Billionaire Fantasy Novel Review: The Return of God of War


Before introduction, let’s answer the question, who wrote the return of the God of war? The novel was written by Ayah. Now, it is every growing young man’s dream/fantasy to one day be rich, famous and powerful. Even though the time span is one day, majority of them wish that this one day would come sooner in their lives. Nobody wants to be rich and weak, not able to enjoy their wealth as they please… therefore, this is a story about such a boy and how he managed to turn the hands of fate to favour him, and put to shame his frenemies…

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Part 1: Main Characters Of The Return of God of War

The good question is, who is the novel the God of war about? Let’s see the main characters of the story, to avoid confusion…

Levi Garrison, is the main protagonist and strong male lead of the return of god of war. He was twenty four years old when he returned to Erudia, his birth city. He is the God of war, tall handsome and a billionaire.

Zoey Lopez, is another protagonist of the story. She was Levi’s wife, pretty, tall and curvy. She was about twenty two when Levi returned to Erudia.

Now, a snippet of the plot…

Part 2: What is The Return of God of War About?

Levi Garrison has the Garrison surname, but he wasn’t always a Garrison. He was an orphan who’d been tossed from foster home to foster home until fate smiled at him and the well to do Garrison family adobted him. Yes, the Garrison family were well to do when Levi was adobted at about eight years old. There was no reason why this family would adobt anyone, cos they had children, both males and females. What matters though, is that Levi the homeless, found a forever home in the Garrison bungalows; but he was being maltreated.

 the return of god of war garrison bungalow

But there’s a saying that goes, “a begger has no choice.” Therefore, in the midst of all the suffering they put him through, giving him leftover food, using him as a servant, making him do things a servant wouldn’t do… etc. He still loved them, was proud of the name he’d been given, and swore to reward them with nothing but kindness since they could help the pauper that he was before finding them. He grew into a strong man and began to build a company of which he succeeded and handed it over to the Garrison family. The family went from well to do, to billionaires in the space of two years.

This continued until Levi was old enough to get married. He fell in love with a lady from another billionaire family. The day after their wedding night, the Garrison family decided they’d had enough of an outsider coming into their family to reveal their weaknesses. Of course, they were weak, it was only Levi that had brought them luck. All the other biological kids, including the parents could never produce anything worthwhile, not to mention building a company worth billions in dollars from scratch. They got him drunk and hefted him to his sister in-law’s bedroom, and made it look like he’d been doing something with her. They pretended to catch him on the act and beat him up, broke his legs, and sent him to prison for six years.

With Levi gone, everything he owned now belonged to the Garrisons without challenge… which is what they’d been aiming at. His wife was broken and disappointed, his business partners abandoned him. But fate would smile again, when he was sneaked out of prison and flown overseas where he joined the army and became the commander of three legions, and ultimately the God of war. Being the God of war meant that he was the richest man in the world, even he didn’t know the total sum of his money, he had no more need to work for even a second, and he commanded the biggest businesses of the world.

 the return of god of war business summit

The news of the return of the famous God of war had spread far and wide in Erudia. Everyone knew that the God of war was coming to town, but they didn’t know the face behind the name. The question remains, what happenswhen they see the face? How about Zoey Lopez? What rewards did the God of war return with? Let’s see a few in the hot chapters below…

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Part 3: Hot Chapters Of The Return of God of War

The Return of God of War Chapter 3:

Even the richest man in Erudia was denied access to come to the airport and welcome the VIP coming to town. Levi had returned at a good time, a festive season, and every top family in the city had something to celebrate. Invitations were heaped at his PA’s office, but Levi chose to honor a few.

The first was to the Garrisons who were ushering themselves officially into the top families of Erudia. The attendance of the VIP was important, so they could be skyrocketed. They were pleased to hear that he would come. And he did, only to be insulted. He’d thought they would be remorseful after six years.

The Return of God of War Chapter 7:

Zoey Lopez had been disappointed at her husband when he was caught in her sister’s bedroom. But she had determined to wait for his return without remarrying. Levi had been receiving news of her sufferings through out his exile. She was living like a widow.

The second place he went, was to her house. And she received him, not too well, but she received him and informed everyone that her husband was back. She wasn’t ashamed to treasure him to the family dinner that evening. And for her actions, Levi would reward her.

 the return of god of war zoey lopez

Part 4: Evaluation of The Return of God of War

Finally, the return of god of war is an exquisite story, no wonder it is so popular, everyone is searching for this story. That said, there are wonderful lessons hidden in this story, Zoey Lopez want ashamed of her husband when he returned. Everyone called him exconvict, but to Zoey he was her husband, she waited for him. Patience is a virtue. There’s a saying that goes, “be kind to those you see on your way up, cos you might see them again on your way down.”

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