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Rachel Hannah’s, ‘The Book on Waverly Lane’, a standalone women-centric fiction is about a group of women who joined a book club.

The story highlights friendship, loyalty, and mystery with a pinch of romance.

It is a great light-hearted read with a wonderful group of characters to explore.

The author has done an incredible job in writing a female protagonist- Shelby Anderson who is not afraid to start afresh after her divorce even at the age of forty.

So if you are looking for an inspiring story about a fresh start then this one is good enough to buy the bait.

Part 1: What Do People Like in The Book Club on Waverly Lane?

A fresh and inspiring offering

‘The book club on Waverly Lane’ is among one the greatest works that Rachel has served us lately.

There are so many instances with which I fell in love, in this great women’s fiction novel.

Book Club on Waverly Lane- Part 1

Even though the main female protagonist, forty years old Shelby Anderson, was recently divorced and moved to Waverly Lane.

She was filled with enthusiasm and wasn’t afraid to give a fresh start and a whole new view to her life by opening a book club.

Her character is an inspiration for every woman out there who is hesitant to take and embrace second chances in life.

Although initially she also faced some difficulty, she didn’t believe in giving up.

She had a belief that no matter what, she is going to start and give a new meaning to her life.

The moment that man in the bookstore told her about how book clubs are famous in the neighbourhood.

Book Club on Waverly Lane - Part 1

She showed zeal and decisively personally invited every woman in her neighbourhood to join her book club.

Through that, she not only got the chance to befriend them but also each of them found confinement in the other.

With the simple celebration of friendship and loyalty, the story has an ounce of mystery too.

The group of women who joined the book club have so many secrets. Slowly and steadily everything was revealed and they gave confidence in each other to act accordingly.

This book celebrated women in the best way. On top of that, the author deserves praise for maintaining the depth of the storyline.

Every character had their secrets, flaws, and strengths. They were developed in a way that left a great impact not only on each other but on me as a reader as well.

Although there were some cliche or cheesy moments in between, still the author succeeded in “Bringing out the best in her work.”

Part 2: The Main Character in The Book Club on Waverly Lane

Shelby Anderson

Book Club on Waverly Lane - Shelby Anderson

A forty years old, recently divorced woman and the main protagonist of this story recently moved from Atlanta to her historical house in Charleston on Waverly Lane.

Despite everything that happened in her life, she is still hopeful and determined to start her life on a lighter note.

So she took a step ahead in this journey by working upon the suggestion given by a clerk in a local bookstore.

Without hesitating, she invited all the women in her neighbourhood and proposed the idea of a weekly bookstore.

The author Rachel Hannah did an incredible job of bringing this character to life with her amazing writing.

Shelby Anderson is indeed a forte for every woman out there. This character broke the taboo of second chances in middle age.

By opening this book club Shelby Anderson, not only made some great friends but also found her love interest with a local restaurateur.

I found her a sign of optimism and one of those fictional characters to which I look forward.

Part 3: The Main Storyline of The Book Club on Waverly Lane

“Things aren’t always what they see on Waverly Lane.”

The story begins with forty-year-old Shelby Anderson, who recently divorced and moved from Atlanta to her historical house in Charleston on Waverly Lane for a fresh start.

One day when she was passing by the bookstore, a clerk there suggested to her that book clubs are quite common in the area and the best way to make new friends.

The idea grew deeply in her mind and she decided to open a neighbourhood book club to get familiar with the people there.

Although her ultimate and main goal was to make new friends to begin a new life.

That’s when she went to each household and invited all the women out there.

Meanwhile, she had no idea that each of the women who came with homemade cookies and manicured nails, withholds pieces of secrets in them.

Book Club on Waverly Lane - Storyline

Soon after that their lives knitted together and all of them started caring about each other.

On the other hand, she met a most eligible bachelor there and after a while, they started dating each other but as usual, a misunderstanding happened.

Now if you want to know whether they end up together or not? And what are the secrets that those household women were having?

You have to read this two hundred pages novella (The Book Club on Waverly Lane) by Rachel Hanna.

Part 4: Conclusion

The Book club on Waverly Lane is the story of friendship and loyalty forged during book clubs and is a magical read.

The characters have a long-lasting impression. The cadence of the writing is buoyant and the story is stirring and inspiring.

The way the author showed the struggle in daily life issues, brought a sense of authenticity and realnesston the story.

So if you are looking forward to an inspiring quick read, then this is one of the finest options.

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