Sci-fi Film Review: Out of Time 2021 Review

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Aliens and time travel are two of the most conventional tropes of sci-fi films. There have been multiple classics involving these two tropes such as Back to the Future (1985) and Alien (1979). Out of Time uses both tropes and delivers a fun adventure for the whole family. Director and writer Matt Handy will capture your attention immediately with a confusing but intriguing opening scene. However, this is not a cult classic and has some flaws.

Main Plot of Out of Time (2021)

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The opening scene sees three men appearing through a purple mist-like portal into the Mojave Desert. Following them closely is Special Agent Cooper, our male protagonist. Through the opening credits, the film shows archival footage of an alien spaceship crash landing in the USA during WW2. Of course, the government begins experimenting with the new technology.

The next 20 minutes or so are boring, as the film immediately slows down and introduces other characters. We are introduced to our female protagonist, Lisa. She is an LAPD detective who specializes in missing persons. She is assigned to look for an old man Vernon, who is seen in the opening scene as a young man. Already, we see dots connecting. Lisa then returns home to find her fiancée cheating on her. She tases him. To be honest, he deserved it as he also left the dog alone!

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Meanwhile, the three men hitchhike and take over the driver’s body. Through this, we see their abilities. We also see Cooper adapting to his new environment. The real story and fun pick up after Cooper and Lisa team-up. Whilst Lisa wants to quit because of Tom, she agrees to help him.

The three men then reveal their plan to send the location of Earth to their mothership and initiate a planetary genocide. As Cooper and Lisa go after them, they find the driver’s body. That’s where we learn that the victims still have a reading on the EKG machine (something unavailable in 1951). Soon, the two catch up to the aliens in new bodies. The ensuing fight and almost possession forces Lisa to research and investigate Cooper. Though, she really does not find anything. This leads to arguably one of the best scenes in the film.

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After following the case of the missing Dr. Jackson, whose expertise is in astrophysics and particle theory, they figure out the aliens are trying to phone home. They also have a 24hr countdown as Cooper will die unless he gets back to his timeline.

Characters and Cast of Out of Time (2021)

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The two main characters are special agent Cooper (played by Blake Boyd) and LAPD detective Lisa (played by Nadége August). The core of this film is the chemistry between them. Byod does an excellent job playing the fish out of water type. His genuine amazement at modern technology and ideas of female officers mixes well with August’s bewilderment.

That’s not to say they can’t be serious. As I mentioned before, one of the best scenes is the confrontation between Lisa and Cooper. After suffering from nightmares from the alien attack and finding no information about Cooper or his hotel lodgings, the atmosphere is tense. August is good in this scene as you see her debating what Cooper is telling her. Boyd also plays his part well, being calm and trying his best to ease her fears.

However, I can’t say the same for the aliens. Maybe it was the direction they were given but some of the actors seem so forced and awkward. This might also be because of some of the dialogue they are given. Some scenes that are meant to be serious come off as goofy because of the dialogue. It’s still enjoyable, but unintentionally enjoyable.

Trailers and Release Info of Out of Time (2021)

Out of Time was released on the 12th of February 2021 by Creekview Entertainment. With a run time of 92 minutes (1 hour and 32 minutes), you can easily find this film on Amazon Prime. It is available to Prime members for free.

The official trailer is a very cinematic trailer, with a very dramatic tone. With a voice-over from the confrontation, the trailer depicts Cooper overlooking the city from a small cliff. You see nothing but his shadow in the sunset. As he is explaining the alien threat, the trailer then shifts to show some of the disguises. It then amps up the dramatic flair, with an action montage and a beat to match. The ending shows how the aliens take over their victims.

Reviews of Out of Time (2021)

Overall, this is a very enjoyable film. It’s no blockbuster or a cult classic. But it was still entertaining and told a coherent story. The use of special effects is simple but effective. From the purple mist that alludes to the time travel portal, to the effect to show the aliens invading their hosts, these effects are clear and tell the audience all they need to do.

The characters are likable (except the punching bag Tom), but the villains seem cartoonish and underdeveloped.

If you want to see a fun film that is easy to watch, I’d recommend this film. Did I also mention the hilarious reference to Alien?


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