Spare Me, Great Lord Novel


This anime comic book is interesting to read from start to finish. Actually, comics are usually inviting because of the detail in expressions compared to an ordinary novel.

Spare Me, Great Lord has a regular novel imitation following the comic, and they have the same characters expressing the plot. In this book, Lu Shu was a regular 17-year-old boy looking out for his sister, Lu Xiaoyu, at all times. The relationship he had with his sister was the regular sibling relationship. Bickering positively and negatively and all what not.

The book starts off with an announcement that a lot of weird things had been going on in the city. A case study was of a woman being attacked by a young man covered in flames. Apart from that, there had been several other reports of unconventional happenings going on in the city.

Lu Shu and his sister were having a playful conversation, and she demanded that her elder brother purchased her favorite noodles for her. After a back and forth of bickering and what not, Lu Shu sets out to get his little ten-year-old sister what she had asked for, but he got hit by a truck on his way, and died.

On the Lunar, new-year eve, Lu Shu had an accident and died. But did Lu Shu really die? Lu Shu got up after being severely hit by a truck, causing the truck driver to run away in fright. Surprised, Lu Shu got home and happened to see a system appear before him, revealing him as an awakener.

Part 1: Main Story of Spare Me, Great Lord

Spare Me, Great Lord Comic

In Spare Me, Great Lord, Lu Shu secretly discovers that he now has super-powers after he had woken up from being hit by a truck.

Excited and curious for what was happening to him, he started to fiddle with the system, trying to discover his powers. He had big plans. At first, he thought that the super-powers could give him money, and he looked forward to earning enough money to pay for his tuition and his little sisters dowry. What could he do, and what could he not do?

The back and forth went on like this until he discovered that he added value in the system every time he triggered a negative feeling in someone. Anyone. It was right there on his system interface, “The Value Of Negative Feelings.”

The more that the value of negative feelings increased in Lu Shu’s system, the more “money” he got. On his system, he saw that there were options to shop and play the lottery, and he was over-joyed, thinking that mana had fallen from the sky for him. He would be rich, right? Well, no. He could only use the money within the system.

Spare Me, Great Lord tells us that, when Lu Shu acquired negative feelings to an extent, he could buy things from the system, like fruits that carried super-powers in them, and it made him stronger all the time. Lu Shu was on a rampage, as he had become an awakener.

He was out for everybody’s negative feelings, of course, apart from his sister Lu Xiaoyu. Having come in contact with other awakeners, as the trend spread across the city, Lu Shu was bent on being the most powerful awakener, after all, he was the only one that could use negative feelings as value to enhance his powers, so he continued to drain everyone of their feelings until he became the “Super Demon.”

Part 2: Hot Chapters of Spare Me, Great Lord

Chapter 1

Spare Me, Great Lord Awakener

The title of this chapter is called, “Am I dead?” In this chapter, absent minded Lu Shu could be seen scrolling through his phone while crossing the street. Honk! Honk!! *Swerve* Too late! Lu Shu could be seen flying across the street after being hit drastically by an oncoming truck.

On a Lunar new-year eve? The driver, afraid for what he had done, came out to find out if Lu Shu had died, but to his surprise, Lu Shu got up with anger oozing out of him. “Ghost!” the petrified driver yells and takes to his hills. Now, even though the author does not mention it, this is the first instance of the name of the book being expressed.

Spare me, Great Lord, the driver would have said while he was fleeing the scene, if he knew that Lu Shu was an awakener, and was going to be the most feared and respected.

Chapter 2

Spare Me, Great Lord System

Spare Me, Great Lord is pretty much chronological in order of importance of the novel because of the build-up of events until Lu Shu eventually becomes “Super Demon.” In this chapter of Spare Me, Great Lord, Lu Shu discovers his system as an awakener for the first time.

Excited much! A secret, he hides this fact even from his dear sister, Lu Xiaoyu. Further chapters down made us understand that Lu Shu was seen as a loser in school, and the last person that anyone would ever think of being an awakener was Lu Shu. Now, he discovers his system, and he could not conceal the joy he felt.

Part 3: Main Characters of Spare Me, Great Lord

Lu Shu

Spare Me, Great Lord Lu Shu

Lu Shu is the main character of the book. He said it himself in the beginning of the comic. When he got hit by a truck and supposedly died, he announced himself as the main character of the book.

Starting of as a regular teenager, he loved his little sister, and only sought to take care of her and protect her. It was Lu Shu’s love for his little sister, Lu Xiaoyu that led him to being an awakener. He ventured out to get her what she wanted and got hit by a truck, and after that incident, Lu Shu’s life never remained the same again.

If anyone ever said Spare Me, Great Lord in this novel, the person was most definitely talking about Lu Shu. Lu Shu, the “Super Demon” who increased his strength by basking in the negative energy of others is the great lord that everyone pleaded to be spared from.

Part 4: Evaluate Spare Me, Great Lord

Spare Me, Great Lord Super Demon

Has anyone ever come across a boring comic? With the visual freedom of expression, as well as other factors that comics enhances in a novel, it is difficult to see a boring comic book.

Although there are a few out there. However, Spare Me, Great Lord is not one of those few. Witty dialogue, mixed with magic and pain-staking funny facial expressions, the author of Spare Me, Great Lord does justice in representing the novel clearly for readers to follow through.

Easily a ten out of ten score, Spare Me, Great Lord is guaranteed to leave readers excited after reading the fantastic book.


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