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Evelyn Taylor was hanging down the window of a storey-building, and while she hung loose, dangling and merely postponing her death, her sister, Mia, looked on and had a sinister smile plastered on her face. According to The Revenge Of My Alluring Wife Novel, it was Mia who had manipulated Evelyn so severely until she was in the position where her life was at the verge of coming to an end.

As if the fact that Evelyn’s own sister was behind the chaos and atrocities that filled her life was not enough, Evelyn got to discover that the man she loved and was plotting against her husband with, was only using her to get what he wanted. William, the younger brother of Henry, and the man that Evelyn loved, sought to cover what belonged to his brother, so he used Evelyn to manipulate Henry drastically. It seemed far-fetched that Evelyn would eventually give up as she held on to the railing of the window for her dear life, buy just as her husband, Henry, came to the rescue, Evelyn threw herself down from the building and died.

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Part 1: All About The Revenge Of My Alluring Wife

The Revenge Of My Alluring Wife By Raven

Evelyn woke up in shock. The last time she checked, she was the person that fell from a high building, right? So, why was she awake? And why was she seeing her husband, Henry? Was he in hell with her? Evelyn could not tell for sure what had happened to her as far as her being alive and being in a familiar room was concerned. The Revenge Of My Alluring Wife Novel states that Evelyn woke up in pains, and while she was in that state of a daze, Henry suddenly noticed that her wrist was bleeding. Soon enough, Evelyn realised that she had indeed died, and had been reborn.

Everyone loves to have a second chance in life especially after messing up the first one, and so Evelyn could not help but thank her lucky stars that she had returned to the last where she stood a chance to correct the errors that stained her past life. This time around, Evelyn was determined to make changes, and she sought to take out as many of her enemies that looked forward to her downfall in the past, which included her sister, Mia, and the man she once loved and thought loved her, William. William was the younger brother of Henry, Evelyn’s husband, and he envied his brother so badly that he sought to use Evelyn to manipulate the man.

According to The Revenge Of My Alluring Wife Novel, Henry had gotten married to Evelyn by force. Evelyn had visited a hospital where Henry was undergoing some kind of therapy, and it was narrated that Henry fell in love with Evelyn at once. Before anyone would know what was happening, Henry’s family and Evelyn’s family had performed a betrothal for the pair, and Evelyn became Henry’s wife. Henry was rumoured to be a cold and ruthless man, so of course, Evelyn never saw herself as a romantic partner with Henry, except that from the look of things, she was stuck with him. In that case, Evelyn thoroughly disliked Henry, and listened to his brother, William as the plotted to manipulate and overthrow Henry eventually.

William’s promise to Evelyn was that he would snatch her back from Henry and get married to her as soon as their plan succeeded, unknown to Evelyn that William was telling lies, and in fact was plotting against Evelyn with her sister, Mia. That was how Evelyn found herself dangling from the window following a plot by her sister and William whom she trusted, eventually meeting her death, but luckily, she was reborn and had a second chance at life.

Henry had just saved Evelyn from her slit wrist and could not resist how tempting she was. Even Evelyn confessed that no matter how tough and upright Henry was, as far as he had to deal with her, he became sober and could not resist her at all. Just after Henry had thought that he had a good time with Evelyn, he sought to give her a gift, but what he saw made him to change his mind. Mind you, Evelyn, at this point, was already living her second life. Henry wanted to drop off the gift he had bought for Evelyn earlier, and just as he was approaching the bedroom, Henry saw Mia entering the bedroom to meet with Evelyn. This singular act made Henry upset, and he changed his mind about giving Evelyn the gift he bought.

As far as Henry was concerned, Mia’s presence with Evelyn could only mean one thing, and that was that Evelyn had called Mia over to relay a message to William. Yes. Henry was in the know that William and Evelyn communicated frequently and were fond of each other, but little did he know that Evelyn had been reborn and was actively in the process of making changes in her life which included serving Mia and William with what they deserved. While a disappointed Henry returned to his study after doing away with Evelyn’s gift, Mia was busy wondering what had happened to her sister who was always so sober and cried and complained bitterly at every given point.

According to The Revenge Of My Alluring Wife Novel, Evelyn was drastically different, and Mia could not understand her anymore. Seeing that, Evelyn decided that she would play Mia’s game on her to see how Mia would react. How did Evelyn get to slit her wrist? It was Mia. One would wonder how gullible Evelyn was for her to believe Mia when Mia gave her a knife and asked her to slit herself that the knife does not give real injuries as it is not a real knife. Really? Maybe Evelyn had lost her brain one way or the other because who would not be able to tell a real knife from a fake one? Well, now that Evelyn knew better, she thought to pay the same game on Mia.

