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Fiona woke up to see herself in a strange place. Her heart skipped several beats as she did not imagine that she would wake up beside a drop-dead gorgeous man who had the heavy aura of an Alpha. Shocked, worried, and unaware of what happened to her and how she ended up there, Fiona sought to sneak away from the bedroom she was in and she managed to succeed because the man whose arms she had woken up in was still fast asleep.

Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King Novel narrates that Fiona could hardly contain herself, knowing fully that her parents would be looking for her frantically, and they would be gravely worried. She glanced at her phone just as she escaped from the bedroom, and Fiona saw that she guessed right. There were numerous missed calls on her phone from her father and mother. Fiona panicked. What would she tell her parents had kept her away from home overnight? Well, even though Fiona was afraid and agitated, she had to return home.

When Fiona returned home, she was in no way ready for the drama that she met. If Fiona thought that her staying out over night was the most horror she had to explain to her parent’s, she was in for a surprise following the news that her parents were waiting to break to her. Fiona got home to see that her parents were so very worried.

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Part 1: Plot Of Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King

Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King Novel

Were they worried because she had disappeared in the night? If that was the case, well, she was back so there was no need for them to be worried anymore, but Fiona was wrong because her parents were worried about something else. Before long, Fiona’s parents broke the news to her. Fiona was not their biological daughter. They had adopted Fiona, and now, Fiona’s biological parents had found her and sent for her. Ordinarily, Fiona was seen as an Omega just for the mere fact that she was adopted and was on the weak side, but her now foster parents told her that she was not an Omega as the family that contacted them to release Fiona to them were the Alpha family if the justice pack. Was she dreaming?

Fiona listened in shock to this weird news and wondered what was going on. The only family she ever knew all her life were Otis and his wife whom she now stood in the presence of, so where did these other parents come from and why did they not reach out to her since? Fiona tried to talk her foster parents out if it, but that was not going to be possible as they had already made up their minds. Besides, the person that reached out to them was an Alpha, so they had little to no authority over Fiona as they could not dominate an Alpha who was sure that he was Fiona’s father. Within the shortest amount of time according to Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King Novel, the messenger from Fiona’s biological parents came to pick her.

Refusing to join the messenger was out of the question so Fiona who had not even recovered from the one night stand that she had with a stranger, left the place she had called home for twenty years, as well as the people she had called her parents for twenty years, and was headed to a new life where her so-called biological parents were waiting for her. Yes, so-called parents, but that would not be for long because as soon as Fiona arrived at the Justice Pack and saw her father, she knew at once that she was staring at her father. The man had exactly the same facial features as Fiona, which was enough to have Fiona settle in and know that if a truth, her parents had sent for her, and they were not con artists. Could Fiona be consoled by the fact that her new life would carry more luxury with it than the life she had been used to with her foster parents? While that fact was there to think about, Fiona knew that there was no going back and the earlier she accepted her new reality, the better for her so she tried to settle in.

It was yet another shocker for Fiona when she started to perceive a heavy scent and quickly started to grow weak and show signs of stress. Why was that? According to Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King Novel, Fiona met her fated mate soon after she arrived at the Justice pack. What was going on and why was the moon goddess humiliating Fiona with one surprise after another. She had mistakenly had a one-night stand with a stranger, then she was told that the people she knew as her parents were not her parents and then she was forced to another pack to meet her parents, the she was still in the process of meeting her parents when she now met her fated mate.

Henry, that was what Fiona’s fated mate was called. Fiona soon knew that there was no way she would have met this fated mate of hers if her biological parents had not reached out to her. She always had the belief that she would be saved from the torture of being an Omega in her former pack by her mate, unknown to her that the people that would offer her liberation from Omega slavery were her biological parents. Warming into her new pack was not easy for Fiona as she had a rival who already showed grave disdain for Fiona as soon as she arrived at the Justice Pack. Her rival according to Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King Novel was none other than her foster sister, Vivian.

