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There’s no such thing as being too old for love. Sometimes, when you least expect, love will hit you right in the face, with full force. Although Alpha Desmond seemed to have settled on his new life with his chosen Luna, Helena, his entire perception about life and love will change when he meets Olivia.

Alpha Desmond’s journey throughout the novel is intriguing and fascinating altogether, as the powerful pack leader in an unconventional Alpha. He is friends with faeries, vampires and even witches, which draws the attention of other pack leaders.

If you still howl for wolf steam, you can always check out Dreame. There are plenty werewolf fantasy novels to choose from, including Alpha King, a refreshing story about a ruthless leader searching for his mate.

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Part 1: Main Story Of Alpha Desmond

The novel begins with recounting a story from Alpha Desmond’s past, when he first sensed the presence of his mate during a football match. He was there together with his best friends, also future alphas of their packs, Felix and Ken.

They were supporting the Lobos, so they were supposed to make a small appearance as wolves on the field. Well, the initial plan fails, as, while being in the middle of the field, Alpha Desmond smelled the sweetest scent. It was his mate and he knew it.

Without thinking twice, the wolf started following the scent, but, upon seeing the terrified crowd, Felix stooped Desmond from taking things further. He dragged him away from the football field.

Alpha Desmond Luna Helena

Disappointed but understanding, Desmond listened to Felix but he kept coming to town on regular basis in his wolf form, searching for his mate and scaring people who got to see the big, bad wolf. His exposure ultimately led to his expulsion from town and a prohibition to ever come back there again.

Years passed and eventually Alpha Desmond married Helena, the daughter of the previous Beta and sister of the current Beta, Desmond’s friend and companion, Scott. Although they aren’t fated mates, the alpha and Helena get along really well.

The pack’s Luna has learned to love her husband and she knows exactly what he likes and dislikes and really knows how to get on his good side, no matter the circumstances. Alpha Desmond is also happy with the choice he made respecting the Luna of the pack, as Helena has always been a beautiful woman, desired by men all around the pack.

With everything nice and quiet at home, Alpha Desmond focuses on retaliating against enemies and stopping their schemes and plans that could affect his pack or his protégées, the faeries.

The other Alphas wish nothing but to destroy Alpha Desmond, but they never admit this out in the open. Instead, they keep sending spies to gather information about Desmond and his allies.

The Alpha’s seemingly quiet life changes completely when he finally meets Olivia, his true mate. In a twist of fate, the girl is not even a she-wolf. She is just an ordinary girl, without powers. She is witty though, and fierce when needed.

Torn between duty and love, Alpha Desmond will have to make a serious decision. On the one hand, there is this devotion and respect he has towards Helena, her children and all the years they were married and, on the other hand there’s this once in a lifetime opportunity to finally be with his destined mate and father his own children. What will Desmond choose? Love or Devotion?

Part 2: A Short Glimpse Into Alpha Desmond By Misshanangel

Alpha Desmond Olivia

Before I dive into one of the chapters from Alpha Desmond, I must say that this story is quite absorbing. We have this complex male lead character, whose sole purpose from the beginning, finding his mate, suddenly shifts to overcoming enemies and protecting the pack and, ultimately changes back to being with his destined mate.

It’s interesting to watch his feelings being all over the place and I guess it’s normal, since he has given up on being with his true mate until he met Olivia again, twenty-two years after he first smelled her on the football field.

It’s no easy thing to pull yourself together when your life suddenly becomes a mess, but Alpha Desmond manages to do so with grace and honor, sparing any unnecessary emotional, breaking-down scenes. Let’s get a quick view into one of the hottest chapters from Alpha Desmond by Misshanangel.

Alpha Desmond Chapter 1

Beta Scott handed Alpha Desmond a towel to wipe away the blood from his hand and arms. Once again, he managed to pull the truth out from the prisoner. His pack’s plan was to attack the fey who were under Alpha Desmond’s protection.

The alpha didn’t want any war, but Alpha James had it coming, so beta Scott started gathering their warriors for the raid. After signing the remaining paperwork, Desmond remembered that his chosen Luna, Helena was waiting for him outside.

She looked just as beautiful as always, wearing the latest designer’s dress and a pink Louis Vuitton bag, a gift from none other than her husband and Alpha of the pack. Although she knew better than to disturb him from his pack duties, now it was a special occasion, as Desmond’s birthday was coming up and Luna Helena was preparing a great party, for the pack to enjoy.

The woman knew exactly what to do in order to please both her husband and their people, so the open bar at the party will suit everyone just fine. In the middle of their conversation, beta Scott arrives, letting Alpha Desmond know that an old abandoned shack within the territory was about to be purchased by a human, which was intriguing as no regular people lived among werewolves.

Part 3: If You Enjoyed Alpha Desmond, Read This As Well

Alpha Desmond Novel

If werewolf romance is your cup of tea, check out The Alpha King, on Dreame. It’s a catchy story, between two werewolves from different packs, a very unlikely pair, but very much perfect all the same.

The Alpha King, Aiden Damon Red, is a ruthless king. He is known to be the strongest being alive and he enjoys being respected, feared, loved. He apparently has it all, except for one thing, his mate.

To his surprise, Moon goddess paired him up with a frail girl, who still hasn’t gotten her wolf, even though she is already twenty years old. Will Alpha King accept her or reject the gift from the Moon Goddess?

Read this story, because it’s like no other tales you’ve encountered before. It’s alluring, it’s seductive and you won’t be able to let it go once you’ll start reading it.

Read Alpha King for more werewolf romance!


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