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Dying a virgin was never a choice and nothing made it sound nice to her. All she wanted to do was have sex with a man who gave her alcohol first in the arrogant CEO loves me. Opening the elevator she saw the very last man she wanted to see in the whole world. He is Dylan Lagdameo.

He is the notorious devil CEO of the entire town. He is respected, he is feared, and admired by the majority because of his ability to manipulate people and his business spread throughout the world. With his wealth at the age of 35 and being a handsome man. A lot of women want to get pregnant and twist someone like this who is totally perfect.

In his insistence to avoid it and find out his secret, they met by chance. He didn’t die but he will have a heart attack with his eyes that almost made her drop her panties.

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Part 1: Main story of Arrogant CEO Loves Me

Arrogant ceo loves me Got You

Dylan moaned as he forced his way into the tight tunnel. It was already wet when he romanced her mercilessly. She even got her first climax while he was eating her wet pussy, in arrogant CEO loves me.

He doesn’t do that to other women he sleeps with, especially since he’s not sure how many men have been there. He never ate it but because he was so hungry for it, he went down there and ate it like a maniac. The scent is because it smells downy. Call it crazy but it doesn’t have a perfume scent it smells like a liquid detergent fabric conditioner that seems to have stuck to its body because of the clothes it is wearing.

He kisses every part of her body, he doesn’t miss anything. Even her pussy smells like fabric conditioner instead of feminine wash. It smells different from the women who wear it. He even put her panties inside his pocket after he smelled it like crazy. The woman was drunk and she looked familiar but he didn’t remember where he saw her.

Arrogant ceo loves me Take Me

He had no intention of taking her home, but he felt sorry for her when he saw that some drunk men were abusing her. So before any man could crush her, he pulled her out of the Exclusive bar, in arrogant CEO loves me. But when he got to the car, he was suddenly surprised she fell into his lap while giggling.

He said he wanted to see if he was good. He didn’t understand what he was saying. He wrestled with her earlier and wanted to throw her out of his car but his manhood is awake and ready to mingle. He gasped when he was able to take it out from inside his pants. He didn’t even stop pulling it out earlier just to keep it away from his lap but now he’s going to pull it out because he’s enjoying what he’s doing.

The woman doesn’t know what he’s doing to Blob her, but he’s doing just enough to make her happy. Though it’s not a habit for a woman to go home to his condo, he was forced to bring her there because he wanted to claim her and get her pet out of her cage. He grabbed it in the elevator.

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Part 2: Free Chapters of Arrogant CEO Loves Me

Chapter 2 of Arrogant CEO Loves Me

Arrogant ceo loves me Meal Time

Dana was nervous as they ate dinner with their entire family in chapter 2 of Arrogant CEO loves me. He feels like he committed a crime. He didn’t mean it if he met Dylan right away, so he wouldn’t have come. His Aunt Zarina will surely make him bald when they find out that he had sex with his sister Celine’s fiancée.

He met Dylan once on his sister Celine’s 20th birthday 5 years ago. It was also the day that the engagement of the two was announced. He was not introduced as a family member. He was there in the mansion but he was only in his room and was only secretly watching the party.

He never had a grand birthday party. When he debuted, he was accompanied by maids and staff at the hacienda there because his grandfather made his debut then. He apologized but was surprised by the gift he gave.

The contents of the account are millions of dollars, which they say they don’t know about. He said it was their family so he had to keep it a secret. One condominiums building named after him.

Chapter 3 of Arrogant CEO Loves Me

Arrogant ceo loves me Hurt

Dana braked hard on his BMW R1250 motorcycle when suddenly a car pulled into the parking lot in chapter 3 of Arrogant CEO loves me. It’s a good thing that his brakes are strong and his speed is slow if by chance he might collide with the car.

It didn’t even signal that it was going to back off, at least its tail light was on hazard. What if he’s not aware and he’s not a safe driver, maybe he’ll say hello to San Pedro right away. He was in a hurry because he received a call from his grandmother saying that his grandfather was awake and looking for him. That’s why he immediately went to the hospital and looked for a parking lot.

The old driver of the car came out frowning and was ready to face him but when he noticed that she was probably a woman because of her clothes. She was wearing red skinny jeans and a blouse that was only covered with a polo shirt that was slightly open across her chest, revealing her white cleavage.

Part 3: Conclusion of Arrogant CEO Loves Me

Arrogant ceo loves me Her Cure

You will love to find out why dying a virgin was never a choice and nothing made it sound nice to her. And what got to happen after her sex with a man who gave her alcohol first in the arrogant CEO loves me? This is another best-seller story you shouldn’t miss for anything.

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