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A highly sensual book that can only be handled by a few, secretary’s Secret Lover is a book filled with intrigue, suspense, exoticness, and thrill. Secretary’s Secret Lover tells a tale that we are all familiar with, but what it does is that it tells those tales better. Secretary’s secret lover managed to exceed the expectations of those that have read it and if you want to be in that number, then this article is for you.

I did not know what to expect when I first started reading this book. I thought it would be the normal drill and that I would probably get bored after a few chapters. However, I was so captivated that I did not know when I read ten chapters and was even surprised when I found myself reading more!

Secretary’s secret lover is a great book, a wonder, and one of the best Romance books in the modern world. In order to retain the thrill, I was able to find and locate similar books on Dreame which would give me the satisfaction that I sought.

I found one! If you have need intrigued by Secretary’s Secret Lover, then you would surely enjoy the recommended book below.

Part 1: Hot Synopsis Of Secretary’s Secret Lover Full Story

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Synopsis of Secretary's secret lover full story

His Sweetheart Returns

“Congratulations, you are pregnant.” Yvette was a little absent-minded. Her mind was occupied by the words that the doctor said in the afternoon. Suddenly, Lance pinched Yvette hard, and his voice was low. “What are you thinking about?”

Before Yvette answered, he grabbed the back of her head and kissed her hard. Then, Lance got up and went to the bathroom. Yvette lay on the big bed weakly. Her hair was wet, and her eyes were full of tears. She looked exhausted.

-After a while, Yvette opened the drawer and took out the pregnancy report. In the afternoon, she went to the hospital because her stomach was uncomfortable. After the blood test, the doctor told her that she was five weeks pregnant. Yvette was stunned. They wore condoms every time.

Part 2: Main Character Of Secretary’s Secret Lover Full Story

1. Yvette

Yvette: main character of secretary's Secret Lover Full Story

Even strong women often had weaknesses, and for Yvette, her affair with a mysterious man was hers. She was strong, resilient, and good-tempered. When a pregnancy she did not anticipate found its way into her life, Yvette did not know how to react.

She did not even know how she became pregnant in the first place for she followed all means to prevent that from happening.

However, it did, and Yvette was meant to spend the rest of the moment contemplating what she would do. Like someone drawn into an obvious dilemma, Yvette soared in confusion.

Part 3: Selected Chapters From Secretary’s Secret Lover

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Pregnant After the divorce

Chapter one

Everything began as a fairytale. Yvette found herself in the hospital with the man she loved beside her, speaking to a doctor who was announcing the news of her pregnancy. Yvette was stunned. A lot of things rammed through her mind.

She wanted to have a child with her husband, she actually desired it, but now that it was finally happening, she did not know what to think. But there is something about fairy tales that the media would never say, and that is the fact that it doesn’t always have a happy ending.

The matrimony between Yvette and her husband was an arrangement. She worked under him as his secretary and on one raunchy day, they slept together. However, in order to fulfill the wish of his grandfather who wanted to see him Married, Lance proposed to Yvette who readily accepted the proposal.

Everything went well, she was happy until she was not. Although Lance had accepted the child at first, Yvette began to feel a strain in their relationship, and deep down, she wondered if the Duration of the arranged marriage was coming to an end.

“…Lance stopped tying his tie and reached out to pinch Yvette’s plump earlobe. Then he said with a faint smile, “Don’t you want to sleep tonight?”Yvette’s face instantly flushed red, and her heart beat faster uncontrollably. Just as she was about to say something, Lance released her and said, “Be good. I have something to do.”

Chapter Two

Secretary’s secret lover Yvette’s nightmare finally begins to materialize.

She soon learns of a dark truth and accepts that all these years, she had been the only fool in the relationship. Lance was in line with someone, but it was not her. It was Yasmin, Lance’s ex-girlfriend. Yvette could not believe how stupid she was. She thought everything would go well and she would be happy.

But that did not happen. With Yasmin back, everything changed. Lance sought to divorce her and the workers in the office soon learn of her affair with their boss. They mocked her for her naivety and she was plunged into a deeper well.

But even at that, Yvette noticed that Lance still had his eyes on her. She was confused even more. What did he want? Who would he choose?

“Lance’s beautiful eyes did not reveal any emotion. Marvin’s words did not attract his attention. Yvette had always been gentle, and she was not a jealous woman. As long as Yvette behaved herself, Lance would treat her well.

In the elevator…Yvette looked up, not wanting her tears to fall, but tears fell from the corners of her eyes and quickly disappeared into her ears. She thought that two years was long enough to win Lance’s love, and Lance would find out how good she was.

But all of this was just Yvette’s wishful thinking. It turned out that no matter how hard Yvette tried, she was not as good as Lance’s ex, who had returned. When the elevator door opened, Yvette had returned to normal, but her face was pale. Yvette dragged herself to the break room, wanting to make a cup of coffee to sober herself up. The chatting of a few employees inside entered Yvette’s ears.”

Part 4: Overview of Pregnant After The Divorce-Similar book to Secretary’s Secret Lover

Pregnant After the divorce

Disfigured, sick, notorious… Leily May doesn’t know how she ends up being like this. But deep down in her heart, she knows it all because of Syliance Pane!

Love can really ruin a woman’s life.

Leily found out she was pregnant after the terrible Divorce from her husband, but what actually broke her was the fact that her husband and his lover forced her to get a divorce. Leily is disoriented and she is angry, looking for who to vet her anger on!

Part 5: Concluding Remarks

Two times I’ve read these books now, so you understand the thrill! I would highly recommend both books for your leisure. They’re really intriguing. So have fun reading and do not forget to share with someone out there. Read the recommended book below!
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