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Candice Renault had just returned from an excruciating family banquet, and went to pick her partner, Alex Elysian from the club he was at with his friends. When Candice arrived there, she was taken aback by what she saw and figured out. When Candice opened the door to the room, she knew Alex would be in, she saw a young girl there. The young girl who was identified as Sonia Summers, was not a stranger to Candice, as Candice had seen her before and knew that she was a new intern in the secretarial department of the company where Alex Elysian was the CEO of.

According to My Mirror Image Novel, Candice got to find out that Alex had briefly stepped out from the club and would be back soon. In fact, she also got to find out that the reason Alex Elysian had stepped out was to get something specifically for Sonia. Interesting. This was a man who never spared Candice any form of love or affection. Already, the novel narrates that Candice was at that club to pick Alex up and take him home; in other words, Candice literally used to babysit Alex, but Alex was never appreciative of it. Even when Candice had an accident and sprained her wrist, disabling her from doing tasks at the office, Alex did not help her not spare her a concerned glance, yet here he was, giving all the love and affection he had in him to Sonia Summers.

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Part 1: Storyline Of My Mirror Image

My Mirror Image Novel

Candice eventually saw Alex Elysian walking into the club, holding a glass of milk in his hands. He had taken the pain of going out to purchase some milk for Sonia, who apparently would not drink alcohol in the club since she was described as an innocent and naive lady. One would love to think that Candice was Alex Elysian’s errand girl even though they were supposed to be in a romantic relationship. Why would Candice be described as an errand girl?

The reason was that she had actually just returned from a business trip and hurried to attend a family banquet. Guess which family were hosting this banquet? It was the Elysian family banquet, and their son, Alex did not even bother to be there.

After returning from a trip, attending the Elysian family banquet on behalf of Alex, Candice had arrived at the club to pick Alex and take him home or anywhere he wanted to go. “You drove here?” “Drive Sonia home.”

When Alex eventually returned to the club from running an errand for Sonia, he asked Candice to drive Sonia home, which she did. From the narrative above, was Candice not just a mere errand girl for Alex? Well, yes, she was. After such a busy day, Candice dropped Sonia off and then returned home. Now, she had Alex to herself, but the thing was that Candice and Alex, although they lived in the same building, they also lived in different apartments and anytime Alex dared to enter Candice’s apartment, it was just to have sex with her.

After they were done having sex, Candice asked Alex if he liked Sonia Summer. What sort of relationship did Candice and Alex have? Because if they were truly a pair, Alex should not have the guts to rub Sonia on Candice’s face the way he was doing, but there they were, with Candice asking her supposed romantic partner if he liked another lady, and she asked it very casually. According to My Mirror Image Novel, Alex replied that Sonia was “a good girl.” The reason that Alex was holding back from completely making Sonia his woman, was because she was a good girl

That reply from Alex, struck Candice in a way that she did not expect. So, Alex liked Sonia so much to the extent that he held back from soiling her sexually, as she was still innocent and naive. Interesting. Care to wonder how Candice felt about all that? This was a man that would only enter her apartment when he wanted sex, and he would ravage her as if she would be the last woman he would sleep with in his life, yet he could not even bear to touch Sonia all because she was innocent and “a good girl.”

The following day, Candice got to the office, only for her to witness Sonia being scolded by Lisa Lindom. Lisa Lindom was the assistant supervisor to the Secretary’s office. She had to have been the one who had scolded Sonia because, hours later, Lisa was fired. Who must have fired Lisa if not the CEO, Alex Elysian? How dearly did Alex hold Sonia to his heart for him to have fired such a competent employee without warning just because this employee scolded the new intern?

Anyway, Alex knew that he had a solid woman in Candice, so even if he indicated romantic interest in Sonia, he knew well to direct her to Candice for tutorship and possible mentorship. Sonia was to report to Candice, and work directly under her, learning all that she needed to learn from Candice according to My Mirror Image Novel. After Sonia had settled in the CEO’s office, working directly under Candice, Candice asked Sonia about the relationship she had with Alex, and Sonia, knowing fully that Candice was a tad bit more than a secretary to Alex, hastily denied having any romantic relationship with Alex, claiming that they related strictly on professional basis.

What would Candice even have been able to do if Sonia reported that she was a romantic partner of Alex? From the look of things, Alex had Candice under a leash, a tight leash, so, Candice asking Sonia about her relationship with Alex was just to fulfil her curiosity in the actual sense. Candice continued to observe Alex and Sonia, and could not deny herself the fact that there was a bond between them. In the company, everyone was looking forward to the day when Candice would officially become Alex’s woman and the first lady of the company, but with Sonia around and with how close Candice realised that Sonia was to Alex, she doubted that her being the first lady would happen anytime soon.

