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One of the most delightful holiday-read and quirky romantic entertainment, The Holiday Swap plated up a double dose of Christmas cheer. The plot spun around two identical twins, the Goodwin sisters.

Charlotte a.k.a. Charlie worked as a chef in Los Angeles and also co-host the reality baking show Sweet & Salty together with Austin Nash, her culinary school nemesis. It was a program for the holidays which was like a twelve days before Christmas countdown.

Twelve amateur bakers were cast to compete for the top spot but since her co-host left, Charlie felt so apathetic about doing the job. Sweet & Salty will be replaced with Bake My Day, making the two contend for the hosting spot. She was vying to get the position because she believed that she was way better than Austin.

However, an unfortunate situation came, when Nathan, Austin’s assistant came in asking for some frying pans for the set. The pans tipped over her head causing her to black out. When she finally gets conscious, her uncanny sense of taste and smell was gone.

Miguel, a handsome physician assistant told her not to work for a week or two. Then there was Cass, Charlie’s twin sister who was also well-versed in baking and was running their family bakery in Starlight Peak. With that, Charlie asked her to change places with her until she recovers.

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Part 1: All About the Main Storyline and Characters

The Holiday Swap- Part 1 Background and Characters

Cass’s life had been so exhausting, always overworked in the bakery. She had been in a relationship with Brett for almost a decade ago. They were good friends since childhood, and everything felt so smooth and easy before she realized that settling with him for good is not what she really wanted.

Although he already proposed and asked him to wait for her final answer, it was causing her more anxiety. Now her time to think was up she had to tell him the truth. Things were not that easy for her, because Brett was so in love with her.

Yet when she heard from him that he was letting a competitor build a new bakery in their town, Cass finally asked him to keep the ring, that their relationship was through. But the man could not accept the fact that they were finished.

And the holiday swap idea was explained to her by Charlie over the phone which made her twin sister so worried about her condition. Knowing that no one will know about their plan, Cass agreed to change places with her. Charlie would take charge of the family-owned bakery. It would be not a problem although she lost her sense of taste and smell.

She still knew how to take care of everything as the Woodburn recipe was still in her memory. But another thing that Cass asked her to do was to handle everything about Brett, that things were over on her behalf. Charlie promised to deal with everything in Starlight Peak while the other one was away doing her job in Los Angeles.

The Holiday Swap End

Days before Christmas and they started the holiday swap. Jake Greenman, the grandson of Faye Christie was one of Cass’s favorite customers. He finds Charlie so attractive however, he thought that she was her twin sister.

He wanted to help her in flourishing the marketing tactics for the bakery and offered his creative ideas like taking pictures of their pastries and bread. Meanwhile, Cass was having a good time doing the taping of Sweet & Salty, compared to the boring routine she had been doing in their small town.

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Part 2: The Detailed Information on The Holiday Swap

The Holiday Swap- Part 2 The Most Exciting Plot

In the later chapters of The Holiday Swap, Miguel had a significant effect on Cass. His kind nature and caring demeanor made her feel so comfortable with him.

The two eventually went out on a surfing date causing them to have a close connection with each other. It was also the moment when he noticed the Gemini glyph which was tattooed on her finger and told him that she has a twin sister in their hometown named Cass.

Later on during a wedding reception, Jake finally admitted to Charlie that he could not just be her friend. From then on, she tiptoed and gave him a sweet kiss.

Three days before Christmas, Austin got the job for Bake My Day but Cass could not just break her twin sister’s heart. So she called Sasha to convince her not to give the spot to that manipulative and undermining guy.

Moving over to the inciting parts of The Holiday Swap book, Miguel finally knew the truth that Charlie is Cass when she refused to do the CT Scan, just the same as Jake. Sasha also realized that Charlie was a real deal and even offered a show named Double Sweets for the both of them.

Things were fixed, and on Christmas day Cass ended up with Miguel while Charlie and Jake were so in love with each other as the snow outside was falling.

Part 3: Ending of The Holiday Swap

The Holiday Swap- Summary

The Holiday Swap by Maggie Knox was considered a clean romantic comedy story although it was called an adult novel. It did not contain foul languages or explicit sexual innuendos which made it perfect for teenage readers also. Such an entertaining and compelling tale of love and self-discovery. Well, honestly I could not roll my eyes at it.

Whether it’s the holiday season or not you can check out the following light novels which you could also enjoy a lot. The Christmas Swap by Melody Carlson and The Christmas Swap by Sandy Barker was indeed must-read for a whimsical and festive Christmas feels.

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