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Open up the mystic and adventurous pages of The Millennium Wolves Book 3 – Ghosted Soul novel and be immersed into the chaotic story of Claire Hill as she goes from being the most normal living creature in the town into living under the skin of a sexually heightened she-wolf. Pressures of being a human was already a big thing for Claire to deal with. Sometimes, she does think of taking a break from the normalcy and be free of the werewolves race. But not in a way where she doesn’t possess a body and she’s forbidden to act on her own.

Just as Claire figures the right routine to be familiarized with the she-wolf’s life effectively, she comes across with difficult responsibilities and dilemma than an innocent, quirky ghost can take. And finding her mate turned out to be the worst one of all.

Figure out how Claire gets back to her body and how she was able to fit in into the full of aggravated sex werewolf pack in The Millennium Wolves Book 3 – Ghosted Soul novel!

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Part 1: Synopsis of The Millenium Wolves Book 3 (Ghosted Soul)

The Millennium Wolves Book 3 - Chloe's Mate

Twenty-two-year-old accounting associate, Claire Hill of , has got everything she needs as a single woman. A high-boosting career, a beautiful body to take care of, a circle of loyal friends and the state of being human–something that is completely convenient when you’re living in a world full of hungry and craving werewolves.

She was happy for being the odd one out and for having to access a normal life that no one else can. However, everything comes to a sudden halt when an attack at the cafe she was ordering had been attacked by unknown people.

Claire passed through the afterlife. By doing so, she resurrected. But in a way she didn’t expect. She entered the body of Chloe, a she-wolf who’s been dead like her, and now their souls are competing to control a single host. Will Claire be able to get through of it and find a solution that will relieve her of such dilemma? Or will she be stuck forever in Chloe’s body, watching her go through her life and find mates that can tap both of their souls?

And what will she do if things began to grow out of her control? Can she resist the lust for love and sex when she’s no longer in control of the reality?

Part 2: The Author of The Millenium Wolves Book 3 (Ghosted Soul)

According to her profile on Goodreads, Sapir A. Englard is a book lover like everyone else are. She’s a woman of color and is residing in Ramat HaSharon, Israel where she mostly spends perfecting her craft and her skills as an erotica writer. Her major works are The Millennium Wolves series and the books published under the franchise. All of the installments she let out has gained over a million reads on different platforms. The magic and addicting spell of The Millennium Wolves series are to be blamed for it, especially, The Millennium Wolves Book 3 – Ghosted Soul free PDF online who’s structure totally blew up the mind of the fans.

Apart from being a full-time writer, Sapir is also a public speaker and a music producer. She travels for enjoyment and likes to chat with her readers when she’s got free time. But her biggest hobby is reading and romance books are always her top priority when shopping for physical books. Her love and compassion for the romance genre can be noticed at how she describes love and how she designs her characters in her books. Sapir’s writing style could be categorized as direct, concise and short. She was able to channel the characters’ thoughts and inner struggles through descriptive passages and humorous phrases. Claire’s journey The Millennium Wolves Book 3 – Ghosted Soul free novel is the proof of that.

It wouldn’t come as a surprise if one day, Sapir A. Englard makes it through national headlines or earn the nickname as the princess of werewolf erotica romance novels. If Sapir’s style and how she wrote journey The Millennium Wolves Book 3 – Ghosted Soul free novel took your interest, you’d be in an advantage as it would provide you a good introduction of the new side of werewolf romance.

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Part 3: Introductory Chapters of The Millenium Wolves Book 3 (Ghosted Soul)

Now that you’ve been equipped of some details about The Millennium Wolves Book 3 – Ghosted Soul free read online, it’s time to allow you a sneak peek on what it’s like in Claire’s absorbing world.

Chapter 1

The Millennium Wolves Book 3 - Claire

The Millennium Wolves Book 3 – Ghosted Soul Chapter 1, Claire is being reprimanded by her manager again. To let off some steam and continue her day without getting stressed out, she visited her favorite cafe. And even there, she wasn’t spared of the lustful urges of the werewolves. Just as she wait for her order, a mass shooting suddenly began and it wasn’t just the werewolves who got affected.

Chapter 2

The Millennium Wolves Book 3 - Mates

In The Millennium Wolves Book 3 – Ghosted Soul Chapter 2, Claire wakes up in a pitch-black environment. At first, she thought she was still in the living world. When the darkness led Claire to discover a voice that wasn’t familiar with her, it took him less than a minute before realizing she’s inside the realm of afterlife and discovering that she’s trapped within the body of an unknown girl.

Part 4: Evaluation and An Alternative Book from Dreame

Although there are thousands of erotica romance novels that can allow us to give lessons of do’s and don’ts when writing under such sub-genre of romance, The Millennium Wolves Book 3 – Ghosted Soul novel is the rightful choice that we can glean from.

The book may have excelled on the most important aspects of literature, it did fail on setting the right censorship. The book 1 was already problematic because of its senseless plot and inconsistent characters, The Millennium Wolves Book 3 – Ghosted Soul novel wasn’t spared of such problem. The premise was hooking and was certainly powerful enough to gather many readers but the plot couldn’t just live up to the hype and what the premise promised.

The flow of the story was dragging and painfully slow. Every chapter couldn’t survive without any lewd elements and while that may be exciting for some, it grew boring and lame as time goes by.

The Millennium Wolves Book 3 – Ghosted Soul novel can’t be recommended if you’re looking for a thought-provoking, intense erotica but if you’re in for only shallow reading, The Millennium Wolves Book 3 – Ghosted Soul free chapters online is all yours to have.

But you know what book is indeed intense and provocative?

It’s The Werewolves’ Destiny by MeasMrNiceGuy. Exclusively posted on Dreame, you’re one tap away from fully accessing it. Like Ghosted Soul, The Werewolves’ Destiny is also a thrilling werewolf romance book so if such nail-biting creatures are your thing, don’t hesitate to give it a chance!

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