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Mira Stone’s life was perfect until what she would describe as disaster struck on her eighteenth birthday. How would you feel if you are looking forward to the best times of your life, and then your parents suddenly tell you that they are werewolves, and then force you to get married to a total stranger and in fact, tell you that the person who had been your boyfriend for as long as you knew was arranged by them because they wanted to keep you safe?

Without mincing words, that is exactly what happened to Mira Stone in The Luna’s Choice Novel. Mira had just started college when her mother sent her a beautiful ball gown to attend a regular outstanding and luxury event that happened frequently enough for Mira to be aware of its existence. It felt perfect for Mira who had just turned eighteen, to attend such a luxury event with her boyfriend, Xyler. Little did Mira know that her attending that event was more than just her being an attendee, but she was going to be handed over to Alpha Caleb.

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Part 1: The Luna’s Choice

The Luna's Choice Novel

Mira was not suspicious of anything at all. She welcomed the messenger that her mother had sent to deliver her gown to her, and then soon enough Xyle showed up and both of them were headed to the ball. It was reported to be her father’s company that had organized this said ball, so Mira was not a stranger to the event and that was why she could afford to get into the limousine that this messenger sent by her mother had come to pick her and Xyle in. Moreover, Mira was with Xyle, the love of her life, so she did not imagine that she was in any kind of danger as far as she was in that car.

Well, according to The Luna’s Choice Novel, the story soon changed as Mira started to wonder why the car had deviated into the woods. As if the car deviating into a strange place like the woods was not enough, Xyle started apologizing to Mira for keeping secrets from her for as long as they had known each other, which is for more than a decade. Mira was confused. It didn’t take her long to realize that Xyle knew exactly where the driver of that Limousine was taking them to inside the woods.

Before Mira knew what was happening, in front of her was a huge mansion that she never imagined existed in the first place. That was where the supposed ball was taking place. While Xyle was still apologozing to Mira for hiding things from her, Mira’s mother started to lead her into the mansion. It came as a shocker for Mira to understand that her mother was aware of whatever trick was going on at the moment. Well, she could hear the sound of a ball happening in one of the halls in the huge mansion, so at least, Mira was sure that there was indeed a ball going on, but as soon as she entered the hall where the ball was supposedly holding, Mira was met with a pair of eyes that carried a colour that could have only belonged to a celestial being.

As soon as this drop-dead gorgeous man saw Mira with Xyler, he became infuriated and demanded that Xyler disappeared from being around what was his. The man claimed that Mira belonged to him, and to Mira’s surprise, Xyler who would always stand up for her and would never let something like that happen actually disappeared from Mira’s side. Also, not only did Xyler disappear from Mira’s side, but he also apologized to the man who had just snatched Mira from him. Mira was too shocked to speak as she only watched what was going on around her with interest. At least her father and mother were present, so there was no real danger around, right?

Mira’s mother was the person who started to cajole Mira that the man that she was looking at was her mate. Mate? Whatever did a mate mean in the first place? Mira’s mother told her that she was not just an ordinary human being, and that she was special and literally had special and unique powers. Everything that Mira’s mother was saying according to The Luna’s Choice Novel, sounded like a joke. In fact, it was definitely the joke of the century. Mira’s mother told her that she was adopted. They had kept that hidden from Mira forever, but they were ready to reveal it to her at that moment.

Mira laughed it off and told her mother that she knew that she was adopted because she had somehow found out about it in the past and had not the slightest problem with it, but how did that affect the fact that she was being called a mate to a total stranger in front of her. It did not matter if the man was handsome or not, as all that Mira knew was that something strange was going on. Mira was said to have been found at the doorstep of the Stone family, and she was not like the regular babies that one would find around. Mira had a distinct color of hair and eyes, and she stood out.

The Stone family, being special people too and the fact that they were werewolves, knew that even though Mira was not a werewolf, she was definitely something else that they could not phantom just yet, and that was the attraction that made them to take Mira in. Now, Xyler was arranged to be Mira’s friend right from when they were kids, and eventually, just as expected anyway, Xyler and Mira started to date each other while the entire time, Xyler knew for sure that Mira was destined to be fated to someone else and their relationship would not live up to Mira’s expectation.

