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This fantasy masterpiece, Dark Prince introduced the Carpathians, an ancient race of immortals. To save their kind from extinction, the male species must find females to procreate. Albeit there were children born years ago, most of them were males and died eventually. Also, it had been 500 years since a female Carpathian came to the world.

And if they did not find a mate, they will turn to vampires, creatures whom they consider predators. One must get his mate and find the other half of his soul.

Among them, there was one male who stood out and he was none other than, Mikhail Dubrinsky, the Prince of Carpathians. He was problematic and had no idea how he was going to change the awful phenomenon that was happening to his bloodline. Death was here and there making him so stressed.

On becoming the dark prince, he was always determined to solve all the problems of his race. With all his efforts, he became hopeless until he cross paths with the telepathic serial killer hunter named Raven Whitney. She used her special capability and worked with the cops in capturing those ferocious creatures.

Their first meeting took place when she decided to take a break from working and had a vacation far away from her residence. Right from that significant moment, a certain spark happened between Raven and Mikhail. Yet, things did not turn out so easily for both of them.

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Part 1: Remarkable Characters and Scenes of Dark Prince

Dark Prince- Part 1 Background and Characters

Immortals and human beings were far different from each other. And so, it was a big challenge for Mikhail and Raven to end up being together. It all began when Raven went out for a vacation to unwind and detoxify her mind from all the traumatic experiences that she had from capturing serial killers.

She was so fed up with her job and so she decided to travel to the Carpathian mountain expecting that she could find peace and serenity. However, with her telepathic capability, it was out of her intention to sense the wretchedness that Mikhail was having during those times. They communicate through a link while Mikhail was trying to commit suicide.

Fortunately, he did not continue ending his own life and felt an overwhelming connection upon seeing her. He was amazed that among all the human being he encountered, Raven was the only exception. She was not hurt by his touches and from then on, he believed that she was his life mate.

In other words, Raven was the one destined to be the dark prince’s other half. With that intense desire, he did not think twice about bringing her to their kingdom.

Amidst the undeniable spark between them, Raven still tried to resist him. However, he did his best to pursue her and convince her to stay with him. Times passed, and the bond became stronger which made her finally surrender herself to him. He was so thirsty for her and drank her blood to satisfy the pleasure of the dark prince.

Odds did not stop from blocking their way. Aside from Raven, there were other bounty hunters who stayed in the Carpathian mountain seeking blood-sucking creatures to kill. She was thinking of the best tactic to protect the dark prince which put her life at stake.

Dark Prince- Part 1 Background and Characters

Part 2: Worth-while Fantasy Romance Novel: Dark Prince’s Ending

Dark Prince- Part 2 The Most Exciting Plot

Moving on with the inciting chapters of Dark Prince, Raven’s family asked her to leave the town to ensure her safety. Yet, this time she refused to go. She could not depart from Mikhail in spite of his obsessive kind of love. Even though he was dominant, it was Raven who could see his soft side.

It must be the main reason why she fell for him on a deeper level. She could understand that he was only being protective of his race most especially of her, the person he treasured the most.

It’s just that he was not a human like her, the time will come, and she would perish while he was still alive for many years. But for the dark prince, there is no Mikhail if there is no Raven in his life. He always thought that they were inseparable. Against all the odds and obstacles, he fought hard just to end up with his life mate.

Finishing the entire novel made me think of recommending this to my friends. I knew that his controlling personality was a bit off but hey, this is a work of fiction. His character was indeed suited to the male lead’s strong machismo persona.

The Carpathian race also brought my imagination to a different level. It was understandable that this novel lacked some modern ideas knowing that this was written in the late 90s. Still, it was a nice and thrilling read for readers ages 17 and above.

Part 3: A Vampire Fan Review For Dark Prince

Dark Prince- Summary

Honestly, I am looking forward to reading more of Christine Feehan’s books. Starting with this one was not bad. Although I expected more, I could not give any bad feedback aside from seeing repetitive dialogues and the male lead’s sort of red flag attitude. The story was fast-paced and could be finished within a day.

Dark Prince made me realize that behind every strong man was a woman who supported him all the way. I do love vampire-themed books and read many of them, so I would like to rate this 3.5 stars out of 5. Not bad anyway, the author was great.

Well, if ever you are searching for an action-packed novel with the same title, try Dark Mafia Prince by Anikka Martin. Also, available in digital stores worldwide.

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