Evelyn grabbed Mia’s hand and held the knife against her wrist, stating that nothing would happen to her since the knife was fake. Before Mia could react, Evelyn had sliced her hand and Mia immediately started bleeding. The bottom line of The Revenge Of My Alluring Wife Novel is that the lead female, Evelyn, stood up to everyone who ever dared to hurt her in the past as soon as she became reborn. She sought to make drastic changes and corrections to her life, especially the feature of her life that saw her as weak and easy to climb over.

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Part 2: Hot Chapters Of The Revenge Of My Alluring Wife

Chapter 1

The Revenge Of My Alluring Wife Chapter 1

“Evelyn, look at the man around me, the designer brands on my body, the diamond watch on my wrist, and oh, my beautiful face – they are all funded by your money.”

The statement above was made by Evelyn Taylor’s so-called sister, Mia, as she looked down on Evelyn while Evelyn hung freely from the window of a building, about to fall to her death. It was only at this point according to The Revenge Of My Alluring Wife Novel that Evelyn Taylor got to find out that she had been nothing but a puppet for her sister, Mia, and the man whom she was in love with, William. Mia’s problem with Evelyn was that Evelyn had the best, and so she wanted Evelyn out of the way so that she could lay claim to what originally belonged to Evelyn.

This chapter of the novel holds a lot of vital information that has to do with the unravelling of the entire plot. All four characters that had a great impact on the plot of the novel showed up in the first chapter of the novel, which only goes to buttress the thickness of the plot that was about to be unravelled. The action that The Revenge Of My Alluring Wife Novel carries in it’s plot starts at the very beginning of the novel.

Chapter 2

The Revenge Of My Alluring Wife Chapter 2

Still want to run? Evelyn, am I not treating you well? You tossed yourself like this for another man?”

Henry had enough of Evelyn and his brother, William. The Revenge Of My Alluring Wife Novel states that Henry loved Evelyn so much that she was the only person that could break through his facade. The statement above was made by Henry when Evelyn was reborn. Henry saw Evelyn’s wrist bleeding, and that was when he made the statement, insinuating that it was his brother, William’s influence that had made Evely to slit her wrist.

Henry was a hopeless romantic. The man was still stern, cold and stoic but as far as it had to do with Evelyn, he would let his guard down, and that included knowing that she loved his younger brother, William, and not him, yet sticking with her and being devout to her.

Soon after the encounter that had Henry say the statement above to Evelyn, he made some other witty commitments to Evelyn. That man was simply head over heels for the female lead Evelyn, and it is unsure that the fact can be stressed enough.

Part 3: Lead Character Of The Revenge Of My Alluring Wife

Evelyn Taylor

The Revenge Of My Alluring Wife Evelyn Taylor

Evelyn Taylor is the female lead of The Revenge Of My Alluring Wife Novel. She was a pun in the novel, used as a puppet by her sister, and her brother-in-law whom she was in love with. Yes. Although Evelyn was married to Henry, her heart was with William, and oh. William was busy squeezing the living day light out of Evelyn’s heart while pretending to her that he had big plans for them.

Evelyn was used as a way into Henry’s mind and business so that William could over-throw him and take over his properties. Evelyn, being that Henry supposedly forced her to get married to him, did not like Henry, and so she agreed with William to over-throw him, believing that William would get married to her later. It was unknown to Evelyn Taylor that William and her sister, Mia Taylor were playing her and would abscond with everything if they ever succeeded in ripping Henry.


The Revenge Of My Alluring Wife Henry

Henry is the sort of man that most females would love to have as a man. He was stern, a no-nonsense man, yet he was head over heels for one lady who did not even like him. The fact that Evelyn did not like Henry was not enough reason for him to love her any less than he did. A hopeless romantic he did. All Henry wanted to do was be a man and save the woman he loved.

Henry had a rough past according to The Revenge Of My Alluring Wife Novel, and that was what his brother, William, sought to take advantage of and overthrow Henry, but trust that Henry was equal to the task.

Part 4: Conclusion Of The Revenge Of My Alluring Wife

The Revenge Of My Alluring Wife By Raven

A novel written to taste by an author who borders on genius is what The Revenge Of My Alluring Wife Novel is featured with. The author has no business with beating around the bush as she paints a picture so vivid that the readers cannot and will not mistake the messages behind the plot because they can literally see them in their minds eyes. The scenarios are depicted concisely enough for the readers understanding to a maximum endeavour.

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