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Werewolf romance lovers, brace yourselves. Are you ready to gather the pieces of your broken hearts once Thora’s story will engulf you?

Death Wolf Saga is one of the most shattering novels I have read so far, as betrayals, broken mate bonds, humiliations and revenge lovemaking are very much recurrent.

And although Thora goes through pretty much all possible emotions throughout her journey, she is still caring and considerate towards every one who showed at least an ounce of sympathy for her throughout her life.

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Part 1: The Story Of Thora’s Fate in Death Wolf Saga

Although there are two books released so far, I will concentrate the following summary on Death Wolf Saga Book 1, as it’s essentially to get acquainted with how the events started to unfold, and what led to the fulfilling of the prophecy.

The novel begins with a short description of the prophecy which will later alter the lives of everyone related to this story.

It is said that a Death Wolf shall rise, sealing the fate of the werewolves along with mankind. Although many have failed so far to resurrect the powerful wolf, everyone failed.

As Theora lays on the cold ground, she keeps counting the hours and minutes she’s been tortured this time. It’s been more than twelve hours already and Alpha Landon doesn’t seem to back off.

Her punishment felt inevitable for Theora, as she is a mere Omega who dared to defy the Alpha once again. But, no matter how many times the man kept trying to offer the girl a deal and enjoy his luxuries while warming his bed, she never surrendered willingly.

Although broken on the inside, Theora is not shattered yet, she is still brave enough and strong to defy Alpha Landon until her fated mate will come and rescue her.

Seeing that he once again failed to make the object of his lust willingly submit to him, the Alpha orders his guard to take the unconscious girl to the pack and calls a submissive Omega to satisfy his needs.

Death Wolf Saga Thora

Alpha Landon is over the edge as the Alpha King is set to arrive. While dealing with preparations, he wonders once again if he will ever subdue Theora. After all, it’s been seven years and she’s still resisting.

When Theora finally wakes up, her body aches because of the fresh wounds, but she’s immediately served with a short maid dress and she’s told she is supposed to serve food and drinks for the Alpha King when he arrives.

Facing Alpha Landon, the girl is pulled into his lap as he forcefully kissed her lips. Just then, the Alpha King enters and a delicious scent engulfs Theora. Her mate is none other than the Alpha King who just watched her kiss with Alpha Landon.

Broken, but resolved, Theora expected Alpha King Volkan to reject her, but catching her alone, he asks the girls whether she bedded Landon or not. She knows that her mate is not patient enough to listen to what she has to say and only nods in agreement.

Volkan’s face seems to be disgusted with his mate and he promises that he will reject her after he will have made her suffer just like he did when he learned about her betrayal.

Theora has no choice but to submit to her mate’s will, hoping that he will give her the opportunity to gain his trust and heart one day.

Reaching the castle, King Volkan puts Theora on kitchen duty as he begins scouting for a chosen mate. He has few candidates in mind, but settles for the beautiful Charlotte, who is more than willingly to become the King’s Queen.

Thora’s heart breaks once again as her fated mate keeps giving her the cold shoulder, punishing her for the smallest things. Even when she’s innocent, the King would rather believe everybody else but her.

A day before his mating ceremony, the inevitable happens and the King gives in to his desires and makes love to Thora. Although she knows that being rejected after a mated union is painful, she doesn’t back down for a second.

Sure enough, the next day Volkan mates with Charlotte, putting the King’s fated mate through unfathomable pain. In an attempt to ease her pain, the King rejects Thora, but she doesn’t accept the rejection.

This dreadful event brings a sorrow that she never experienced before. During her grief, an invisible entity starts speaking to her, urging her to turn against her fated mate. At the same time, Volkan keeps searching for the cursed wolf who is supposed to bring their doom.

Amidst all the turmoil around her, she meets the hunter Daniel who develops feelings towards her, even taking Thora as his wife in order to protect her and her unborn child, whose father is none other than Volkan.

What will King Volkan and Thora do when they find out their true roles in the fulfilment of the prophecy? Will their love be enough to overcome everything?

Part 2: The King, The Rejected Mate And The Death Wolf, Key Characters In Death Wolf Saga

Werewolf romance stories are glamorous, as they depict love like we could never find in real human or fantasy world, a strange yet enticing pull towards your loved one.

Death Wolf Saga Book 1 literally distances itself from the werewolf mate cliché that you have read so far. Although the mate bond is very much present, it seems that the commitment towards your fated mate is something easily breakable, even something one can easily overlook.

The first protagonist that was nothing like I expected is King Volkan. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed his character, his power and his inner struggles, but the fact that he was able to push his fated mate into the arms of his enemy really threw me off.

For a strong werewolf who is supposed to be a fair leader, a kind man and considerate towards all members of his pack, Volkan mistreated Thora beyond words. He never listened to her, never questioned her actions. He only judged her, assuming the worse.

Death Wolf Saga King Volkan

And, although he kept claiming that he loved and wanted to protect Thora, he still forced her to get close to Daniel to spy on him while gathering information about the hunters. Meanwhile he is lying to himself and to his Beta Jason that he wants Thora to find happiness with another man after rejecting her.

His blindness towards his mate has no end, tormenting her until the last minute. Further proof of his inconsiderate, cold behavior is the fact that he never gets close to learning about fathering Thora’s baby, at least not in the first installment of the saga. The woman never deemed the man trustworthy enough to learn about the existence of his own child.

Thora on the other hand is a badass heroine. Tortured, rejected, cursed and literally haunted by the Death Werewolf itself, she never gives up protecting the people she loves, including King Volkan.

Even knowing that her beloved is about to go through the mating process with his new chosen mate doesn’t stop her from giving herself to him.

Being rejected and not accepting the rejection is also cause for tremendous pain, and, yet again she refuses to let go of Volkan, still hoping to be accepted one day. When he does so, it can be too late though. Who knows? You can only read the book to find out on your own.

Amidst all the pain, the sole people who showed the least bit of concern for her and her unborn pup are Daniel, a man who is supposed to hate werewolves, yet he becomes her protector and Death Werewolf.

Yes, you read that right. The invisible character, who is more like a whisper in the first book, protected Thora from her enemies. As he is supposed to bring death to werewolves and human race, one may believe that he is the villain in this novel, but, as the story progresses, you’ll enjoy a plot twist that will blow your mind.

Part 3: A Significant Moment In Death Wolf Saga

Death Wolf Saga

Even though there are countless instances when you’ll get hyped while reading Death Wolf Saga Thora’s story, I want to recount a specific moment when, for the first time since Thora found her fated mate King Volkan, her life was put above everyone else’s.

As Thora laid chained in a room by the council members for being possessed by Death Wolf, Volkan comes and tries to get through to his beloved mate.

Her eyes glowing white, she ignores the King, as the one in charge is now the Death Werewolf, the sole witness of her mate’s harsh treatment towards her. No matter how much he tries to reason and bring back his Thora, the mighty werewolf King fails.

Soon, Daniel enters the room and approaches Thora’s still body, pleading for forgiveness. He wishes he had protected his wife more, not handing her over to Volkan when believing she betrayed him.

At the sight of Daniel, Thora’s big brown eyes resurface, forgiving Daniel and making him promise to take care of her child for her.

Without hesitation, Daniel agrees and Volkan joins him in rescuing Thora, allowing her to give birth safely and have her husband flee with the child, while the council and Charlotte bring havoc to the place in search for Thora.

Although everyone survives, no one is safe and Thora even surrenders her being to the Death Werewolf, fulfilling the prophecy. Will Volkan have the chance to repent for his mistakes? Will he ever meet his daughter?

Read Now: Death Wolf Saga

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