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The story tells of Jewel who lives a life that is subject to gossiping trash and hateful demons of varying levels. Jewel had already accepted the near impossibility of finding her mate after she passed the age of eighteen. She also accepted the high probability of getting rejected when they meet. If it wasn’t the unimpressive appearance, then it would be the rumors that they heard. It’s unfortunate that the latter became the reality. Yes, Jewel was rejected by her mate. However, it was no skin on her back because she was fine. The one who came to regret it was none other than the person who didn’t want her.

“Mystic Wolf” is a tale that leaves you attached to the characters. Particularly, the protagonist; is in a mood. After all that was said and done, she was smart enough to know her worth and understood the need to keep herself hidden. She did it for the right reasons, and it came out with the results she had expected; the mate fated to be with her turned out to be a proper fool. Really, he missed out on someone this amazing for a trash-talking right little bitch.

It was almost pitiable watching him crawl back to our protagonist with that weak-ass apology and an attitude that was nowhere near befitting of an Alpha. It does make one wonder how the protagonist kept her cool while this happened. For reals, she felt nothing. What could be the reason? During the period of rejection, she was supposed to be so heartbroken that she’d be more than inclined to wallow in her pain. Yet, she had moved on like that. What is the secret?

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Part 1: Plot Summary of Mystic Wolf

Mystic Wolf: Jewel and Drew

The story follows Jewel who lives a very calm and unfazed life in her pack. She does not live for the expectations of the community, and just as well lives beyond the normal lines set for a she-wolf. She dresses and acts like a tomboy, and this subjected her to insults and gossip. It also made sure that she would only encounter people who liked her for who she was and not her powers, or appearance. A sort of disguise if you will. It was such a clever trick that even the Alpha’s son Drew could fall for it. Yes, he turned out to be her mate.

The male could not see past the rumors and outward appearances of the girl that lay underneath it all. He rejected her based on the words of another person saying that she was a slut, but not long after, he came to regret everything he had thought and concluded about Jewel. The irony of the whole thing is that he is the proper definition of a male slut, and he was screwing another slut who was feeding him lies. What a mess of whores.

Jewel had the intention of leaving the pack to go to college and further her studies. It meant she would be a rogue for an awfully long time. She took her to leave, but the strangest things keep happening. On the one hand, Drew landed in a coma after she had turned rogue, meanwhile, she was completely fine. Then there was the mind link. She could clearly speak with her parents about this, yet no one else could hear her. So many things to unravel.

Part 2: Main Character of Mystic Wolf


Mystic Wolf: Jewel

She is a girl who hides all that she is and could be, in garments that are considered unsuitable by females in the community. Her dislike for things that are usually the forte of the female species really attracted the apprehension of the other people; parents, children: they all had one ultimate conclusion about her. Jewel could not escape the claws of society as they besmirched her. She, therefore, had no hope that any male would like her for who she was.

She was prepared for rejection. Maybe that was why it did not hurt at all when Drew did it. Was it the goddess sparing her the pain or was it something else?

Jewel is not a wild person. She has her priorities straight *pun intended*. Those she cares about, know her very well. It is why it was so hard for them to sit by and watch her get insulted by people who knew nothing. Jewel is a brave warrior of the pack and basically the best. It was one of the reasons that Alpha Dustin could not help but want to kill his son. The latter had listened to a viper who ruined something that was good and a blessing.

The Alpha had punished him thus. He was going to live a life regretting his actions. Meanwhile, Jewel was on her own adventure into a world of danger and possibilities. A world of rogues. She had only ever known her pack and the mountains. Will Jewel survive on her own? Then again, she was not called the best warrior for anything, so there was little probability that she would not be able to handle herself.

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Part 3: Cool Chapter from Mystic Wolf

Mystic Wolf: Handsome Drew

Chapter Four

It had been four days since her rejection. Jewel’s parents were awfully worried about their eldest daughter. Jewel refused to skip school, rejected or not, she had to write those exams and get into college. She was unsure if her parents would let her through. But the rejection could work in her favor in that regard.

It was another Monday, and she went to school. She has an encounter with the pathetic Quinn but does not pay much attention to her. Jewel goes to class and takes her seat at the back. Drew sat just at her side, on the chair that was usually empty. He had been doing it for days and would stare at Jewel all creepy-like. Jewel is bothered by it and so is Jade, her wolf.

It seems he finally was ready to say what he wanted to; he apologized and wanted to start over. Jewel did not respond, and he lost his temper. When that only made a wonderful spectacle for the class, he tried jealousy. But Jewel only responded without any feeling. Jade did not understand how though. They did not have much of a feeling or reaction for this mate of theirs.

Later that day, Jewel spoke with her parents about college; her mother was totally for it, but her father was not too pleased. Nevertheless, he loved his daughter and could not go against her wishes. Just like that, Jewel was going to college.

She was set to leave in a week’s time.

Mystic Wolf: Dancing Drew and Jewel

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