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Children are a blessing, but when they want something, the world could turn upside down for it. In The Divorcee and Her Three Chaotic Children, we must see how a mother handles her mischievous children. They could be the reason she does the unthinkable and also the reason she takes victory.

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Part 1: The Story of The Divorcee and Her Three Chaotic Children

The Divorcee and Her Three Chaotic Children: Distrustful William

The story follows Olivia Clarke, a woman forced into a tragic state by the father of her children and her twin sister who was the source of all the nonsense.

Olivia fell prey to her sister’s schemes and everything about her life, was ruined. Her love and her family, gone. While she bled, the police dragged Olivia away. Despite her cries to William that he should believe her and no one else, he turned away from her. This is one of the annoying things about his character that thoroughly disgusts me. How can a man be so sensitive that he becomes blind to the fact that his wife isn’t the person they made him believe she is? Not to mention, heartless to the pleas of a pregnant woman.

The author did a good job of stirring various emotions in the first scene, so that is pretty good. Not just with the wimp, William. But then there’s Gianna, Olivia’s twin sister. This witch could not be more jealous of her sister. It surpasses the level of pathetic when she gets rid of Olivia and tries to worm her way into William’s bed. Fortunately, the dumbass still retained some commonsense; he knew that the whore was only putting up a facade to deceive him. No matter what she did, she would never marry him like she planned.

Five years later, Olivia returns. They thought she was dead, but Olivia was only bidding her time and preparing small gifts for her enemies.

The book is quite amazing. The road is long and tough to revenge. But satisfaction isn’t far.

Part 2: Main characters of The Divorcee and Her Three Chaotic Children

Olivia Clarke

The Divorcee and Her Three Chaotic Children: Olivia

She is tough as nails and versatile as hell. Truly, you can’t help but marvel at her abilities and compatibility with every and all situations. Maybe it’s from her experience with dealing with her kids, but nothing could leave her stumbling over and looking for solutions like a headless fly.

More than a few times, in had to wonder if perhaps the author made her character too capable. Olivia is a deadly woman and a force to be reckoned with. However, she hides herself well and lets others strut in front of her. Well, until she’s finally had enough.

Based off her personality, you could still pick up a few hints about how she was before her world turned into something else.

Olivia could have foreseen a lot of scenarios except the one that happened five years ago. Her fate was decided and there was no changing it. Her consolation prize was her children, and they were the greatest gift ever.

In The Divorcee and Her Three Chaotic Children, Olivia’s character brings destruction. However, the structure or shall I call it a process, seems a bit too unstable and wild. Revenge should be swift and there should be no room for breathing; the prey must feel the weight of their entire existence in detriment. They should not be given time to think or recoup. But maybe doing it as you go is another good method. The randomness definitely won’t be expected. Plus, slow torture is trending these days.


The Divorcee and Her Three Chaotic Children: William

There’s a lot of words that I’d like to use to describe this man’s character, but I’ll settle for ‘stupid’. You’ve never seen this kind of craziness before. In William’s case, maybe you could say he was fooled one too many times and that destroyed any kind of trust he had in the female species. However, for the mother of your children, you must be some kind of special monster to treat her like trash. Regardless of what you think she’s done, giving her the benefit of the doubt for the sake of her pregnancy is humane.

We could say that William’s only redeeming quality is the love he has for his children. Well, everyone with their thoughts and opinions.

The Divorcee and Her Three Chaotic Children is pretty great but If you want another book like this one, see the recommendation below.

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Part 3: General Opinion of The Divorcee and Her Three Chaotic Children

The Divorcee and Her Three Chaotic Children: Olivia and William

The Divorcee and Her Three Chaotic Children is probably more of a binge-and-don’t-stop kind of read. The characters make it so easy to forget the food burning on the stove. There is a lot of the annoying variety though. For instance, a man who is so self-absorbed that he can’t see the truth in front of him. He is so caught up in his self-pity and distrust of others that it crosses the threshold of mental stability. Severa times I wondered why such a character wasn’t taken to see a doctor.

Maybe the author deserves the blame for William’s character or maybe they intended his damage to resonate with others dealing with the same. Or maybe it’s just me who thinks it was a bit too much damage for one character.

The story endures the themes of revenge, which I particularly feel was slightly distorted in several situation. Then, the theme of love that was broken becoming healed, just made me raise a brow. In guess we could say that the characters truly did go through a lot, and it love didn’t come easy. However, it’s hard to shake of the feeling that all things should come within reason and reality even if only slightly. At some point, you have to think that ‘if in that position, how would I handle this complete douchebag’. But different scenarios and different people; reality can come in many forms.

The story becomes more intriguing when the children begin to make their own movements.

Part 4: Hot Chapter from The Divorcee and Her Three Chaotic Children

Chapter Eight

The Divorcee and Her Three Chaotic Children: Gianna

Olivia looked at her mischievous son’s photo and was gratified knowing that he had been raised by her. Though he was wreaking havoc everywhere, he still missed her.

She wasn’t that surprised to learn that William was investigating her. After her return the previous night, she’d made sure to cover up her tracks and avoid his hacker’s pursuit. All traces of her visit to the Kinsman’s residence were erased, even the helicopter’s route.

Olivia decided to leave Ezra be. Since he’d grown up without a dad, she didn’t mind him enjoying himself for a few days. It was about time he made things difficult for the man. She sent a text, assuring her son that she won’t be found.

Olivia got up to check on Lucian. His injuries were too severe, and even though his life was no longer in danger, it would take some time for him to recover. The child had yet to wake up from the operation of the previous day. Olivia stayed, worried that he would be scared if he woke up alone.

She was sad when she thought of how he must have suffered in the past few years. She should have come sooner. William despised her, so how could he treat her child well.

After receiving a call and giving instructions to Gideon about Gianna, Olivia checked the text she’d gotten from Ezra. Except it was too late by the time she read his warning.

William stood behind her with a gloomy expression on his face. He called out her name, but Olivia didn’t flinch. She didn’t pretend that she had another name, instead she behaved like a completely different person with the same name as his dead wife; she flirted like the devil.

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