Now, there was a ceremony to attend, and it needed Alex’ attention according to My Mirror Image Novel, but Alex declined attending. It was strange to hear that Alex would not attend the event because the family involved in the ceremony were elite and worked with Alex’ company, obviously doing favours for them, so why won’t he attend? Well, what was there for Candice to do? No matter how much she tried to persuade Alex to attend, he declined, so Candice attended the ceremony by herself. However, while Candice was on her way to the ceremony, she realised that she had forgotten something in the office, so she went back to pick it up.

On getting to the company, she saw Alex and Sonia still in the office, with Alex helping Sonia to do a task that Candice had given her earlier. Was that the reason Alex had declined an invitation from one of their business partners? He wanted to stay back and be with Sonia, so he ignored business? Candice was surprised. After that scenario had passed, Candice left for the banquet, and of course, when everyone saw her, they inquired about Alex. Where was he? Candice, according to My Mirror Image Novel, told them that Alex was at a meeting and would eventually show up if he had the chance to. Such a professional reply from a professional secretary who knew that her boss was just with yet another secretary that was newly employed.

Soon after Candice had explained the reason Alex had not showed up to the ceremony, the man walked in with Sonia by his side. Was Alex not bothered about the drama that would ensue when everyone saw him in an intimate hold with Sonia? Or did he think that everyone was dumb and would not understand the connection he had with Sonia just because he would explain otherwise? It was a slap on Candice’s face when Alex left the event without sparing Candice a glance, and of course, he was going to drop Sonia at home.

Candice returned home to meet Alex already in her living room, and the scent of Sonia stuck on him as if he had drowned in her perfume. It was at that point that Candice decided to ask Alex what he was doing with Sonia, knowing fully well how he was fond of playing around with women since she had ever known him for eight years.

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Part 2: Hot Chapters Of My Mirror Image

Chapter 2

My Mirror Image Chapter 2

There’s nothing to be afraid of. She’s even clumsier than you when she first started.”

From the description of things, the plot of My Mirror Image Novel, describes the male lead as a womaniser, and a hopeless one at that. Each secretary he hires has to go through him, rather, he has to go through her. It was Alex, the male lead, who made the statement above. He was talking to Sonia Summers when he said those words and he was referring to Candice because Sonia acted afraid around Candice especially for the fact that she was not good at her job. Sonia was not even a beginner at office practice as she did not know the basic things.

Did Alex have a fetish for mounting his secretaries? Although, he hesitated in mounting Sonia, given that she was innocent and naive. He stood up for Sonia against Candice and he did so unapologetically. What did that mean? It meant he liked Sonia, it was either that, or he was letting his fetish settle in before he kicked off ravaging her for breakfast lunch and dinner. He would not be able to get his hands off Sonia, and Sonia would mistake Alex’s insatiable thirst for her as love.

Chapter 5

My Mirror Image Chapter 5

“Don’t call this number anymore. Call my work phone.”

Speak of a devastating heart break. It was all over at this point as far as My Mirror Image Novel is concerned. Chandice had lost Alex to Sonia. Alex was the person that told Chandice the above statement when he went to take an invitation card to a luxury party from her. Alex’s mother had invited him to a routine party and Alex was not going to attend it with Chandice anymore, so it was Sonia this time. Readers would literally feel the heartbreak that Chandice supposedly felt in this part of the novel as Alex shattered her heart.

Alex had a lipstick stain on the collar of his shirt when he went to meet with Chandice, and before then, Chandice had heard Sonia’s voice at the background when she called Alex initially. With these facts on ground, Chandice was able to tell that the lipstick stain on Alex’ shirt belonged to Sonia because only her could get that close to Alex at that point in time.

Part 3: Conclusion Of My Mirror Image

My Mirror Image By Maybe Not

My Mirror Image Novel is a rich novel. The plot is rich, the story telling ability of the author is rich, and also the characters are intense and have rich content. The author of the novel surpasses expectations especially in the part where Alex broke the news to Chandice that she was no longer allowed to call his personal phone number again, as “people” will misunderstand them. What that meant was that he was officially breaking up any intimate ties with Chandice.

The intense heartbreak in that part of the chapter is one that readers would not be able to ignore. The author who goes by the uncanny name of “Maybe Not” does well to ensure that the readers are immersed in the plot of the novel, following through with the characters as intimately as they should.

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