Greatest Thriller Book Review: The Innocent Young Master Lu


The Innocent Young Master Lu tells the story of Lu Ding Ning and her twin brother, Lu Yi Ning. One of the siblings has disappeared and the other came returned only to be asked to take her brother’s place. Something about her brother’s disappearance is suspicious for the fact that it seems someone is targeting her.

Did Yi Ning disappear on his own or did he get taken? Ding Ning has to find out the truth to locate her brother. In the meantime, she can help her brother bring chaos to the ones who wronged him.

The Innocent Young Master Lu is such a wonder. There’s nothing more exciting than a case of twins switching identities. In fact, it’s an advantage to these sets of people. It’s sort of like one part of a person making up for the shortfall of the other. This major element makes this book a perfect page-turner. Here, there is no sibling rivalry, just one sibling hiding the flaws of the other.

To make it even better, the training of the female twin is a total coincidence that favors the new mission she is given. She already looks like the person, and she knows how to act like him, too. It’s literally the perfect setup.

The Innocent Young Master Lu might seem to lean towards the action genre in some ways, but the unexpected comedy and heart-fluttering moment, make it a step higher than that. This piece is thrilling, just wonderful for a light read. Nothing can beat a mission to save a sibling. The theme of family in the novel is so wholesome, the warmth seems to leak out off the pages.

Part 1: The Story of The Innocent Young Master Lu

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The story follows Lu Ding Ning as she returns to the country after many years. She has been away due to the divorce of her parents which led to her separation from her father and brother. Lu Ying Ning, her twin brother, was working on a project for their father’s company, but then suddenly disappeared. Their father was eager to find his son, but all efforts seem to prove fruitless.

With Lu Ding Ning’s return back to the country, he gets the idea of making his daughter take the place of his son in order to finish the project that Yi Ning was unable to complete.

Lu Ding Ning did not object to her father’s idea. She was prepared to do whatever she could in order to help her brother return home. In this way, Lu Yi Ning would have to dress like her brother and act like him. With their identical looks, it was not hard to take on the role of Lu Ying Ning. Everything was in place. However, it isn’t long before Lu Ding Ning nearly gets run over by a speeding car.

She soon learns from her brother’s special assistant that it was not the first time something like that had happened. For this reason, Lu Ding Ning knew not to look at her brother’s disappearance as anything trivial. It could very well be that he was abducted by his enemies.

But, who would take someone as gentle and kind as her brother? That became the question that needed answering. To get the answer to her question though, Ding Ning would need to go places she didn’t want to. For instance the engagement party of her brother’s adulterous former girlfriend.

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Part 2: Main Characters of The Innocent Young Master Lu

Lu Ding Ning

The Innocent Young Master Lu: Ding Ning

She is the twin sister of Lu Ying Ning. She was separated from her brother and father after her parent’s divorce and was unable to keep contact due to her mother’s designs. With her mother’s remarriage, they relocated.

Lu Ding Ning had spent years hiding her gender identity as a girl, and in the process, she was able to achieve the position of the successor of her stepfather’s company. Lu Ding Ning is a simple woman, she had little interest in taking over the company. But, it only took one of her stepbrothers disrespecting her mother in order for her to change her mind.

Lu Ding Ning was able to successfully grab that position after years of hard work. She returned to her father this time only to find out that her twin brother went missing and could not be found. When her father made the request for her to take his place, Lu Ding Ning had no reason to refuse. She had basically been groomed as a boy most of her life. She only has to endeavor not to get caught.

After all these years, Lu Ding Ning had shed that immature temperament completely. She was no longer the playful and carefree girl she was all those years ago. Lu Ding Ning has a direct personality, and she doesn’t hesitate to take action in a difficult situation. She makes for a wonderful protagonist with all these qualities.

Part 3: Amazing Chapter from The Innocent Young Master Lu

The Innocent Young Master Lu

Chapter Five

Lu Ding Ning had mentioned gifting an umbrella to the couple that was getting engaged. Ruan Xi Yuan, her brother’s special assistant, went to get the object ready for the engagement party. It was an engagement between Yi Ning’s former girlfriend, Ke Jia Ling, and the son of the Jin family, Jin Shan. Lu Ding Ning had something up her sleeve and it wasn’t a blessing for the happy couple.

Lu Ding Ning got herself ready. She didn’t forget to take extreme precautions in case anything were to happen. For instance, she had the fake male crotch balloon given by her mother, inserted in the crotch area. Lu Ding Ning knew there was sure to be trouble, therefore this wasn’t going too far. When the fake manhood was in place, she went to the party with Ryan Xi Yuan. On getting there, the appearance of Lu Ying Ning didn’t fail to turn heads. Lu Ding Ning didn’t fail to give her best smile.

When they saw Lu Ding Ning dressed as Lu Ying Ning, the adulterous couple came to give their greetings. Lu Ding Ning didn’t bother returning their fake pleasantries. She just straight up went for the two people with a verbal lashing. She had no intention of giving the couple her brother’s blessings, no she came for chaos.

The Innocent Young Master Lu

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