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An excellent book with elements you have probably not read in a while, rogue to Luna’s full story is a book that every one of us needs to read at least once. Rogue to Luna’s full story is action-packed, intriguing and so perfectly written that you will have no other choice but to spend hours reading more chapters as they come.

I was not so convinced about the book when I first picked it up. I did not think it would be good enough to entertain me for I thought the Plot would just be repetitive. However, a few chapters were enough to convince me that I was not looking in the wrong direction. Rogue to Luna’s full story completely enchanted me and all I could do was just keep reading until I was immersed in it. For the sake of continuity, I set on to find Similar books on Dreame, and guess what? I found one!

If you have been intrigued by Rogue to Luna, then you should definitely check out the recommended book below. Its sweetness will convince you to read more werewolf stories for a while.


Part 1: Overview Of Rogue To Luna Full Story

Rogue to Luna synopsis

He probably is just going to reject me. Why would this Adonis of a man let me be his mate? I’m disheveled and a mess. I live in a hole for Goddess’s sake. I am a rogue and I’m sure he knows that. How could he possibly accept me? “Hey, I’m Cole your mate.

Why did you run from me? Did I scare you? I’m sorry if I did, I didn’t mean to. Can you tell me your name?” he speaks. His name is Cole. That is a good name a strong name and I get the feeling I just want to scream it.

Why did he think I feared him? I don’t know maybe he thought I feared his sheer size. I have no idea but honestly. No, I was scared I just didn’t want to be rejected. I didn’t think he would follow but here he is. Asking if I’m okay. The least I could do was give him my name and an explanation.

I am the daughter of the Alpha of the Moon Stone Pack. When a fire came in and destroyed my whole pack and life at the age of 13 it left me as a rogue. For the last five years I have kept my sanity despite living in solitude and through sheer will I have learned to keep my head up and push forward. Praying to the Moon Goddess to help me find my Mate and a new pack.

Not only do I have to face the past but the oncoming threats to myself and the ones I love. All of these threats that face me are due to the gifts I was given by the Goddess herself. Gifts are given by my devotion to living in sync with the world and the Moon Goddess.

Part 2: Main Character Of Rogue To Luna Full Story



Winter:Rogue to Luna main character

Winter is portrayed to be a sweet she-wold with extraordinary gifts from the moon goddess. She is beautiful, shy and actually has a sense of low self-esteem when she first encounters Cole, her mate. Her pack was destroyed In a fire that left her homeless and without help. It made her depend on herself and she was alone for five years. That’s until she found Cole.

The attraction was instantaneous and it was Fierce. Cole immediately knew she was the mate he was supposed to find and she knew it as well. However, the discrepancies associated with their packs soon turn out to be a huddle and both of them start to fight for what they love.

Part 3: Hot Chapter Excerpt from Rogue to Luna Full Story

Chapter 3


She ran away!? What just happened? My mate just ran from me! I had waited 11 years for her to run away. No way in hell! I shift back and let Dante take control. He can sniff her out. It must have been ten miles we ran before we see a small campfire and a makeshift shelter. This is where she is living.

It must be. I hear her rustling inside the shelter and decide it is best to shift back. I crouch and peek my head in to see the most beautiful woman. Her pale skin is covered in dirt, and her sandy blond hair is a tangled mess. None the less she is beautiful.

The first thing I notice is her eyes. They look like black spheres against the whites of her eyes. Her skin is so white it almost looks like it has a glow about it. Like she is translucent and reflecting light threw her. Beautiful, I think to myself. Even here in the dirt and grime, she is stunning.

Part 4: Synopsis Of Her Alpha’s Orders- Similar Book To Rogue To Luna

Her Alpha's Orders

Jo-anne wakes up mated to West the future Alpha of her pack, neither he nor her have any memory of how this came to be, forced to stay with him due to Wolfen laws. Neither of them wants to be in the Mate Bond with the other.

Jo-anne begs him to reject her wants out of their Bond as much as he does, demoralized by his constant Alpha ordering of her to tell him why she did this to him. She can not tell him what she does not know. Wants to be free, and tries to kill herself but survives and is brought back to him. now wolf-less.

Rejects him just hours before she is to be announced as the future Luna of the Pack

A mysterious set of marks appears down her back on her 18th birthday at the time of her birth and brings about her what she calls the Shivers, and erotic sensations that fill her body with pleasure, which she has no control over, when, where or for how long it happens, no reason she can not explain it, has to learn to live with it.

Jo-anne has years of therapy to get over her past and move on with her life.

Jo-anne is expecting to be able to leave the pack for a 2 year period once she has pledged loyalty to her new Alph., An agreement was made with her former Alpha, Alpha Damien.

West does not like this and Alpha orders Jo-anne to never set foot in Korea.

Can Jo-anne survive his Orders, can they find out about the past and can she figure out her mysterious markings and her true identity, can they get past the history to find a way to a peaceful future? Can she survive inside the pack long enough to find all the answers to the mystery that brought them together and ripped them apart?

Part 5: Concluding Remarks

Beautiful books to keep you busy. I would score both books 4/5. A good rating, isn’t it? So have fun reading! Never forget to make recommendations to your friends and loved ones.



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