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The story tells of Brock, a man who despised the feeling of love after he had been subject to its torture. He made a fence around his heart that no woman could penetrate. However, he may have overestimated himself because the woman who emerged from another pack and entered his space, made quick work of that fence. He tries to battle with the force of her light, but it’s a tough fight. Will his darkness win?

“Alpha Brock” gives us a beautiful story with two characters that are complete opposites. It seemed almost impossible for these two people to likely grow into something warmer and emotionally supportive. But fate has a surprise at every turn. The thing is, we don’t know which turn it will take. The Alpha is a complete brick wall that no force can penetrate. There are no cracks in his defenses. But we also didn’t expect that our stunning she-wolf would be another powerful force. She promptly takes what she is given, and though not much, she makes a beautiful bounty with it. She came prepared to this party and damned if she’ll let him win over her.

The story is soft, warm, entrancing, and deeply moving. I particularly enjoy the efforts of the Alpha to dodge the bullets that she sends into his heart. He cannot admit that there is hope for his heart to feel again. Yet, he feels bitter when other people get their mates. Brock is just another case full of contradictions. His life is devoid of the light that she brings, yet he is unwilling to welcome it with open arms.

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Part 1: Plot Summary of Alpha Brock

Alpha Brock: Astrid and Brock holding hands

The story follows Brock, who lives his empty life with a disdain for the concept of love and fated mates. He was burned once and that taught him the lesson of a lifetime. He learned to shield his heart, abstain from anything that remotely smelled like feelings, and only put his trust in himself. Love was nothing useful in his life and he was very much clear on this. However, he can hardly contain his irritation when the people he is surrounded with, all meet their fated mates. Was it just irritation or was it envy?

Brock cannot fight the things his aversion to it. But maybe all he needs is a little push from someone to lead him back onto the path of warmth and happiness. Astrid could be just that person. She is a bundle of light with no void in sight. Just a big ball of warmth that is guaranteed to melt any ice or barrier, spreading her glow all around. Astrid has a gift, and this gift is singing when she meets Brock. The man is complex, hard to understand, and difficult to reach. Astrid isn’t one to give up or let anyone consume her warm energy to the point that she doesn’t recognize herself. For this reason, it is hard to handle the things that Brock throws at her. His is a world that has been missing light for a long time. She tries to fill it up, but the man himself doesn’t want her to. Will she win this fight?

Their story comes against the backdrop of the looming war with the shadow pack. This physical battle could make or break the six-pack alliance.

Part 2: Main Characters of Alpha Brock


Alpha Brock: Happy Brock

He is just a big ray of sunshine. That was sarcasm. So, have you met anyone who seemed like a quiet grouch, difficult to handle or get along with no matter how hard you try? Yeah, that is Brock. Of course, he’s not all bad. But it is damn hard to get the dude to let out a smile. Brock is a man who has tasted the bitter parts of love. With his defenses so high, it’s a wonder how he manages to maintain other connections. But I guess that is it; Bock may have his prejudices, but the people around him are not one to let him fall into a rut so completely that it turns his whole entire world into a dark mess.

Brock may give off that vibe that was meant to push people far away, but at the core of it, likely, it was a way to test the waters after it had been fouled by a dead corpse. He doesn’t think those waters could ever be cleaned. He doesn’t believe that love could be as good as it should be. Could he be right? Maybe love really was a rotten and toxic mess. But if it was so rotten, how come there was a woman with a heart purer and warmer than anything he’d ever witnessed, standing right in front of him? Brock has a lot to learn and a lot to protect. Can he release the chokehold he had on his heart in order to let the beautiful woman in? Or is it the complete end for his heart?

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Part 3: Cool Chapter from Alpha Brock

Alpha Brock: Astrid and Brock, In the Kitchen

Chapter Three

Brock was agitated as he glanced at his watch and inquired of his friends when the woman they were expecting, would arrive. He learned that Theo had gone ahead to meet up with the woman named Astrid and her driver in order to make it easier to locate them. From everything that Brock heard about this woman, he deduced that she was the spoilt princess of the Denver pack. Brooke was not in agreement as she defended the woman who had yet to arrive.

When she did, Brock looked at the person and it felt like all the air had whooshed out of him completely. He had not expected the woman to look like she did. She was stunning. A petite woman with generous curves in all the right places. The closer she came, the more he was able to make out her features. Brock caught himself in a trance watching the woman until his view is blocked by Brooke who came over to hug woman. Brock can’t control his imagination, however.

Theo led Astrid over, and after her gaze flitted over all the others present, it catches on Brock, but he averts his eyes quickly. Theo introduces the squad leaders and when Brock hears his name, he looked up only to meet her eyes again. He once again averted his gaze. Brock made his analysis of Astrid; she was the kind that looked sweet but would eat you alive.

Astrid began shaking the hands of the squad leaders, and when she got to Brock he looked up and immediately wished he didn’t.

Alpha Brock: Astrid and Brock, True Love

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