Werewolf Action Thriller Book Review – The Wolf’s Hour


The Wolf’s Hour is a breath of fresh air for werewolf genre lovers. As a reader of werewolf genres, this is the first time I had encountered a werewolf novel being blended with horror thriller, action, and with a main character that is a werewolf spy.

Honestly, most of the werewolf novels dominating online reading nowadays are introducing us to the pack system, the internal conflict within the pack, the mating traditions, and werewolf physiologies. Don’t get me wrong but all of these are now very common and have become boring in the sense that these elements are present everywhere.

I was excited to see such a different werewolf book, The Wolf Hour that tackles a different element, an unusual genre for a werewolf character, and of course, a werewolf novel where the love story isn’t the central theme.

So, this makes me curious to see what The Wolf’s Hour is all about. The premise had caught my attention but then let’s find out if this book will sustain the reader’s interest in the long run.

The Wolf's Hour Action Thriller

Pulse-pounding. Suspense. Action. The reason why thriller stories are popular is already in their name – thrill. The thrill of solving a crime, the escapism, and the mysteries are appealing to the readers.

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I think that is the same reason why readers got hooked on The Wolf’s Hour. This book, The Wolf’s Hour comes with a blended genre of thriller and action, plus the unique characterization of the protagonist who happens to be a werewolf spy with a complicated identity and upbringing.

All of this combined, The Wolf’s Hour is the kind of book you would pick up on a shelf in just one glance. Yeah, the book’s premise is an attention catcher. It is attractive, plus it comes with an interesting saleable genre which is a werewolf action thriller. The Wolf’s Hour is indeed an Action Thriller with a unique setting, this is actually what I love most about this book.

Part 1: Plot of The Wolf’s Hour

The Wolf's Hour Plot

The Wolf’s Hour is the story of Michael Gallatin, a master spy, a lover, and a werewolf who can shapeshift as fast as lightning and has proved his skills all throughout his mission in Africa until he is faced with a dangerous mission – unraveling the secrets of Nazi plan which is the Iron fists.

Michael’s journey was packed with adventures, intense emotions, and intense physical actions. The action moves from Africa to Europe and back to his upbringing in Russia.

In this way, The Wolf’s Hour informs the reader about the experiences that created Gallatin while also keeping them engrossed in his thrilling and risky mission to track down another agent who can provide intelligence crucial to the Allied war effort.

The antagonists Gallatin faces here in The Wolf’s Hour include a sadistic game hunter, a high-ranking commander, and a scientist who are all sympathetic to the Nazi’s cause.

They are all extremely evil. As D-Day approaches and everything depends on the success of the Allied invasion, Gallatin and his allies must thwart the Nazis’ evil plan known only as “Iron Fist.”

Part 2: The Setting of The Wolf’s Hour

The Wolf’s Hour Setting World War II

One thing I love about The Wolf’s Hour is that this is a WWII novel too which transports readers to different places while Gallatin engages in his mission. I love the setting in the sense that it creates a strong concept for a spy action story novel. Also, a werewolf spy during world war 2 is very uncommon yet it is interesting.

The Wolf’s Hour places a lot of emphasis on the World War II era. If reading about the violence committed by the Nazis disturbs you, you might want to include this in your list. This book is especially appealing to readers who love history and WWII. The story of The Wolf’s Hour was set in a time when Nazis are emphasized as the principal evil force driving the war.

Also, I think the WWII setting here makes the book attractive too because who doesn’t know WWII? The blending of such a historical setting with something supernatural was effective, thus, The Wolf’s Hour didn’t fail to intrigue its readers.

Part 3: Michael Gallatin of The Wolf’s Hour

The Wolf's Hour Michael Gallatin

As a reader of werewolf novels, at one glance, I may say that Gallatin’s character is out of place with the kind of setting that he’s in, a WWII era, but after reading in the blurb that he’s a werewolf spy, then I got convinced that his characterization will jive to the plot and to the setting.

Okay, so what kind of character do we have here in The Wolf’s Hour?

Reading this book, you’ll get the “James Bond vibe” out of Michael Gallatin. Here, the readers are given a main protagonist that will make the best film character. Well, I love James Bond. Who doesn’t know James Bond?

If you do, then you will surely love Michael Gallatin too. Plus he is a werewolf. That concept of a spy who doesn’t just wield guns but shapeshifts hooked my attention.

However, I think it would have been more interesting if Gallatin’s werewolf physiology had been more worked out like he is bulletproof or his flesh can regenerate from car crashes or explosions. I would love to see such an invincible werewolf spy, aside from having superhuman strength.

Yet, I understand that the author wanted to expose more of Gallatin’s spy skills than his werewolf nature, also, the villains here are humans even though they’re very evil, they’re still humans, so the protagonist’s characterization has to at least equal with the villain’s strength. Nevertheless, Michael Gallatin of The Wolf’s Hour is an engaging character to root for.

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Part 4: A Review of The Wolf’s Hour

The Wolf's Hour Book Cover

The author has a very creative imagination to transport readers into such a well-depicted era. The Wolf’s Hour gives us a werewolf spy male lead.

You would imagine that because Michael is a werewolf, things will be much simpler for him, but he can be severely harmed. He bleeds as people do, and experiences illness and famine. Although he is stronger and more resilient than humans because he is a wolf, he is not invincible.

This is the part that I am not used to since most of the werewolf novels I read have given me an invincible type of werewolf hero. But I like how his dual personality is sometimes a weapon or a liability. That kind of Gallatin’s struggle added suspense to the scene.

Also, I think lycanthropy was just explored to suit the plot and tone of The Wolfs Hour. So, the bottom line is, The Wolf’s Hour is more like a spy novel than a werewolf story. As a lover of the action genre, this doesn’t bother me. The premise of having a werewolf spy in the WWII era was still attractive.

Part 5: Conclusion of The Wolf’s Hour

Robert Maccamon is a good storyteller. Some may not like his purple prose, but I love purple prose in a novel. Some prose in The Wolf’s Hour is emotional and creative for me, these kinds of writing make me more engaged in the scene. The Wolf’s Hour is an entertaining thriller story. This would make a good film.

Reading The Wolf’s Hour is interesting and engaging. All of my emotions were very much in play. Michael Gallatin’s multiple identities were intriguing. The author portrayed him well both as a hero and as a lover.

All in all, I could say that this book, The Wolf’s Hour will be a great suggestion to readers of all ages, especially to those who are interested in world history, this would make a good fiction reference.

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