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How do you deal with four handsome and determined wolves? In Her Four Possessive Wolves, we’re plagued with this question. I mean, there’s a few ideas that come to mind, but I doubt that’s how it’d go. These four see something familiar in Alvara, but could they be mistaken? Did they somehow think she’d be a good replacement for the one they lost.

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Part 1: The Main Characters of Her Four Possessive Wolves


Her Four Possessive Wolves: Alvara

She’s young woman with her whole life in front of her. Yet, Alvara couldn’t stop herself from thinking about death and dying. It wasn’t her fault that her path led her through Eugene, that bastard. He turned Alvara’ life into a living hell, never allowing her to be herself, but rather, a molded version that he was sure would do everything he said.

In Her Four Possessive Wolves, Alvara’s character is beautiful and forthright. Except for the pain of abuse, it wasn’t hard to see the sort of woman Alvara could have been if her mate was someone kind and good. Her story is very dark and unsettling, but as we see the intervention of the four possessive wolves, we can quite easily say they made the story much less trying.

Alvara is a character with lots of potential. I like how she can stomach all her expectations of her mate bring thrown into the trash can. Yes, her life wasn’t simple, but at least she was used to it. They say the devil you know is better than the one you don’t. Well, if those four are the devil, Alvara probably would care less. The hell she was in couldn’t be worse than the freedom they were offering.

Ozias, Ciaran, Maverick, Dargan

Her Four Possessive Wolves: Maverick

Once, they were just four rogues, but they made something out of what the world would call “nothing”. All four were connected by the mate they shared and her death broke them. However, standing in front of Alvara, they found the possibility of reincarnation not so out of the question.

The woman was just like her. However, they know she needed to come with them willingly

In Her Four Possessive Wolves, the male wolves are strong, careful, but necessarily wild and random.

Once again, it’s not lost on me, the effect and the reason for the four hot and very possessive wolves. They give the story a certain flavor. Honestly, I guess it’s everything. The four males light up this piece with their respective personalities. Just amazing.

The writer clearly makes a world of hurt and gives the only remedy as escape. The possibility does seem bleak, but you never know.

It is a great story, with wonderful settings and description, but if you want another nice title, see the next recommendation below.

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Part 2: The Story of Her Four Possessive Wolves

Her Four Possessive Wolves: Ciaran

Her Four Possessive Wolves is a tale that opens with a toxic union and zero inflections of love. We follow Alvara into her life with her mate, Eugene. Theirs is a relationship that be the death of them. For Alvara, because the bastard was just too pathetic and vain. For Eugene, because a woman can only take so much. Her silence now did not mean she had no idea what she was doing.

While her marriage drained the life out of her, Alvara meets the four representatives of the neighboring pack, whom were seeking the mines of their very own pack. The men struck Alvara as interesting, but she was unable to show any inclination or too much interest. Alvara could only bow her head and not raise her eyes.

This appearance could not fool the four males that were present. They knew what lay within the Luna was anything but a servile wolf. How did they know and trust this fact? Well, it turns out that Alvara bore very similar traits to the mate whom they had all lost, Savannah.

From her walk, her gestures, to her scent and fake smile, Alvara was a near carbon copy of Savannah. However, the two people could be different in the way that was most important. Alvara must decide the life she wanted to live, who she wanted to be, and the kind of love she deserved.

Meanwhile, though they came to this pack with the surface intention of gaining their mines, the true reason was the beginning of a long war. Alvara just so happened to fall into the equation. How were they going to get her on their side? It was necessary that she did not get caught in the cross fire.

Part 3: A Short Analysis of Her Four Possessive Wolves

Her Four Possessive Wolves: Ozias

Always, it is good to picture yourself in someone’s position when you’re finding it hard to understand them. But what if that doesn’t work. In Her Four Possessive Wolves, it definitely isn’t a complete solution. The story takes us through the life of a woman in a predicament. One that has lasted eight long years. She is made a puppet at the hands of her make partner, but doesn’t and can’t fight against the way in which they played with her life.

Looking at her way if pretending to be servile, you really begin to wonder how stupid her mate really was. The fire in her gaze and the deliberate actions were a big tell. I mean, all four males from the visiting pack could tell that her outward appearance was subject to conditions set by someone with power over her.

We know all about domestic abuse, physical and mental abuse, and this toxic relationship carried all of those. There’s no shortage of relationship drama these days, especially the ones where one partner is treated like an object to be played with at the whim of their partner.

It usually hard to break free of those. Some would say otherwise, but when you’re found in that situation, it’s not like you walked into it yourself. There must’ve been a reason, and that reason had to be the main factor driving the persistence to stay.

In Her Four Possessive Wolves, the protagonist has to put up with the disrespect and disregard of her mate who cares nothing for her. She wasn’t stupid, but she was tired. When given the choice to either leave or stay and be tormented some more, what will her choice be?

Part 4: Take a look at Cool Chapter from Her Four Possessive Wolves

Chapter Four

Her Four Possessive Wolves: Dargan

Alvara did not tell Eugene about what transpired at the primary school, just as she had promised. But it had not been because she was afraid of him, rather, it was because she didn’t want him causing a scene.

It was clear as day that Alpha Ciaran was being generous with his wealth. Eugene and his mother lived in such good state while the rest of the pack suffered low income and some were even homeless. It had been a lot better when Alpha Stefan, Eugene’s father, was alive.

Now, Alvara bore her mother-in-law’s sneer and derogatory comments as she went to make dinner. She picked up the knife and went from mushroom to onions, all the while her mother-in-law, Angelique, looked over her shoulder.

Soon, Eugene came in. He asked how things fared with Beta Ozias and Gamma Maverick, and Alvara answered while doing her work. But only after checking to see if Eugene had asked because someone told him about what happened at the primary school. It seemed the sentinels had actually kept their mouths shut.

When Eugene saw Alvara didn’t look at him, he picked offence and then they argued about her inability to bear him children. Alvara thought it was up to date, but Eugene thought it was Alvara who didn’t want kids.

Not long after, Eugene was ready to storm off. Alvara knew where he was going and warned him off it. However, Eugene didn’t care. He played with commitment however he pleased.

When he left, Alvara’s tears fell, but she stopped them upon noticing Alpha Ciaran had appeared.

He didn’t look very pleased to see her tears.

Her Four Possessive Wolves is a novel of the times. When you’re done with this, just see the next book. It’s wild.

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