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No one can guess what happens behind closed doors. Mated To The Beastly Alpha Nicole is a fortunate, happy Luna or at least this is what every pack member sees.

But far from the curious eyes of the pack’s werewolves, Alpha Shane is an abusive husband who keeps tormenting Nicole without offering her a chance to retaliate.

The novel presents an intriguing story of a struggling Luna who seeks her happiness in the arms of her second chance mate.

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Part 1: The Amazing Story Of Mated To The Beastly Alpha

Mated To The Beastly Alpha tells Nicole’s tale, a gracious Luna, loved by her pack, but ruthlessly abused by high rank members, especially her husband, Alpha Shane.

Once again, Nicole finds herself bound to a chair in her own bedroom, forced to watch her mate, the man who was supposed to protect her, fulfill his sexual desires with the pack’s Omegas. Nicole tries to close her eyes as her wolf threatens to resurface, filled with jealousy.

Watching her lousy condition and helplessness, the Omegas don’t miss the opportunity to mock their Luna, reminding her that no one cares for her and that she is only a piece of trash. As Shane agrees with the women, he immediately recalls how her father sold Nicole to pay off his debt.

Brutally struck and terribly humiliated, Nicole finds herself sitting at a bar once again, drowning her sorrow in whiskey. Non even the compliments received from the bartender for being a great helpful Luna don’t brighten her mood.

Mated To The Beastly Alpha Nicole

As Nicole tries to wipe away the memories from earlier, when Shane bedded multiple Omegas and used his Alpha tone to make her submit and watch the orgy, she gets a glimpse of a handsome man gazing at her intently.

As everyone kept telling her she’s unattractive, Nicole feels this is proof that she’s got something to catch a man’s eye. Drunk and disheveled, she loses her balance. Soon enough, the gorgeous stranger gets behind her, grabs her drink and gulps it without exhaling a single breath.

Boldly, he asks for a bottle of water for Nicole, turns away and leaves the bar. Confused and enraged altogether, the girl follows the man to give him a piece of her mind, but, as soon as the stranger gets her someplace secluded, he slams the girl onto the wall, smashing his lips onto hers.

The next morning, Nicole wakes up in a hotel room, as memories from the previous night wash over her. She had willingly given her body to a stranger.

As her heart starts pounding in her chest seeing the gorgeous man in front of her, she has no idea how to get away. Before she can say anything, the man growled, enraged that Nicole didn’t take the opportunity to get out of his room while he was away for his morning run.

Even worse, he calls the woman cheap and literally throws her out without giving her the chance to put her clothes on.

Hearing such harsh words from a someone she had never met before made Nicole sad. It seemed that everyone shared the same opinion about her, regardless of their relationship with her.

Without a doubt, Shane took out his anger again on her when learning that his Luna passed out drunk in a bar and viciously used his customized silver whip to punish her. Unfortunately, Nicole doesn’t have much time to heal from the wounds as important guests ware arriving.

Alpha Liam, the most powerful and vicious werewolf ruler is coming for a visit and Shane wants to use this opportunity to ambush him. But to achieve this, he needs Nicole to fulfill her duty as Luna and set up a banquet in Alpha Liam’s honor.

Metting Alpha Liam feels like a punch in the gut for Nicole as she discovers that he is the man she had slept with the night before and even marked her.

Liam is also stunned to find out that the woman he had been seeking all around the pack since he threw her out of his hotel room is none other than the pack’s Luna. Regardless of her status, Liam wants to take her away from Shane.

While the famous Alpha is set on bringing Nicole to his pack, his intentions aren’t in any way pure. All he wants is to keep the woman close until his wolf has enough of her and then discard her. Alpha Liam doesn’t want a mate nor a Luna for his pack.

How will Nicole feel while being mistreated by her second chance mate? Will she make Liam open his heart for her?

Part 2: A Little Dive Into Some Steamy Chapters From Mated To The Beastly Alpha

Mated To The Beastly Alpha Chapter 3

Mated To The Beastly Alpha Liam

Liam has been restless ever since he mated the beautiful girl with hazel eyes. Although his heart is pounding when thinking about her, he blames the fact that he marked her for his desire to find her.

He is used to bedding women and forgetting about them the very next day, so how could he be so affected by this particular she-wolf? Calling his warrior James, Liam orders him to go searching for all brown haired she wolves in the pack.

After searching for the woman all day long, his men come up with nothing. Not a single woman matched the Alpha’s description. Disappointed, Liam remembers he needs to attend Alpha Shane’s party.

After skimming through the guests and having few drinks, Liam is ready to leave when the Luna of the pack takes the stage to hold a speech. Recognizing the woman, the Alpha waits for her to finish her performance and follows her into the backstage, catching Nicole by surprise.

Before she could utter anything, Liam blatantly tells her that she is going to his pack with him. He already had a plan in motion to bargain Shane for his Luna in exchange for not bringing hell to Crimson.

Mated To The Beastly Alpha Chapter 6

Facing Nicole, the Omega finally tells her why every low rank girl hates her since she came to their pack. They truly believed that Alpha Shane would have picked one of them as his mate if it weren’t for her.

Not wanting to create a scene, Nicole tries to leave, but Shane reminds her she still needs to attend to their guests. Fearing another punishment, the Luna goes to mingle with the attendants at the party, receiving appraisal for organizing the feast and for being well spoken of by her pack members.

Although she tries her best to be cordial, Nicole’s face is expressionless, earning a threat from her husband. After speaking with more guests, she realizes that the party is just an excuse to ambush Alpha Liam.

Walking past him and hearing Liam’s promise to take her with him at the end of the night causes Nicole to slip and tell him about being under threat.

Part 3: Mated To The Beastly Alpha Book Review

The novel Mated To The Beastly Alpha is a bit unconventional if you make a comparison with other werewolf stories. Weak to strong female lead characters are common in such fantastic narratives, but this book stands out.

Nicole is a strong character from the beginning. Although she’s literally physically and mentally abused by her spouse and even the low ranked Omegas of the pack, she keeps her head up high and keeps dreaming about the day when she’ll be free.

Mated To The Beastly Alpha Romance

Sold by her own parent to clear his debts, bought by a peculiar Alpha, rejected by her second chance mate should have turned Nicole bitter, but she kept her humble spirit, her devotion towards the members of her pack, always fulfilling her Luna duties with pleasure and grace.

Let’s face it, Nicole is the kind of fierce woman any of us should be. She’s bold, she doesn’t rely on a man to secure her future and she’s not afraid of solitude.

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