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The story tells of Shangguan Yue, who is betrayed and dies on the eve of her wedding. Before she dies she doesn’t forget to make a death promise to the people that ruined her.

She’d repay them tenfold if there was a second life. Fortunately, she did receive a second chance at life and awakens in the body of a girl named Chu Liuyue. The life of the former host of the body was unlike what Shangguan Yue lived. Nevertheless, it was going to hinder her very minimally in the grand scheme of things. Shangguan Yue had a target. Two targets to be precise, and possibly more even. She would repay her enemies for what she suffered, and this new body would be her greatest advantage.

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor starts with a tragedy. No one would expect that a person of Shangguan Yue’s standing would end up in an actual cage like some animal. Her life was literally in the hands of her the traitorous murderers. That is, until she took it back, leaving them with losses.

A reincarnation story is incomplete without a protagonist that is able to see beyond their current state. The protagonist has to have that one mission to pull the readers to the finish line, but also they need to carry the ones they care about to the end.

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor – is a gripping tale of love, betrayal, and adventure set against the backdrop of a supernatural cultivation world. With its richly detailed setting, complex characters, and intricate plot, it’s sure to captivate readers who enjoy historical romance and time travel stories.

Part 1: The Story of The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor, Read Now

The story follows Shangguan Yue, a princess who is led to her self-destruction by her fiance and her sister. They cut off her feet and put her in a cage, and when they revealed all their deeds, it managed to push Shangguan Yue over the edge with sorrow and anger.

Shangguan Yue curses the two people and severs something vital in them just before she self-destructs. Shangguan Yue is then reincarnated in the body of a young girl, Chu Liuyu, who lived poorly.

.Shangguan Yue, now Chu Liuyue, is caught in a difficult position where her relatives in this new life also plot to put an end to her life. She can handle them though. As a former princess with formidable power, these people were nothing but small fry. Chu Liuyue had her mind set on bigger things. To get her revenge she would need to be more than a loser of the Chu family.

Chu Liuyue had endured for so long, she could be patient. In the meantime, she will deal with these troublesome dog family members who couldn’t contain their greed. One of these people included her sister, the Third Missy. Chu Liuyue knew the reason she was wanted dead, yet she didn’t care. Can she escape from these people who were after her head?

She coincidentally met a man not long after her return to the land of the living. She could tell he wasn’t a simple man or even one to be trifled with. With so many truths left to uncover, Chu Liuyue has her work cut out for her. But, how come the road she thought would be long and rough, suddenly became smooth and paved?

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Part 2: Meet the Main Character of The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor

Shangguan Yue (Chu Liuyue)

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor - Shangguan Yue

She is the eldest and ordained princess of the Tianjin Dynasty. She has a rare meridian type that people can only dream of, and for this, she was favored. Greedy for the blessings that she attained by birth and blood, two people conspired against her, and in the end, she was subjected to the loss of movement with her legs cut off and her being locked up in a cage.

Shangguan Yue had lost her mother and favorite brother early on, and it was a death she thought wasn’t incited. That is until her evil sister used it to mock and cause her anguish. In the end, Shangguan Yue realized that they had been planning and scheming against her for longer than she could have imagined. In her anguish and fury, she activated her self-destruction.

Shangguan Yue is a woman trained to be more than just a flower vase princess. Her knowledge and power set her apart from others her age, even those of royalty. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that she would choose the path of self-destruction. With the loss of her legs, and the humiliation she suffered, not to mention the cage she was in, how was she to continue her life with her head held high?

Shangguan Yue’s ability to work with every type of scenario makes it so much faster for her to adapt to her new life as Chu Liuyue.

Part 3: Superb Chapter from The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor

Chapter Three

Chu Liuyue notices that a man is hiding in the lake. She questioned him if it was his territory, but his response was to tease her. Chu Liuyue could see his figure and without letting down her guard, she held her hairpin at the ready. While the male tried to intimidate her, Chu Liuyue felt nothing. As they continued to exchange words, Chu Liuyue could see that he was not a simple man.

He even noticed her hairpin hidden in her palm. Obviously, he would not be dealt with easily. Therefore, she chose to put away her fierce attitude. Chu Liuyue apologized, but the man didn’t mind. When she finally appeared, she couldn’t help but notice his very attractive and pleasing good looks. She quickly thought – demon.

Before she left, she gave her name and he gave her his own, Rong Xiu.

At the Chu residence, Chu Ning waited anxiously for his daughter to return. It was at this time that Chu Xianmin appeared with tears and a very shocking accusation against Chu Liuyue. She thought she already had it all figured out. But, then things went sideways.

Chu Liuyue arrived back at the Chu residence to meet the scene of her conniving sister accusing her of stealing jewelry from her room.

The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor

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