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We’re all like that, aren’t we? We love the beautiful life and hate to accept the truth that is clear as day. Well, in Rejected to be His Luna, how do we break this particular spell that keeps our protagonist from seeing all the things that were wrong with her relationship to her former mate and the pack that adopted her?

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Part 1: The Story of Rejected to be His Luna

Rejected to be His Luna: A Fearsome king

Rejected to be His Luna tells of Zeve, a young she-wolf who was orphaned at an early age. Fortunately, she was adopted by the Luna of a large pack and grew up there. But I guess the word ‘fortunately’ is a bit of a stretch. Why do I say so?

Well, it’s plain as day that something is completely wrong about the pack and their treatment of Zeve. However, she seems to be the only one who is blind to their evil.

Things reach a boiling point at Zeve’s wedding to Chaz Enver whom she’d had a crush on since forever. Zeve could do nothing as he commanded the soldiers to take her away from the scene of the battle. Zeve was dragged forcefully and without courtesy. She was locked up and only let out when the one who invaded the pack, showed up.

Zeve watched Amor slice through Chaz’s neck, but not before making him reject Zeve at the threat of killing the entire pack.

You could say that it wasn’t unexpected for Zeve. She’d always known deep down that Chaz didn’t love her as much as she loved him. Well, of course he didn’t. Any man who could put you in the middle of a gunpowder ring doesn’t exactly have affection for you, now does he?

Anyway, it all boiled down to Zeve and Amor. He might have killed her mate after making him sever the bond, and he may have hurt the pack, but was he truly the monster she thought him to be?

On his side, Amor also has his misconceptions about Zeve. The strong, fearless and arrogant woman he disliked may never have existed in the first place.

Part 2: Main Character of Rejected to be His Luna


Rejected to be His Luna: Zeve

She’s somewhat a mystery. Zeve is a young she-wolf, and her experiences up until her walk down the aisle, have been anything but joyful. Well, there were those moments of happiness like when Chaz proposed to her. But I don’t think that counts when he was the devil’s incarnate.

In Rejected to be His Luna, Zeve is tormented by the members of the pack, the soldiers, her schoolmates, even her mate. They all see it happening, yet they do nothing. However, it all stopped when Chaz proposed. Who can tell Zeve the reason? Come tell me, too.

Zeve’s love life is pretty tragic in Rejected to be His Luna. It’s normal to want happiness for the protagonist, but here I can’t help wanting the girl to grow smarter brains. Even her wolf told her they were bad, but Zeve didn’t want to listen. These people saved Zeve and she felt that was all that mattered. But did they really save her or was it something else?

Who is Zeve’s real savior, the pack or Amor?

The author truly knows how to play with the reader’s emotions and they don’t shy away from the hard stuff. Though some might find the dynamic confusing, it gets pretty explanatory at some point and there will definitely be understanding.

What we know is that though she’s a little crazy, Zeve is our perfect protagonist.


Rejected to be His Luna: Amor

He is the Alpha of the Aurora pack. Amor is young and dashing, yet still managed to strike fear in the hearts of enemies and subjects alike. Amor wants something from Zeve and he takes his time in revealing it. What is this about marrying Zeve and also wanting her to be his death?

In Rejected to be His Luna, Amor’s character is reliable, ruthless and understanding of his role in the scheme of things.

It’s a world of magic, werewolves and other creatures. A world that will keep your eyes sharp, and your mind begging for a better taste. But as is normal, there will be no shortage of conflict.

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Part 3: Some Thoughts About the Story of Rejected to be His Luna

Rejected to be His Luna: Chaz

There’s a lot of questions to be asked if you want to get into a relationship, but a lot of people forget that or think that it’s fine. Maybe they think that there is more time to ask. But the truth is that time isn’t so reliable when life is walking hand in hand with it. What happens when you see a whole different side to the person who gave your hear to? What do you do then?

In Rejected to be His Luna, our protagonist seems to have resolved internally that there is basically nothing wrong with being put on the brink of death because of a relationship. She takes the hurt and the blame, but doesn’t hate the injustice. She loved and that was it. There was no second alternative.

While she failed to see what was wrong with her mate and her pack, something more was to happen on the special day which was set out for the purpose of joining her mate and herself together. They would be together forever. Well, that plan failed when the esteemed Alpha of the Aurora pack makes a killing entrance into the hall.

I don’t really know how to feel about that particular scene, because to be fair, it was her special day and he caused it all to crash and burn. Then, on the other hand, he did bring her away from that pack of bullies and vipers. That totally absolves him right?

The themes of the story are not so complicated, but the author uses profound skill to craft a story that is quite amazing. It is a perfect tale of identity crisis, relationship crisis, and pure misconception. The discontent at a life lived as a slave or punching bag, does not seem all there, however.

Part 4: Awesome Chapter from Rejected to be His Luna

Chapter Five – Scars Speak

Rejected to be His Luna: Zeve and Amor

Amor asked Zeve for a dance, stretching out his palm before her. However, Zeve ignored the waiting hand just like he’d ignored her.

Lady Ella, Amor’s mother also refused to let him dance with Zeve, not until he explained why she would react with such fear when he got close. Lady Ella wondered what her son could have done to Zeve.

Amor didn’t any longer and just pulled Zeve by her wrist, and bade his mother to excuse them before going towards the balcony. There, he cornered Zeve and warned her to stop pretending in front of his mother. Amor claimed he knew Zeve. He said he knew she wasn’t weak.

Zeve, on her end, was scared. However, she refused to show any traces of it to him.

Amor didn’t let up, making Zeve nearly fall from the balcony. However, he saved her, still reiterating that she’ll dance with him and be his bride, whether she wanted it so or not. Amor said she’d been trying to gain sympathy and that made Zeve chuckle even though she was close to tears.

Zeve made it clear, she could care less what he thought of her, and Amor responded by getting closer, their faces inches apart. Zeve immediately pushed him and ran off. However, she sprained her ankle in the process.

Lady Ella demanded for the royal doctor to be called, and even after that, Amor still wished to dance with Zeve. He carried her to the dance floor against all protests and Zeve finally accepted it. She told him to let her down, and then they began a slow and gentle glide of the most basic steps on the dance floor.

There was no pain and Zeve even fell asleep in his embrace.

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