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The Kiss Thief by L.J. Shen became a success from being one of the best dark contemporary novels of 2019. Leigh was a clever author of numerous romance genre books but this one was a smash hit. Well, I think the hype was well-deserved and not your typical love triangle story. It all started with an unexpected kiss from a mysterious man.

Francesca Rossi is a daughter of a mafia boss, a brat who only followed everything just to please her parents. She was obliged to marry a man with a good reputation from an influential family in the Chicago Outfit. With that, all her life she believed that she was about to end up with her childhood crush, Angelo Bandini.

Yet, things did turn out as she expected them to. Her most-awaited first kiss was stolen by a hot pensive gentleman, Senator Wolfe Keaton. They met at a charity masquerade ball to which the rich and famous were invited. On that said night, he danced with her while learning hidden information about her life.

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Things went drastically wild from that moment on, Francesca’s caged existence spun 360 degrees to her great surprise. W was an unpredictable clever man who knew what he really wanted, and it was none other than possessing the gorgeous leading lady.

Part 1: Everything About The Kiss Thief You Wanna Know

The Kiss Thief- Part 1 Background and Characters

Francesca was like prey which Wolfe did not want to lose in his claws. A story about love, bravery, change, and passion, The Kiss Thief promised more than just scorching hot bed scenes and spicy conversations.

Being a mafia royalty, she lived a comfortable life like a princess in her own kingdom. She was honed and sent to an exclusive school for the rich. Until she grew up being a classy, beautiful, and respectable fine lady.

Her father, Arthur Rossi controlled her like a locked damsel in distress. Albeit her beauty and material possessions, she did not have the prowess to do what she really wanted. At the age of 19, Francesca took the responsibility to secure Rossi’s position in the Outfit.

Of course, it was something against her will but she could not say no. Knowing that she loved Angelo since then, she had to marry Wolfe in exchange for the condition. It was her father who negotiated with the senator.

She was like a pawn used, for her father’s success in moving to the top. Yet, little did know, Wolfe had a secret agenda and purposely entered their life just to take down Arthur. It was like an act of vengeance.

He was a monster desiring to consume and own the beautiful lady. Marrying her was the only way for him to achieve his ill-gotten goal. The entire story did not revolve about destroying the Outfit, it focused more on the romantic side.

The Kiss Thief Triangle

As The Kiss Thief moved over, a lot of exciting, delicious events went rushing through the pages. Wolfe created a nickname for her, which was Francesca Nemesis. Not because she dressed up as the Greek Goddess Nemesis but because he considered her as his opponent, a foe. At first, he had no intention of being serious about her.

However, she was not a typical lady. She was more than a pretty face and it was one of the special things that moved him, her profound personality. No wonder Angelo also fell in love with her.

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Part 2: The Author’s Thoughts on The Kiss Thief

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The Kiss Thief book was also considered an enemy-to-lover trope. Leigh was so particular in creating her characters in an enticing and natural manner, which made them very relatable and human. Although some scenes were already predictable, the rawness of each dialogue kept it on track.

Francesca passed the point of no return and agreed to marry the man she had no feelings with. Wolfe was like the Beast while Francesca was Belle, and I could not help to compare the plot to it.

However, The Kiss Thief was a modern one with kicking banters. As they were living together, the two eventually fell in love with each other. She melted the hard stone heart of the senator who finally let go of his previous agenda.

Wolfe changed to a family man with compassion and responsibility all for his beautiful wife and the babies. It was sweet at the end, and I liked how Francesca became his endgame. A prevailing romance with some fairytale touch and topped with angsty 50 Shades of Grey feel.

Part 3: Ending of The Kiss Thief

The Kiss Thief- Summary

The Kiss Thief would really not disappoint. A perfect mafia romance for all those who are craving a thrilling and tasty encounter between two people with opposite motives in life. Yet, amidst all the conflicts they had they still perfectly fit together. It only proves to show that fate moves in mysterious ways and nothing can stop that no matter what.

A love like Francesca and Wolfe had was also a touching one. Their complex characteristics made them more loved by the readers. With that, I will rate it 5 stars for this daring novel with smoking pages.

Once you finished reading this gem for sure you will find more books like The Kiss Thief. Don’t worry, L.J. Shen got you covered. You can check out her other fascinating novels and purchase them online. Grab your copy now!

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