Mira refused to believe that the people in front of her were werewolves, and so Alpha Caleb thought of giving Mira some sort of proof for her to believe that everything she was being told was not a lie. Before Alpha Caleb’s action to reveal himself as a werewolf is explained, it may interest readers to know that Mira found it funny to hear her mother and father in fact addressing the strange yet handsome man as Alpha Caleb.

Mira thought that Alpha was part of his names and wondered why her mother wouldn’t just call him Mr. Caleb. It was only much later that Alpha Caleb explained to Mira that the Alpha in his name was a title. Well, Mira was still doubting what at least three responsible adults were telling her, right? In that case it was time for her to see for herself and so Alpha Caleb transformed into a werewolf right in front of Mira, scaring the living daylight out of her and driving her into a coma for one month.

Part 2: Hot Chapters Of The Luna’s Choice

Chapter 1

The Luna's Choice Chapter 1

“Get your hands of what is mine!”

Alpha Caleb growled at Xyler when Xyler dared to have his arm around Mira’s waist as they brought Mira to him. Wait, did Xyler not know that Mira was Alpha Caleb’s mate? So why were his hands still around her waist? If he knew about the mate bond enough to stop dating Mira and hand her over to Alpha Caleb, did he not also know that Alpha Caleb would have been very upset to see him hold on to Mira the way he did? What was Xyler thinking?

Anyway, according to the first chapter of The Luna’s Choice Novel, dreams had indeed come to an end for Mira. Well, the dreams that came to an end would have definitely been nothing compared to the enjoyment and lovely life Mira would live if she accepted Alpha Caleb as her mate. Already, look at the mansion that the breath-taking and gorgeous man lived in, so why would she not look forward to being Alpha Caleb’s mate eventually even if Mira did not even know what in earth a mate meant.

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Chapter 2

The Luna's Choice Chapter 2

“You two cannot be together anymore. I forbid it.”

Alpha Caleb sounded laughable at this point. What was he forbidding? Mira dating another man? Who was he and who gave him the right to tell her what to do? Mira could not even believe that a stranger dared to tell her that he forbade her to date any other person that she felt like dating. The Luna’s Choice Novel is a really intense one.

“I am your Alpha and mate. You will never be with him again. Get used to being here with him.”

Alpha Caleb had already started to assert his dominance on Mira even though she had not accepted him just yet. The man was sure that she was his mate and that was enough reason for him to own Mira without her making herself available to be owned. All Mira had to do was calm down and accept Alpha Caleb, after all, she saw how envious every single female in the hall apart from her mother was of her. It had to mean that she had secured herself a gem in Alpha Caleb even though she did not realize it just yet.

Chapter 3

The Luna's Choice Chapter 3

“I don’t know why she is not waking up. There is nothing medically wrong with her. She should have been awake days ago.”

Mira Stone entered a coma after she saw Alpha Caleb turn to a werewolf right in front of her. She had also released a bit of her supernatural powers which only cared to show itself because of the tension that Alpha Caleb’s transformation brought on Mira. Mira would slowly ease into what would be her new life following her revival from coma. When Mira woke up, she saw Alpha Caleb discussing with the doctor and he appeared to be so concerned about Mira, claiming that he had just met her and he dared not lose her as soon as he had met her.

Part 3: Author’s Thoughts And Conclusion Of The Luna’s Choice

The Luna' Choice Read Online

Lazy author alert, this novel has just three chapters. The author of The Luna’s Choice I must begin with, is yet to have this novel reach the fourth chapter. Nevertheless, if one can generate a summary of the novel after reading just three chapters, then it goes to prove that the author of the novel has it as a gift and can deliver this novel to a premium and solely novel reading inclined reader base; however, that would only happen if the author of The Luna’s Choice Novel decides not to continue to be lazy.

The novel is as straight to the point as it should be, and one cannot help but over flog how the success of the novel can already be determined after just three chapters.

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