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Having multiple mates is not something Amery ever grasped in her whole human life. She was happy with being Sean’s girlfriend, with whom she hoped she would marry one day.

Getting in touch with Levi, Asher and Quincy changed all Amery’s perceptions about love and life. She learns that she can be smitten with more than just one boy at a time, even love the same way not two, but three men.

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Part 1: Claimed By My Three Alphas Storyline

Amery knows that standing in front of a wolf should make her run for her life, but the white wolf standing in front of her doesn’t feel dangerous at all. On the contrary, she feels mesmerized and safe here with him.

Just as the teenage girl reaches her hand to touch the beautiful white wolf, two more of its kind show up ready to attack their sibling. Fear engulfs Amery, as she’s terrified for the white wolf’s safety.

She opens her mouth to scream, but no sound escapes her lips. Soon, the startling sound of her alarm clock wakes her up, bringing the girl back to reality. It looks like the nightmare keeps repeating itself, the same three beautiful wolves torment her in her sleep.

Grabbing her phone, all Amery’s worries go away, as she reads a text sent by her boyfriend Sean professing his love for her. Her boyfriend and her best friend Natasha are the only people in the world who can make Amery smile and the only ones she cares about.

Claimed By My Three Alphas Amery

Reaching the school premises, Amery struggles to find Natasha. Her phone is dead and she is nowhere to be found. It’s unusual for her best friend to disappear like this, so Amery keeps looking for the girl.

Weirdly enough, today everyone seems to gaze at Amery and most of them even chuckling behind her back. Fed up with their secrecy, she approaches one of the students to question the reason for their gossiping so shamelessly.

The other teenage girls feels awkward, not really wanting to show Amery the reason for their jokes, but she eventually gives in and hands her phone to her classmate. Watching the video now playing on the phone screen makes Amery gasp in disbelief.

Sean and Natasha were making out brazenly, not caring that someone might be filming them. Filled with rage and with a broken heart, Amery wastes no time and runs towards Sean’s house to confront him.

The girl enters her boyfriend’s place silently and walks up to his room. Peering through the cracked door, it is obvious that Sean and Natasha’s bodies are intertwined in bed, sending Amery over the edge.

She only makes them acknowledge her presence to know they have been exposed, afterwards Amery runs away into the forest, trying to escape her former boyfriend and best friend.

Amery doesn’t know for how long she’s been walking through the woods when her feet start to hurt. She needs to go home now, but she’s suddenly stopped in her tracks by three wolves. The girl tries to run but the wolves are fast and trap her in mere seconds.

Moments later, Amery blacks out. Waking up, she sees a beautiful man standing in front of her, claiming her as his mate. She has no idea what the boy means, she just wants to get home to her parents.

Asher chuckles and tells Amery that he isn’t her only mate, as his brothers are also mated to her. Incredulous, the girl believes she’s been kidnapped by lunatics, but as Asher tries to explain their world to Amery, his brother Levi loses his temper and lounges at the girl’s throat.

Although Asher, Levi and Quincy are all Amery’s mates, there is a dark prophecy clouding their bond. The girl is supposed to make a decision and allow one of the brothers to mark her, while the other two will lose their lives.

Despising the idea of his brothers dying due to some mate the Moon Goddess decided to bestow them with, Levi is adamant in murdering Amery, thus ending the prophecy.

Although all brothers are drawn to her, Asher is set on protecting her and giving love a chance, Quincy is indifferent and Levi loathes her for the role she plays in deciding the fate of his brothers.

As fighting doesn’t lead the brothers anywhere, they make a pact to live their lives to the fullest to enamor Amery and let her choose her mate even though this could mean the fulfilment of the prophecy. What will Amery do when she finds out her cruel fate? Will she be willing to sacrifice two of her mates?

Claimed By My Three Alphas is filled with twists and secrets that will leave you speechless. Amery is no ordinary girl, she’s more than meets the eye, having the power to change lives.

Part 2: Hot Chapters From Claimed By My Three Alphas

Claimed By My Three Alphas revolves around the development of more than one romantic relationship, as Amery has multiple mates, there are several intense chapters which show exactly just how intricate the girl’s life is and her struggle to cope with the situation.

Claimed By My Three Alphas Levi

Claimed By My Three Alphas Chapter 3

Quincy shows no interest in getting to know his mate. For all he cares, he would let her go and forget he even met her in the first place. Levi on the other hand, wishes to take the opportunity and put an end to the prophecy by getting rid of Amery.

Asher is the only one who’s already head over heels for his mate, willing to risk everything to be with her. As the boys are arguing, Amery wakes up with a splitting headache, terribly frightened.

Although she believes that the boys are her raptors, the girl can’t help herself but feel an inexplicable attraction towards them, like magic.

Shaking off the odd feeling, Amery starts screaming to be released, causing the white hair boy, Levi to stride towards her and put a hand over her mouth to shut her up. Without hesitation, he even threatens to cut her tongue.

Knowing she’s at the mercy of those handsome men, she doesn’t say anything anymore. The silence is broken by Asher, who tries to reassure Amery that everything is fine and that she doesn’t need to be frightened.

He lets her know that the three of them are her mates and he asks her about the pack she belonged to. Confused, Amery asked what Asher meant by pack making Levi enraged again, accusing the girl of deceiving them.

Apparently, Amery has no idea of the existence of the werewolves, nor is she one. As Asher tries to read through her, Levi is convinced that the girl is only pretending to be unaware of their kind and immediately turns himself into a gigantic white wolf, adamant in breaking the girl’s poker face.

Claimed By My Three Alphas Chapter 7

Asher finally manages to get Amery to sleep. His wolf is urging him to claim the girl, but Asher knows better than to do so without her consent and settles for kissing her lightly on her forehead.

He walks into the living room, where Levi and Quincy are waiting. Levi wants to talk about the ‘problem’ they have on their hands. Asher frowns when hearing his brother call their mate a problem.

As far as everyone could tell, Levi’s only purpose in life is becoming the Alpha King, not giving a damn about his fated mate. Levi tries to reason with Asher, offering reasons for ending the girl’s life, even calling her stupid.

At hearing his brother offend the girl he loves, Asher retaliates, thus a seriously battle beginning between the two of them. At first Quincy stood his ground, seemingly untouched by his brother’s quarrel, but seeing that things are escalading, he takes action and proposes a game.

Whomever manages to win the girl’s heart, will stay with her. At least they can enjoy their lives until everything is settled.

The brothers agree in competing for Amery’s affection.

Part 3: Triple Romance Book Review: Claimed By My Three Alphas

Claimed By My Three Alphas Novel

I have read a bunch of werewolf romance novels, especially ones involving multiple mates. The truth is that most times the she-wolf ends up loving all three of her mates, sharing them, maybe even sleeping with them altogether.

In Claimed By My Three Alphas, I must say that I like the fact that Levi, Asher and Quincy are not ambushing Amery at the same time. The girl establishes different relationships with each mate and she considers the possibility of choosing only one, allowing the others to find other mates for themselves.

There’s a lot going on in this novel, as the leading lady has to fight indifference, hatred, envy and her worst invisible enemy is the dark prophecy that threatens to kill her loved ones. It’s definitely a top ten werewolf novel that you’ll enjoy.

Claimed By My Three Alphas

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