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A bleak reality unfolds before the eyes of Juliette Ferrars, the lead female of this intriguing science-fiction book, Shatter Me. She might have been born with a syndrome that made it dangerous for anyone to touch her, or she acquired the syndrome via mutation because of the harsh change in the environment caused by the presence of an establishment that forced their way into the country the Juliette Ferrars lived in with her family.

Read Shatter Me Book to find out which of the options is the real one. The book begins with Juliette in an asylum. It says that her parents had gladly handed her to the authorities of the new regime that had taken over the country. They were called the “Re-establishment”. For whatever reason, the Re-establishment snuck into the country that Julia lived in with her parents, and gradually started to take over by changing the rules and subtly brainwashing the inhabitants of the country.

They came in a friendly manner at first, but forcefully took over the entire country with a new set of gory rules for everyone to follow. This is where Shatter Me kicks off.

Part 1: All About Shatter Me

Shatter Me By Tahereh Mafi

The “Re-establishment” came like friends, only subtly adjusting a few things here and there while they had a plan all along. Suddenly, they over took the country when they had dominated a vast expanse of the country comfortably. They made promises like there would be no health hazards in the new regime that they were introducing to the country.

How is it possible that there would be no health hazards in a given geographical location? One of the rules of the “Re-establishment” was that anyone who was sick, would be kept in an asylum! Can you believe it? An asylum for a sick person? Not a mad person or a psychotic person, and ordinary sick person would be held down in an asylum.

That was one of the rules of the Re-establishment among others. As a result of this, Juliette Ferrars was taken into captivity in an asylum because she was accused of murder as a result of something that was wrong with her if anyone touched her. You have to read the book to find out about this vague fact. She had been there for 264 days without talking to, nor being touched by anybody. How disheartening.

She was fed like a dog, left in the cold, and faced other extreme measures that one can only come to know when while reading the book because they are too numerous to mention. Oh, and when Adam Kent joined her in her cell and saw her journaling in her diary, he told her that the English language would soon be considered illegal, as the “Re-establishment” had other plans and modes of communication in store for them.

However, along the line, a cell-mate was introduced into Juliette’s cell. A boy called Adam Kent. Juliette was happy to have Adam Kent join her in her cell, even though she was skeptical at first for the obvious reason that he was a boy. Observing Adam the first day he entered her cell, she noticed that he looked a little too clean and polished for someone that was supposed to have been arrested by the “Re-establishment.”

The “Re-establishment” where too ruthless to have allowed Adam Kent look as clean and healthy as he looked, but she overlooked that immediately the thought crossed her mind. Juliette Ferrars and Adam Kent formed a bond while they were together in the cell, until after a while, Juliette was separated from Adam, only for her to find out later that Adam Kent was part of the “Re-establishment” and had been asked to spy on her.

The “Re-establishment” offered Juliette relief however, that if she joined the “Re-establishment” she would no longer suffer like every other person was, and that her life would be better. But would Juliette Ferrars accept the offer? Read Shatter Me By Tahereh Mafi to know what happened to Juliette Ferrars.

Part 2: Hot Chapters of Shatter Me

Chapter 1

Shatter Me Series

Shatter Me started on a high note. At the beginning of the book, Juliette had already been handed over to the “Re-establishment” by her parents, and she was kept in an asylum. She had spent 264 days in the asylum and had not communicated with anybody up till the extent that she thought she had forgotten how to speak.

The author tells readers that she was seen moving her lips and facial muscles in a bid to remember how to speak, and was shocked when she discovered that she could still speak. She had not come in contact with anybody and dreamt of the day she would be set free, until the authorities brought her a cell mate. A boy called Adam Kent.

In this same chapter, Juliette shows how intelligent she is by reciting the number of turns she made from her home to the asylum when she was being taken away by the “Re-establishment” she knew how long the ride to asylum was, and other intricate details about her long journey to the asylum. Juliette also kept a journal where she recorded her thoughts, and other things of interest that couldn’t have been so much since there was literally nothing going on around her. She had hope to survive, that is what her actions meant.

Chapter 7

Shatter Me Juliette Ferrars

In Chapter 7 of Shatter Me Series, the authorities came to separate Juliette from Adam Kent. It was a tough one for Juliette, as she could be seen hoping that Adam was not going to suffer as much as she had done for more than 264 days.

Little did she know that Adam Kent was part of the “Re-establishment.” She was sure that they had put Adam in her cell to take her place, and most likely wanted to take her somewhere else where her suffering would increase, after all, she had been in the asylum for long enough.

Chapter 8

Shatter Me Adam Kent

In this chapter of Shatter Me By Tahereh Mafi, Juliette finds out for the first time that Adam Kent is not who she thought he was. He was not a victim like her, and as a matter of fact, when she was brought in front of the commander of the “Re-establishment,” Adam pointed a gun at her with a blank expression on his face, as if he had never met Juliette before.

This act of Adam Kent really gives potence to the name of the book, Shatter Me. The “Re-establishment” had shattered her, her parents had shattered her by giving her out to the “Re-establishment” without thinking twice, and now, Adam Kent playing such a role, had also shattered Juliette Ferrars.


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