A Businessman from Another Universe: I am The Entertainment Tycoon


It pays to do a good deed. You never know how that good deed will go on to change the lives of others in a positive way. In return, the universe rewards you one way or another. Karma is real and this man experiences it exceptionally. He dies and is reborn into a different earth in another universe entirely. His new life isn’t so great, but then he got the reward for his efforts from his previous life. With the greatest golden finger in this world, nothing can stop him from being the top man.

The determination to succeed, a story of surpassing levels, and a tale of fighting the unfairness of life. The characters show us a dark side to everything that we sometimes take for granted, love, happiness, and family. It comes with subtle inflections that test the degree of emotions a person can handle. The author marvelously portrays a beautiful life that looks bleak but contains a bright glimmer of substance that indicates the potential for a future that is no longer dark.

As a man who could recognize potential from a mile away, Theo accepts that he cannot do things alone and would need help. Going forward, Theo builds up a powerful empire, setting up his name that soon could be heard everywhere.

The hurdles that the characters encounter really inspire the imagination to accept possibilities that could hardly ever exist. I know another good book that you might enjoy after this one. Check it out.

Part 1: Plot Summary of I am The Entertainment Tycoon

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I am The Entertainment Tycoon: Aurora

The story is about a man who dies and returns to life but in a different body and on a different planet in a different universe. Theo wakes up in a strange body that is malnourished, and he has questions. However, he doesn’t need to voice these questions before receiving the answer in his head. Apparently, his good deed for an orphanage multiplied, and all of it fetched him amazing karma that accumulated and turned into a reward. He transmigrated and now he has a system.

The system answered Theo’s questions and then gives him the memories of the previous host of the body. The male had a sister who he worried terribly for. He starved himself for the sake of this younger sister of his, hence the malnutrition. In the end, it was worry that killed the previous host. He had a heart attack and that was what gave Theo his entry. Now, with the name of Theodore Gray, he is given the opportunity to live a new life and one that was filled with endless prosperity.

To Be Rich

Theo realizes that to get to a place where he didn’t have to worry about food and stable living, he must be more hard-working. In order to protect the little sister that he suddenly had in this life, Theo needed to become powerful and wealthy.

With this determination and drive, Theo took his first mission from the system and quickly fulfilled it. Theo had every plan to ensure that they were kept safe, no matter the cost.

With his own capabilities, Theo wastes no time adapting to the strange world and diverse people.

Part 2: Main Character of I am The Entertainment Tycoon

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I am The Entertainment Tycoon: Theo

He is a strong-willed young man with a set goal and nothing that could possibly distract him. Theodore focuses his time and energy on the plans that he has decided to exact. He takes advantage of the memories, both from his previous life as well as the new one. With the memories that he had, there was an understanding of the substance of this word and how he could use it to create a good life on this planet.

The protagonist is a good man who received a reward for his goodness after getting sent to a strange world. Theo doesn’t allow the change to shock him too much and he quickly settles back into an easy existence on this planet.

The System

The system he received was way better than he would have thought. It was basically business-oriented, and Theodore isn’t one to put down a target unless something is bothering him. His past might be full of uncertainties, but the future was to be welcomed by their mother.

His sister, Aurora, carries the burden of guilt every time that Theodore sacrificed for her. Now, here she stood, with the man who looked and sounded like her brother, only to realize that this man was different. This world is in a state of perpetual issues but there was a future of happiness around the corner. To be able to reach the top, he relied on his abilities, even though he was gifted the system. Of course, with how awesome he is, making it big was only a matter of time.

Part 3: Awesome Chapter from I am The Entertainment Tycoon

Chapter Five

I am The Entertainment Tycoon: Theo and Aurora

Theo proposed to promote Samantha to be his manager. He required that she take care of everything in the shop for him. The shop referred to the Blue Cloud coffee shop which he had just purchased. Theo offered to raise Samantha’s salary accordingly. She stared at him with wide eyes, unbelieving that he was giving her such an offer. After all, she was a dropout. No degree in management, but she retained knowledge from the parts she learned before leaving. It was the reason why she worked as a barista while having knowledge of management.

Samantha accepted and emotionally thanked Theo.

Theo was satisfied on his end because he now had someone with the knowledge to help him.

From his ideas, Samantha was sure that things would look better with the shop. After they finished talking, he gave her the contract. She signed without hesitating.

Theo went home and along the way, stopped to buy some groceries that he could use to make something delicious for his sister to eat. When he returned, they made dinner together. The male retired to bed not long after.

The next day began a routine for Theo. After three days of work, the Blue Cloud Coffee Shop was renovated and decorated. Though they didn’t announce it heavily, they made sure to spread the word through both the neighborhood and social media.

Theo returned home and was reading about business management. At this time, he realized that he could level up through studying. The system showed him as much with the increase in his status. He was halfway through leveling business management.

I love a tale of glory and dominion. If you like it, then you’ll enjoy a particular recommendation of mine.

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