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The Legendary Mechanic Novel starts with Han Xiao surprised that he was not the only one at home while he was playing a simulation game called Galaxy. Test subject number 24 Han Xiao heard a strange voice beside him say this, and quickly reacted to it, but to his surprise, instead of seeing himself inside his usual gaming capsule, he found out that he was in a science laboratory of some sort, and the people around him seemed to have been working on him. Han Xiao had been transmigrated into the game. Of course, dumbfounded, he stared back at the scientists who were staring at him as if they had just seen a ghost. Han Xiao had been administered with a substance called Valkyrie, which was supposed to drain his brain from everything he had ever known.

Han Xiao had been the object of an experiment done by the Germinal Organization of Planet Aquamarine, in the game called galaxy, and they had time travelled with Han Xiao to the past as far back as days before the game was launched. All the former specimen that they had ever used for this experiment had died, apart from Han Xiao, and due to this fact, the scientists were in awe of him. How was it possible that he alone survived the experiment wile others died? What was so special about him?

Part 1: Main Story of The Legendary Mechanic

The Legendary Mechanic By Qi Peijia

Han Xiao was called The Legendary Mechanic for a reason. The scientists that apprehended him from the Germinal Organization of Planet Aquamarine, had formerly used several others to carry out this experiment with Valkyrie on, but they all died. Now, Han Xiao comes along and everything changes. He did not die, nor did he even show a sign of weakness, as he was still very active with his game after the experiment. He thought he was still at home. The scientists looked him as if they had seen a ghost, and they had high hopes for him. Being the only survivor of the experiment after a long time of trial and error, they were sure that Han Xiao was the chosen one. Han Xiao had transmigrated back to the days before the launch of the game, and the Germinal Organization looked forward to recruiting him to become a loyal soldier of the organization in Planet Aquamarine of Galaxy game simulation.

However, that was not all that it would take to get Han Xiao to become an NPC, an NPC is an abbreviated name for a loyalist of the Germinal Organization. Now that Han Xiao’s brain had been formatted and supposedly cleared of everything he formerly knew, the next stage was to brainwash him and install only information that concerned the organization and Planet Aquamarine into his brain. This is it gets interesting. Already, Han Xiao was considered as a special one for the fact that he lived through the first and most technical round of the experiment, as if that was not enough, The Legendary Mechanic, Han Xiao showed features that were unfamiliar with the scientists. Like, learning. He was already an intelligent young man in the real world, and due to his high intelligence, he carried his curiosity into Galaxy, and started to do unimaginable things like assemble and disassemble various metal gadgets. The more he learnt, the faster he became in doing these tasks. The organization were in awe of him so much, but little did they know that the more Han Xiao learnt, the more difficult it would be for him to be brainwashed, giving that his intelligence had risen so highly. While they made preparations to brainwash him, he was kept in a secluded room, which happened to have a mini library in it, and that was where Han Xiao finalized everything. He read just a page of one the books called ‘Tom’s Introduction to Machinery’ and his brain became so swiftly incomprehensible to the extent that when the scientists eventually carried out the brainwash on Han Xiao, it didn’t work, even though he pretended that it worked. Valkyrie, the substance that had been injected into Han Xiao during the first stage of the experiment, instead of formatting his brain, had aided his brain and boosted it to be more efficient than it ever was.

Part 2: Main Characters of The Legendary Mechanic

Han Xia/zero

The Legendary Mechanic Han Xiao

Han Xiao AKA Zero, is The Legendary Mechanic. The lead male in the novel, he was transmigrated into the game he was actively playing in real time, and taken back to the past before the game was ever launched. He was name Zero after he was supposedly brainwashed by the Germinal Organization of Planet Aquarium in Galaxy. Galaxy is the name of the game simulation which he was playing before being transmigrated into it. A quirky fellow with an astute character, he pretended that the brainwash had worked on him, and started to act like a zombie, all the while planning his escape from Galaxy. He was already close to being known as a genius in real life, and after his brain had been altered by Valkyrie, he became even more of a genius, and reached a legendary status after reading just one page of a class book called ‘Tom’s Introduction To Machinery.’


The Legendary Mechanic

Hila was the commander of the Germinal Organization that kidnapped The Legendary Mechanic, Han Xiao AKA Zero. If you dare to read this book deeper, you will discover that she did what she did because she was trying to save her sister from a higher authority. In the course of the book, Hila could be seen communicating with a certain mysterious man, and she kept on asking when she would see her sister, after performing each new task to the end. In the first version of the game, Hila was known by many names, including ‘the goddess of death’ because she was known to inflict grief on beginners of the game in Planet Aquamarine.

Lin Weixian

The Legendary Mechanic Novel

In The Legendary Mechanic Novel, Lin Weixian was the scientist that carried out the experiments and brainwashing on Han Xiao. He was fascinated by Han Xiao a great deal, and was itching to carry out more experiments on him including dissecting and studying his brain for the mere fact that he did not die like the others during the experiment. He was so obsessed with Han Xiao to the extent that when Han Xiao was behaving like a dummy after he had been brainwashed and required to put in his best for the organization, the organization abandoned Han Xiao disappointedly, thinking that he was a waste of time and effort, but Lin Weixian was still insisting on Han Xiao being his guinea pig. He wanted to check what was so different in Han Xiao’s brain, compared to the others.


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