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When talking about love, there is nothing out of the ordinary. But what happens when the story is so twisted and intriguing that is actually engrossing, dragging you in a world where the unthinkable is something natural, even praised.

What’s even more incredible is that, the more appalled I was about the main idea of the story, the more invested I was. I just had to know how far Bree and Roland’s relationship would go. And let me tell you, it went farther than you could believe.

And hold your ground as there are many hot scenes between the two of them, but don’t worry, at some point, you’ll be able to ignore the father daughter relationship and solely focus on their mate bond.

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Part 1: The Fascinating Storyline Of The Claiming

There are two options available for the unmated wolves. They could either find their fated mate, or they could partake in a yearly ritual called the Claiming where unmated male wolves would choose, chase and mark the she-wolf that caught their attention.

This year, it’s Bree’s turn to join the famous Claiming. She is Alpha Roland’s daughter and she’s been acting as the pack’s Luna ever since her mother died eight years ago.

Distraught by the thought that some evil wolf might claim his daughter and mistreat her, Alpha Roland searched the neighboring packs to find a suitable man for his girl. So far, no one seemed to be worthy enough, thus the Alpha felt he needed guidance from the elders.

For the past weeks, a troublesome idea kept crossing his mind. To prevent Bree from being claimed by anyone, he would have to do it himself. Although Roland still felt a bit reluctant to the idea, elder White kept his composure, assuring him that inbreeding was not something unheard of.

The Claiming Roland

On the contrary, this could even strengthen the Alpha DNA for their offsprings. Sighing, Alpha Roland knew he already made his choice, Bree would be claimed by himself.

As the Claiming day arrives, the girl wakes up at usual, setting everything up around the packhouse for the arrival of the guests. She is to stay away from everyone, as her dad didn’t want her to catch the eye of any wolf and claim her before the ceremony starts.

As the evening comes and everybody take their place, Bree notices a dark pair of eyes glaring at her. She knows the man would chase her to claim her as his when the hunting begins. Yet, his vicious eyes scare her.

Roland also sees Alpha Gabriel eying his daughter. He had already looked into his resume when searching for a suitable mate for Bree and this particular Alpha was the worse. He was ruthless and brutal. He could never allow such brute near his daughter.

As soon as the hunting begins, Bree shifts and runs as fast as she can. She hopes she could dodge all unmated males and postpone her mating for one more year. After all, she loved her pack and being Luna to her people.

Soon, she notices two giant wolves after her. She knows that one must be Gabriel, but she can’t seem to decipher who is the other one. Just when Alpha Gabriel gets near Bree, the other Alpha wolf tosses him aside and catches the girl, urging him to back off, as he claims Bree as his own.

Recognizing the voice, the girl is stunned to realize that her own father claimed her. Roland picks up his daughter and returns to the pack house.

As everyone remained awkwardly silent hearing the news of their Alpha wanting to mate his daughter, Roland holds a speech about Bree deserving to be Luna of the pack as she had already fulfilled the job for the past eight years. There is no one better than her. Everyone agrees.

When Bree comes to her senses, she can’t believe she has to mate her own father. He had already brought her in his room and sat her on the same bed he used to share with her mother.

After explaining his reasons, Luna Bree understands and agrees to let him mark her. After all, if she refused, Gabriel could come after her. But, after marking each other, Roland and Bree started feeling attracted to each other.

The mate bond started pulling them together, being only a matter of time before the Luna will get her heat and the inevitable will happen. Will Roland and Bree manage to overcome everything and become real mates? What will Alpha Roland do when Bree will find her true mate, Caleb? Is he ready to give up on his Luna?

Part 2: Taboo Romance Book Review: The Claiming

The Claiming Bree

R.K. Knightly’s novel is an amalgam of intriguing plots surrounding the lead characters. This mix of twisting storylines is enticing, as the authors manages to keep you hooked until the very end, not being able to guess the outcome of the story.

On the one hand, there is Bree and Roland’s twisted relationship. The truth is that I have never felt a fatherly love from Alpha Roland so I didn’t truly get that incest vibe from his actions and feelings.

Bree on the other hand did think about her dad as her parent. At least at first. But, as the story progresses and she starts making some changes around the packhouse and stopped referring to the man as her parent, but as her mate and lover, the awkwardness dissipated.

When it comes to Bree and Caleb, her true fated mate, let me be honest. I rooted for their bond to happen. Caleb is sweet, loving, he is definitely a deserving mate. Yet again, Bree could never go back to a normal father-daughter relationship with Roland, nor could Caleb ever call him father-in-law.

Apart from that, she harbors deep feelings for Roland now. He is her Alpha, lover and chosen mate. Things are complicated.

And, to make things even more intricate, add Gabriel to the mix. He is the ruthless Alpha who set his eyes on Bree and keeps pursuing her. He is a terrible person who stoops very low to achieve his goals.

Bree is a naïve girl. She seeks to please everyone, putting their needs above her own. This is why her choices are always very difficult. I like the fact that she is unpredictable, it urges you to follow her story until the end.

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Part 3: A Hot Sneak Peek Into The Claiming

The Claiming Romance

The Claiming Chapter 6

Day 2 Post Marking

Waking up hard, Roland felt it was getting more and more difficult to sleep next to his mate and not get a release. His wolf was stirring inside, urging him to claim the girl’s body.

The Alpha went back to sleep to avoid doing anything reckless but soon he felt Bree’s hip flushing against his intimate area. Not being able to help himself, Roland started pressing against her skin.

Sensing his arousal, Bree woke up and turned to face Roland who apologized for his body’s reaction. But the girl stopped him, thanking him for saving her from being claimed by a ruthless Alpha. She would rather stay right here with him.

Roland felt happy with her confession but his arousal increased even more, causing Bree to apologize this time. To distract him, she asked is she could rearrange the furniture in the room.

Bree didn’t say it but the truth was that the place reminded her of her mother too much. Roland agreed to her request, actually happy that she wanted to make the room more comfortable for them.

Losing control, he started grinding against her hips, fully clothed and Bree didn’t push him away. On the contrary, she admitted that the man’s movements felt good and let herself experience her first release, while Roland’s followed soon after.

After their first almost intimate contact, the two of them went to kitchen and browsed through furniture pictures, ready to adorn their bedroom.

Part 4: R.K. Knightly, The Amazing Author Of The Claiming

Without a single doubt, The Claiming story is hot. With multiple steamy scenes scattered in almost every chapter, she is bound to make you crave for more.

R.K. Knightly has been an author most of her life, starting with mystery novels and continuing with erotica that would stir the imagination of even the most pudic person. She has several standalone books and series, most of which you can find on Dreame, thus you shouldn’t hesitate to check them out.

Believe me, once you get a taste of her reading, you won’t be able to stop.

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