in this genre. But the author did a great job by maintaining consistency in both of the characters.

Apart from some heavy drama, the author has a wicked sense of humour which leads to some of the very iconic and hilarious moments in the book.

There were some moments when I couldn’t stop myself from laughing my heart out.

Now it’s safe to say that Rosa Lucas successfully weaved magic with words.

She has a strong sense of words which made me devour the book from the very first page.

The description is so conversational, at times, I couldn’t stop myself from sighing.

The story has many steamy encounters especially the elevator scene and the restaurant bathroom one between the leads but not to the point that they started empowering the main storyline.

Resisting Mr Kane - What do people like?

Although the plot was somewhat typical and at times predictable, it was still an entertaining read with lots of drama, and difficult decision-making for female lead counterparts.

Part 2: The Main Characters in ‘Resisting Mr Kane’


Resisting Mr Kane- Elly

A twenty-five years old, feisty, funny and confident female protagonist of this book.

She started as a very benevolent and confident woman as she knew how to say ‘No’ to the male protagonist, ‘Mr. Kane’ whenever needed. (This is one of the things I liked about her.)

But later on, she developed some insecurities. That’s why I strictly wanted to tell her, “No! You aren’t allowed to compare yourself with anyone and everyone.”

But alas! She went through the same dilemma that many of us went or will go through sooner or later in our lives.

Tristan Kane

A forty-year-old, high-powered attorney who is handsome, charismatic and wealthy.

Resisting Mr Kane - Tristan Kane

He is the central character of this book with whom all other characters are knitted together.

Although he is bossy and the ultimate walking Greek god at the same time he is devoted and interminable with the needs of his heroine.

In the story, he badly screwed up when his ex came back but he truly strives for a second chance.

A flawed yet well-written character.

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Part 3: The Main Story Plot of ‘Resisting Mr Kane’

Resisting Mr Kane written by Rosa Lucas, an age-gap billionaire romance connected with a law office begins with twenty-five years old Elly who was travelling in Greece with her best friend.

She was working in a bar and doing all kinds of odd jobs to meet her ends before she could seriously start thinking about her career.

At the same time, Tristan was also on holiday with his ex-wife and son. One night, he coincidentally met Elly.

When she saw this forty-year-old, handsome lawyer. She swept off her feet at first sight.

Their whirlwind romance didn’t last long as Elly got to know something major about Tristan.

The whole situation left Elly no choice except to run in the opposite direction.

Little did she know that destiny had different plans for her.

Seven months later, she started her first job at a top legal firm in London.

It’s not very difficult for us to guess who the CEO is. Of course, her sexy holiday fling- Tristan Kane.

Although she still hasn’t gotten over the things she got to know about him and for that she hasn’t forgiven him either.

But this time Tristan is fully determined to claim her back and this time he wasn’t going to give her a chance to run away as he believes that they are meant to be together.

Will Elly change her mind and listen to her heart? Or will this be the end of their relationship even before the start?

To know more read the book ‘Resisting Mr Kane’ by Rosa Lucas.

Part 4: Conclusion

‘Resisting Mr Kane’ is a wholesome package with a perfect amount of entertainment, drama and romance.

The author amused me with her great sense of viability and consistency throughout the story.

Resisting Mr Kane - Conclusion

The chemistry between Elly and Tristan is worth capturing and the connection between them is well-knitted, which makes it look genuine.

So if you are interested in billionaire romance and haven’t read this book yet, then what are you waiting for?

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