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If the ghost of a killer possesses the body of a sweet little girl, you can expect that a mess will happen. I can imagine how hard it must be to fathom, but here you have it. The Killer Queen with Multiple Disguises is everyone’s cup of tea. Honestly, if you want an exceptional tale of as* whooping, take a deep dive into this book. Afterwards, see the next piece.

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Part 1: Main Characters of The Killer Queen with Multiple Disguises


The Killer Queen with Multiple Disguises: Hedy

She was a well-known assassin, one that struck terror in the hearts of her enemies. Hedy was known for being the best among the best, and her alias ‘Queen’ was whispered all over the underground scene. However, the Queen’s reign was short-lived and by her own machinations, nonetheless.

It is a horrible thing to lose your most loved person, especially in a tragic manner. It seemed she was spurred by the complete depression over having nothing and no one to live for. Therefore, she gave it her all and completely destroyed the ones who took her younger brother from her.

As a main character in The Killer Queen with Multiple Disguises, Hedy crushes it. She pushes boundaries and truly captures the reader’s attention. Her casual and aloof nature is quite the charm, and when she turns serious, everything and everyone else is insignificant.

Hedy’s character in The Killer Queen with Multiple Disguises can’t exactly be called kind, but she wasn’t cruel either. Her life wasn’t in her hands previously, so a second chance at life could only be called ‘precious’. How many assassins could get such an opportunity, not to mention a system that was basically a cheat.

Let’s be real, one would expect a killer to be reborn as a caterpillar or even a dung beetle, but here we have Hedy. Maybe she saved a country in a past life. Or was it good karma for destroying an organization of assassins?

Preston King

The Killer Queen with Multiple Disguises: Preston

He is a young man with mazing prospects. No really, this dude could make anyone feel like crap with all his achievements. Preston is not even thirty yet, but he is already so amazing.

Preston King is a man with a very straight-forward personality. He meets someone like Hedy and can’t control his intrigue about her. The young lady was a complete mystery to him and everything she did always surprised him. Both their personalities are quite similar to a certain degree. Maybe that was why he did not see her as awkward. Though her request could make anyone struggle to keep a straight face.

Hedy is amazing and if you have not had enough of strong lead characters, see the next book.

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Part 2: The Story of The Killer Queen with Multiple Disguises

The Killer Queen with Multiple Disguises: Oliver

The Killer Queen with Multiple Disguises is about Hedy, who loses her life in her act of revenge against the organization that killed her brother.

They were supposed to leave the organization together, but Hedy’s brother sacrificed himself to buy some more time for her. It becomes devastating when you realize that the organization only meant to use the boy to threaten her but killed him in the process. Hedy held nothing back and terminated herself along with the organization.

However, she soon opened her eyes in the body of a young girl. Along with this reincarnation came a system that reminded her of a video game. Hedy must complete missions if she wants to receive the rewards. The first reward for her first mission just so happens to be her younger brother. He could be brought back. Naturally, nothing else mattered to Hedy. But while the mission seemed easy to complete, it was impossible to predict who would be getting in her way.

Hedy comes across Amos King, the famous war soldier and to the man’s utter amazement, she saves his life. His curiosity about the strange girl takes on a deeper level. Meanwhile, Presto King, Amos’s grandson wishes to repay Hedy for saving his grandfather’s life. Maybe he had expected a normal request from Hedy, because her request stumped him completely; Hedy wished to sleep with him every night.

Don’t let your thoughts take a dirty turn. The book will give you a lot more understanding of the situation.

Part 3: A Few Thoughts on The Killer Queen with Multiple Disguises

The Killer Queen with Multiple Disguises: Hedy and Preston

With The Killer Queen with Multiple Disguises, I don’t know what it was that I was expecting when I saw the title, but I’ll be honest and say that it was something entirely different. It wasn’t about the title anymore, but the representation the author chose to give the main character.

I could imagine how dark all of it could have begun and just the crazy amount the of gore it could have contained. However, what I encountered on the first chapter of The Killer Queen with Multiple Disguises, was the pain of a person who lost a loved one. From then on, it took on the view of love that was never before experienced.

To be honest, a lot of us take life for granted. What we have may not be what we want, but what we have is exactly what someone else wants. It’s hard to find the merits and beauty of a life you’re used to, especially if you’re not wealthy or affluential. But if you truly look at life in the way you should, you will find things to be grateful for.

The protagonist had lived her life for someone else. She had given up her humanity and there was only one person who’d mattered to her. When she suddenly finds herself having to learn human emotions once again, and through people who were not trained killers, there is bound to be some novelty and disparity. But can she live like others? A killer and an assassin cannot hide her spots. Sure, she has a new body and identity, but trouble will come, especially for someone so dangerous.

In the first place, it’s not like she bothered to blend in. She has missions to complete and someone to bring back to her side. Nothing else matters.

Part 4: Cool Chapter from The Killer Queen with Multiple Disguises

Chapter Four

The Killer Queen with Multiple Disguises: Handsome Preston

Lisa saw that Hedy didn’t bother to look up from the book she was reading (well, the girl had to study if she wanted to be the champion at the end of the month), and she grew angry. She stepped down from the platform and stood in front of Hedy, raising her hand to deliver a slap to the girl who had laid a hand on her precious son.

However, though the force of Lisa’s slap came swiftly, Hedy was faster as she caught the offending wrist and stood up. Hedy delivered a resounding slap across the woman’s chubby face, causing her to stagger backwards from the impact.

The students in the classroom gasped, surprised that Hedy dared to hit Jones, the trustee. Jack was also dumbfounded with the situation. Angry, he grabbed a wooden rod and swung it at Hedy while he cussed at her.

Hedy’s gaze turned cold as she swiftly dodged to the side and subsequently lifted her leg to deliver a kick to Jack’s abdomen. The male staggered back, crashing into his mother who hadn’t regained her balance yet. Jack collided with her and sent her tumbling to the ground. There was the sound of a crack to indicate a broken bone.

Jack was frantic as he hurried his mother away to get treated, but not before he left a few words of promise to return.

When Jack left, the classroom regained silence and the students were scared to move from their positions. However, Hedy had no interest in attacking them. She simply sat down on her chair to read. The current trial mission was to take first place in the monthly exams. Only by completing thirty trial missions could she revive her younger brother.

After this, check out the next piece, it’s pretty cool.

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