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Before we go ahead into discussing the novel, first off, the consortium’s heir by benjamin_jnr is a compendium of fantasy experiences, that is to say, the book encompasses a bit of everything in romance, suspense, thriller, and even action. The story is about different forms of desires, priorities and choices. The characters are young and university students, therefore, we can refer to the novel as a young adult story. What happens when the school’s top beauty innocently agreed to go on a simple date with a millionaire’s son? She was clueless and could have just wanted fun, but the world belongs to men, and women are just puns, right?

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Part 1: The Main Characters The Consortium’s Heir

The story will not be complete if we do not introduce the characters. Here are the main characters of the consortium’s heir…

Darius Reid, is the strong male lead of the story. He was about twenty two when it all began. He was tall and handsome, but poor and hungry.

Sarah Ginn, the belle of the Kingston University. She rated six among the top exceptional beauties of the university. She was slim, tall and intelligent.

Part 2: Captivating Storyline Of The Consortium’s Heir by Benjamin_jnr

Groove had been created by a first class student of computer sciences of the toppest University in Kingston, which is the Kingston University. It was a social app, just like Instagram. Since the app was created as a final year project, the school kept it for use only to students of the university after the student graduated. Here, the students discussed popular and trending topics, including news around the university community. Anyone who was going to be famous, was going to be first popular in groove.

the consortium's heir students on groove

On this faithful evening, Darius was lying on his bed in the male university dormitory, this was the school for the rich… and the students were well to do. But Daruis Reid was poor. He was an orphan who never found a forever home, he was left to grow up at the Kingston orphanage home. At eighteen, his residency expired and he was to be sent away. But he had ambitions and was determined to change his fate sometime in his life. Therefore, he studied hard and applied for the most expensive university in Kingston and passed his entrance exam.

To sustain this move, Darius had to work about four shifts a day. He found ways to combine his jobs with his education. He was lying on his bed, while his roommates chattered on the floor. He had three roommates, one was absent at the moment. All of a sudden, the absentee busted through the door. He was shouting how something wonderful was trending on Groove. Everyone surrounded him at once while clicking away on their phones, logging into their accounts on Groove. The wonderful thing was that David Lesley, of the rich Lesley family was about to propose to popular Sarah Ginn.

Darius’s attention was caught immediately. He hadn’t been showing interest earlier because he had better things to worry about. But the mention of Sarah Ginn drew his attention. He’d met Sarah about eight months ago working at one of his part time jobs. He had made a rule not to date anyone until he at least had enough to care for someone else, but Sarah’s beauty swept him off his feet and washed away every principles. He started courting her and about a month ago, proposed a formal relationship which she agreed to, but on one condition.

the consortium's heir sarah ginn

That Darius kept the whole relationship between them. Darius had agreed and they’d been seeing ever since but secretly. He had thought the idea was for the good of their relationship, but he didn’t know that Sarah was eyeing the big shots of which Kindston University was full of, and if the knowledge that she was already taken leaked, that was the end of her husband hunting ambition. Well, Daruis began to watch the proposal on his own screen. He read the comments on the live stream and saw that the hotel where Sarah and David were eating was very expensive and a plate of food cost around ten thousand dollars.

He was shocked to watch his girlfriend accpet David’s proposal for a relationship. Sarah on the other hand didn’t know that David had put everything on live stream and was surprised to see Daruis approach them at the front of the hotel. She broke up with him and David began to fight Daruis who beat him to pulp. What would it be when Daruis who thought he was a pauper discovers his origin? Let’s see what we find in the popular chapters below…

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Part 3: Hot Popular Chapters Of The Consortium’s Heir

The Consortium’s Heir Chapter 6:

After defeating and humiliating David Lesley at the front of the most expensive hotel in Kinston, Daruis was arrested and informed that he needed to pay a five thousand dollar fine or else go to jail for three days which will lead to expulsion from the great Kingston university.

Luckily for him, his roommates bailed him out. He was sitting alone and regretting his life that night, staring into space when he phone wouldn’t stop ringing. When he finally took the call, he was informed that he was young master Reid. And was taken to his home.

The Consortium’s Heir Chapter 21:

Darius Reid was now a different person, he had finally grown old enough to be brought into his inheritance and at the right time, how convenient. He however returned to school and to his old dormitory. He was now the head of the Reid consortium and had changed his wardrobe and needed to get a new house.

The clueless David and Sarah kept flaunting their relationship in front him, driving their stupid expensive spots car around his vicinity not knowing it was now nothing to him.

the consortium's heir darius reid

Part 4: Evaluation of The Consortium’s Heir

The Consortium’s Heir by Benjamin_jnr is just superb and interesting. That said, there are certain things that caught my eyes and spoke to my senses while reading the novel. One is that Sarah was unaware that David Lesley was live streaming his first date with her, he was no good. No confident man would do that, cos it took away all her chances at changing her mind should she decide to. It is improper to take away people’s choices for personal gain. Again, fighting is no solution to everything.

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