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Why would any girl choose to embrace Hell rather than live a peaceful life? Well, Emma had her own purgatory at home.

It may not have been as life threatening as Luca’s personal dark world, but she would rather put herself in danger and die over and over again as long as she could remain by her lover’s side.

Luca’s Inferno brings forward an amazing love story of a tormented girl who falls in love for the mob head no less and Luca, the person who controlled every mob gang in the werewolf world.

Stick around to see the hardships Emma endures to finally find her happiness. Being a poor Omega, rejected by the pack’s Beta, indebted by her own father and enslaved by her pack, the girl will have to fight for her freedom.

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Part 1: The Twisted Plot Of Luca’s Inferno

Before the morning breaks and Emma has to wake up, she hears Declan’s soothing voice urging her to not forget about him. For three years, the girl kept dreaming about the same gorgeous man. In her fantasies, Declan is her lover, he protects her and she is happy.

Luca's Inferno Emma

In real life though, Emma feels like trash. Her family was considered low in the pack’s ranks, she had to be submissive even though she disliked the idea. Everyone disregards her family even more after knowing that her father is a gambler and her mother became depressed.

She relied on her four loving brothers who shared her fate. Their father’s gambling and debts made them a sure target for the mobs, as they owned most of the casinos in the werewolf world. This is why the boys couldn’t even hold on to their mates when they found them.

Emma’s beauty though managed to catch the eye of the most handsome boy in the pack, the Beta family heir no less, Tomas. They had been together for four years now, he always took her side when someone bullied her and he didn’t seem to care that she came with a baggage.

Lately though, Tomas was unresponsive to Emma’s messages. She had been trying to contact him for two weeks now, yet he avoided her calls. She decided to give it one more try, and finally Tomas answered his phone. He asked Emma if she was okay and hang up promising to reach her as soon as possible for a talk.

Just as she put down her phone, Emma learned from one of her brothers that Tomas was set to wed the Alpha’s daughter. They had been together before, but four years ago she left abroad to study and she just returned home.

The girl realized that, for her ‘loving’ boyfriend she had been just a mere distraction until his true girlfriend came back to the pack. By marrying her, he would become the pack’s Alpha.

To humiliate her nemesis, Veronica sends Emma an invitation to her wedding to Tomas, knowing she can’t say no. Her entire family is coldly treated during the reception, purposely put in a faraway corner and left without food or drinks the entire night.

Only when Emma’s father assured the Alpha and his wife that his daughter would never cause Veronica any trouble and stop communicating with Tomas, did the Luna allow them to take some food. For the first time though, the man stood up for his daughter.

Soon after the wedding, Emma finds out that she has trouble finding a job, as no one wanted to give her an opportunity. Everyone feared getting close to her family due to her father’s problems with the mob. Tomas approaches her then, trying to make a deal with her. As an Alpha, he is allowed to take an Omega mistress, and she could be the one.

The girl refuses, earning the Alpha’s wrath. He arranges for her family to be taken as slaves for the money that the man owed for gambling. He planned to appear as a savior and earn Emma’s gratitude, thus also making her submit to his will.

Her real savior though turns out to be the man from her dreams, only his name isn’t Declan, it’s Luca. Seeing how bad she’s mistreated, he takes her as his contracted wife, also freeing her family.

They are supposed to be together for a year and part ways afterwards. After all, Luca is the ultimate mob boss, he doesn’t want anyone in his life and keeping Emma by his side would only put her life in danger.

Gradually, they fall in love with each other but a terrible misunderstanding causes them to part ways before the contract is over. How will Luca react when seeing Emma again years later, with his daughter in her arms? Is he ready to overcome everything and everyone for his beloved wife and daughter?

Part 2: The Bold Omega, The Alpha Wannabe Beta And The Mild Mobster In Luca’s Inferno

Luca's Inferno Luca

Karima Sa’ad Usman’s characters from Luca’s Inferno are unbelievably spirited and grounded. I like the fact that they set their goals and focused on achieving those at all costs, no matter if their intensions were good or bad.


She is female lead in Luca’s Inferno. Although her entire life was governed by submission, Emma emanates an Alpha aura, as her Omega nature isn’t as dominant as it is supposed to be. She has no problem in defying her Alpha or denying submitting to his will.

Although she is bold, her lack of status in the pack won’t help her much. Carrying the burden of her father’s debts, the impossibility of getting a decent job, Veronica’s constant tries to humiliate her and Tomas’s stubbornness to make the girl his mistress will convince Emma to accept Luca’s proposal.

Marrying and living with the head mob himself should have scared to death any woman, yet Emma felt safer and happier than she ever did before. Of course, she realizes it is only temporary, yet she takes a leap of faith and gives in to passion.


The protagonist of the novel, Luca is a handsome man, surrounded by dangerous, questionable people who aren’t always behaving in their boss’s best interest. Knowing that danger is always lurking around is the main reason why he refuses to fall in love.

But, since the heart wants what it wants, Luca will fall in love with our brave, reckless Emma and, a spoiler here, he will impregnate her. And then abandon her before the contract ended.

Don’t worry though, he only does so because he wants her to be safe, yet he has no idea he will only throw her into the lion’s cage. Tomas is silently awaiting to pursue her again.


In the beginning of the novel, I liked his character, as he is described as a gorgeous, brave wolf who doesn’t hold back when it comes to Emma, defending her from anyone who dared say anything about her or her family.

My opinion took a 180 degree turn when realizing that he only sought a higher position in the pack and Emma was just a distraction until Veronica, his true girlfriend came back.

As expected, a dominant character such as himself craved for a submissive mate, while his wife Veronica came from Alpha blood, being the commanding spouse in their marriage. He is surprised to see that even the omega Emma could defy him, yet her behavior appealed to him.

From a devoted, loving boyfriend Tomas became Emma’s worst nightmare, secretly plotting against her to break her to the point of making the girl his mistress.

Part 3: Loved Luca’s Inferno? You Should Read This As Well

Luca's Inferno Romance

Apart from the wonderful novel Luca’s Inferno, you need to check out Triple Stepbrothers Inferno.

Harper is the one she-wolf that the entire pack disregards. Her mother had broken the sacred mating bond when she conceived her daughter, thus she was considered an abomination.

Surprisingly, the Moon Goddess paired her up with the Alpha’s triplet sons, who immediately reject and despise Harper. But things take an unexpected turn when her mother starts dating the Alpha King.

Harper’s status in the pack changes overnight and weirdly enough, she is forced to live under the same roof with the handsome triplets who rejected her. What’s even more peculiar is the fact that they are still drawn to each other, making the boys pursue the girl.

They begin by making the girl’s life miserable but slowly they bond and even give in to passion. What will happen when the girl’s mother will find out that Harper is engaging in sex games with all three boys? Will her mates protect her?

Dive into Triple Stepbrothers Inferno now!

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