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A delightful read to start the journey of the reluctant bride, named Charlotte Lancaster. This first story was all about the arranged marriage between two influential families, the Constantines and the Lancasters.

Perry Constantine is a twenty-four-year-old hot bachelor who owned businesses and was strikingly attractive with his unpredictable personality. Charlotte was not even happy being matched with a complete stranger.

But she could not do anything because of her abusive father who forced and ditched her into that situation. All along she was used by her family in exchange for power and wealth. With her kind and selfless demeanor, she was unable to say no even if it was against her heart.

This was mainly focused on how Charlotte was brought out of her controlling family with the help of her knight-in-shining-armor, Perry.

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The Reluctant Bride was a novel with fast-paced scenes yet a slow burn effect. Told in a dual POV, this contemporary literary piece became more understandable to readers. However, it is not suitable for young ages below seventeen. It contains violence, explicit sexual content, and substance, and alcohol abuse. A must-read for adults who wants an angst-filled storyline.

Part 1: Background and Characters of The Reluctant Bride

The Reluctant Bride- Part 1 Background and Characters

Binge-reading this gem would never cause any disappointment. The Reluctant Bride was indeed one of the mesmerizing dark contemporary romance books released in the year 2022. It all started when Charlotte was engaged to Perry when at first things were not as good as it seems.

He was a man who happened to be an outgoing, life of party whenever surrounded by people. However, when he was alone he tends to be serious and brooded. Although, I might say he was a hot damn mess whom you would like to spend your night with.

His charisma was oozing together with his sense of confidence and wit. He was the kind of man who was cold as a stone and preferred not to entertain the thought of being close to his fiancée. Little by little, he could not help to get intrigued by what kind of man she is.

Charlotte, on the other hand, was sad and never happy, always neglected by her family. Yet, her heart was soft, willing to do anything just to follow the people that matters to her. Disobedience was not even part of this beautiful damsel’s vocabulary.

Her beauty was enticing, which enthralled Perry at a first glance. Nonetheless, they were truly different from each other. He was outspoken in public while she was a demure lady with a reserved attitude.

The Reluctant Bride Feels

There was an unexplainable attraction between which they were both trying to fight, at first. Yet, as time went by they no longer deny it to themselves. Being together frequently as a paired couple, the two became at ease which each other’s company.

Charlotte who was previously uneasy with him beside her was no longer elusive. She learned that he was not a rude type of man at all. From there, she had the guts to open up to him about her life and how hard it was to be controlled.

Perry understood her point because he also was feeling and carrying the same burden as her. They both wanted to have the freedom they deserve and to choose the path for themselves.

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Part 2: Exciting Plots on The Reluctant Bride

The Reluctant Bride- Part 2 The Most Exciting Plot

In the later chapters of The Reluctant Bride, the two were getting along well. There was a deeper understanding between them, and a slow-burn romance began to take place. Since the day Charlotte confessed about the violence that she experienced from her ruthless father, Perry’s concern towards her ignited. He would like to stand up for her and fight for her right.

For him, she deserves to be treated right because he believed that she is a woman with genuine compassion and kind-heartedness. From all the things that he learned about her, he only admire her more, each and every day.

Later on, the reluctant bride was starting to change her views. There was significant character development which made the story much awaiting. But the growth and sensibleness were evident in Perry who turned out to be a protective person for Charlotte.

From being a happy-go-lucky guy to a mature leading man, although not perfect. On the other side, the story ended with a cliffhanger which emanated intrigue and confusion.

All-in-all The Reluctant Bride was a great read for me. Charlotte and Perry’s romance did not stop there and was destined to get steamier. I could not help to look forward to the second book which I believed centers on the groom. Let me give four over five ratings, Monica did a job well done for this one.

Part 3: The Reluctant Bride Summary

The Reluctant Bride- Summary

It all started vaguely and seemed not going to work but as they say, loves knows no boundaries. The Reluctant Bride hooked me in the later chapters. Although, I might say it was a bit boring in the first part. Nevertheless, there’s no such thing as perfect. At least it was justified in the end.

Perry’s character was swoon-worthy, adding an oomph factor to the entire book. It is easy to say that Monica’s writing was spectacular, creating impeccable narration. It might be slow but had an indulging spicy taste as you flip through the pages. Another arranged-marriage novel that you should add to your shelves now!

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