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Rejecting A Wolf story brings forward the possible outcome for the young werewolves who choose to overview the rules given by the Moon Goddess in respect to honoring your fated mate.

As all werewolves are supposed to save themselves for their soulmates, Alaric and Maya give into their desires, thinking that they would eventually turn out to be fated mates to one another. To seal their deal, they deliberately conceive a pup, bringing havoc into the pack.

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Part 1: A Tale Like No Other, Rejecting A Wolf

This is the story of Aurora and Jace. Two young werewolves whom the Moon Goddess mated to the next in line Alpha Alaric and the beautiful girl Maya.

Only, there’s a catch. Before they came of age and had the chance to feel the actual mate bond, Alaric and Maya felt a pull towards each other and gave in to passion. Even worse, they decided to have a baby, certain they would be mates.

Aurora and Maya wake up happy the morning they are supposed to meet their fated mates. Aurora is the beloved daughter of a once very powerful Alpha, Anderson and an Alpha daughter, Renee, making her a powerful, domineering she-wolf.

Putting on a nice dress and light make-up, she steps outside to meet Maya, who comes to pick her up and drive her to school. Aurora immediately realizes something is off with her friend, as she could literally smell her pregnancy.

Rejecting A Wolf Aurora

Upon learning that Alaric is the one who impregnated her friend, the she-wolf feels something is off, but she tries to reign her feelings and be supportive of her companion.

Reaching the school parking lot and locking eyes with the handsome Alaric, Aurora realizes he must be her mate. She didn’t even need to open the car door and smell his scent for her wolf to recognize her fated.

Now, all she can do is hope for the best. She realizes she needs her father’s help and doesn’t hesitate to mind-link him to come and rescue her. If her guess is right, there will be a bloodbath right there, in the middle of the parking lot.

Sure enough, Maya gets off the car and locks her eyes with Jace, the future Beta of the pack, realizing he is her fated mate. The boy is ecstatic, but Alaric falls on his knees growling in pain.

Not only is his pregnant girlfriend mated to another boy, his mate looks enraged and ready to lounge for the kill.

Not realizing the danger, Maya reaches for Aurora who tries to get away from school in an attempt to avoid the fight, but feeling her friend’s touch on her shoulder makes her snap. Seconds later, Aurora’s wolf takes over, attacking Maya.

Just the same, Jace’s wolf takes charge and is set to kill Alaric, the man who dared to touch what was rightfully his, Maya.

As werewolves, Jace and Aurora aren’t to blame for being possessive or jealous. It’s in their nature to claim their mate and punish those who dare to come between them. Right now, not only Alaric and Maya posed a threat to their mate bonds, but also the pup in Maya’s belly.

After a terrible fight that left all four teenagers covered in wounds and blood, Jace and Aurora are sedated. To prevent further blood baths, there are few options available. As the teenager’s parents, Alpha Kent and Luna Lily, Anderson and Renee, Jason and George need to make a harsh decision.

They can either terminate Maya’s pregnancy or they can force the fated mates to reject each other. The latter choice is something taboo, something horrible that only few werewolves attempted to do in the past.

How will Aurora and Jace cope with being rejected by their fated mates? Will they get their second chances?

Part 2: A One Of A Kind Werewolf Book Review: Rejecting A Wolf

If you’re an avid werewolf book consumer, you ought to know how the rejecting process usually happens. One of the mates rejects, the other one accepts, they deal with pain and move on. They either get a second chance or settle for a chosen significant other.

Rejecting A Wolf Jace

Well, Rejecting A Wolf story sets this whole renouncing process as the core of the novel. Rejection is something rarely heard of as the consequences of such actions are still a mystery for everyone.

One of the forte aspects of this particular story, in my opinion, is the portrayal of the female lead character, Aurora. As an Alpha daughter, she is powerful, witty and compassionate altogether.

She even tries to get away from Maya when realizing that Alaric is her mate, knowing that her wolf would bring hell right then and there in the middle of the school, attacking the pregnant girl. She only retaliates when Maya pushes her buttons and touches her, stirring her wolf.

A thing I find interesting about this story, is Aurora’s and Jace’s common journey to heal themselves after being rejected. Without a doubt, their similar fate will bring them closer together and, surprisingly, or not, they will be each other’s second chance mate.

Overall, this is a great book. It’s intense, filled with suspense, heartbreak, emotional moments and, beware, there are also hot scenes to quench your thirst for love.

Part 3: Hot chapter From Rejecting A Werewolf

Rejecting A Werewolf Chapter 2

Coming To A Stop

Glancing at her friend, Aurora can’t help asking her whether she would continue pretending like she couldn’t smell a male’s scent on her. Scared, Maya softly whispers that she’s pregnant, but Aurora holds her hand firmly, reassuring her that she has her full support, no matter what.

She can tell that her friend had a fun accident and she hopes that the guy will turn out to be her fated mate. Clearly shy and embarrassed, Maya confesses that she didn’t get pregnant by accident, everything was planned, but now, that she is supposed to find out if he is her mate, what will happen if he isn’t?

Rejecting A Wolf Maya

Maya’s faint pup scent feels familiar to Aurora so she can’t help asking whether the guy Maya slept with is Alaric. Maya only nodded slowly, but Aurora’s stomach twisted in a weird way, as if her wolf was sensing something horrible.

Pushing aside her emotions, Aurora can only hold Maya’s hand assuring her that everything will be okay and Alaric will be her mate. An oblivious Maya can’t see the panic in her friend’s eyes, or else she would have seen the terrible event about to happen.

In the school parking lot, Aurora caught sight of Alaric and Jace, the future Alpha and Beta of the pack. As soon as Maya opened the car door and got a whiff of her mate’s scent, she stood still. In fact, all four of them stood still.

Jace was happy with being Maya’s mate, a pregnant Maya watched her pup’s father crumble to the floor at the realization that the mother of his pup is not his mate, Aurora understood that the Moon Goddess played them dirty and made Alaric her mate.

Trying to avoid the havoc, Aurora mind-links her father and tries to walk away from the school premises. At the same time, Alaric wants to plead with Aurora and ask for forgiveness while Jace finally understands the betrayal of his best friend and his mate.

Maya is the only one still adamant in bringing her best friend and her chosen mate together to help her deal with her pregnancy situation. Calling out to Aurora and touching her shoulder makes the girl finally snap and turn.

Without any warning, both Jace and Aurora attack Alaric and Maya for betraying the mate bond. Everything is out of control, and the only people who can deal with the madness are their families and the most powerful ranked members of the pack, the Alpha, the Beta and the Guards themselves.

As you dive further into the story, you will see that Aurora and Jace’s story is far from being perfect, but it’s filled with emotion and heartbreak, and their struggle to put their lives back together is intense as well as rocky.

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