Vivian was adopted as a replacement for the missing child that Fiona’s biological parents lost. Vivian had enjoyed all the benefits of being the Alpha’s daughter so of course, when she saw that the original daughter of her foster parents had returned, she became upset and jealous as she felt that she would be side-lined, moving forward. What Fiona did not know was that Vivian and Henry were seeing each other. Yes! One day, Fiona bumped into them having passionate sex as Henry pledged his love and loyalty to Vivian. Fiona had not come to terms with the fact that her mate was cheating on her when she started to feel sick. The maid assigned to Fiona diagnosed that Fiona might be pregnant, prompting Fiona to do a pregnancy test and lo and behold according to Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King Novel, Fiona tested positive for pregnancy.

Fiona could tell that she was in big trouble. It was just one night with that man at her former pack so how come she became pregnant so fast? Was the man so potent or was she so fertile? Fiona was afraid, but she consoled herself with the fact that nobody would find out that she was pregnant but before she could settle with that thought, she was summoned by her father, Alpha Carl Jackson. Fiona’s heart froze as she met her father who disowned her immediately, claiming that she was a disgrace to the Jackson family as no member of the Jackson family had ever brought such a heavy disgrace to them before. How on earth did the Jackson family as well as the entire Justice Pack get to know that Fiona was pregnant? She could not phantom it. Following Fiona being disowned by her father, she was also rejected by her mate.

In Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King Novel, the hypocrite, Henry was quick to judge and reject Fiona right after sleeping with her sister. Henry even got to lay his hands on Fiona as he slapped her when she tried to reprimand him for also cheating on her. Fiona was treated like a whore and placed on disciplinary measures as she would be tried by the Elders of the pack but just when Fiona was about to start her trial, a visitor was announced. The man with a familiar scent that made every member of the Justice Pack to fret, including the elders, the very man that Fiona had a one-night stand with in the near last, the Lycan King had suddenly arrived.

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Part 2: Hot Chapters Of Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King

Chapter 1

Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King Chapter 1

“Your father wants you home.”

Guess who said those words to Fiona in this chapter of Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King Novel? It was her father, Otis Lawrence who had broken the news to Fiona as soon as she returned home from having a one-night stand with a stranger. In this chapter of the novel, Fiona got to find out that she was not the biological daughter of Otis Lawrence and his wife, Dorothy.

Fiona had hurried home after finding herself stained by sleeping with a handsome Alpha, thinking that her parents would be upset with her for staying out late. Little did Fiona know that there was an even worse situation at home and it was one which she might not even have the capacity to handle without breaking down.

“Your father, Alpha Carl Jackson, found us yesterday, and he has sent an envoy to bring you home. You know what that means; you are not an Omega, Fiona, but the daughter of an Alpha.”

Dorothy Lawrence marinated the news to Fiona since she was finding it difficult to believe her foster father, Otis. One would have thought that after all the years of torture as an Omega, Fiona would be happy to be identified with an Alpha Family, but it was deeper than that for Fiona as she already saw the Lawrence family as her one and only family.

Chapter 6

Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King Chapter 6

“I am overriding that decision now with the authority of the Lycan King. A giga was created to suppress the power of werewolves who are deemed threats and dangers to society. I highly doubt that this young woman can attack me, let alone the Lycan King. Take it off now.”

For whatever reason there was in this chapter of Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King Novel, the Lycan King sent for the prisoner that he had met almost receiving trial. The person who uttered the statement above was the assistant to the Lycan King, and he had said those words to Fiona’s prison guard who sought to kill Fiona in collaboration with Fiona’s foster sister, Vivian.

Part 3: Conclusion Of Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King

Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King Read Online

The author of Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King Novel, does a fantastic job while narrating the plot of the novel. The story-telling ability of the author is such that the novel stands out as a nearly perfect literary art as the author easily delivers the plot in a way that meets excitement with tranquillity. Suspense is a major tool used by the author of the novel to keep readers looking out for more distinct narratives as far as the novel is concerned.

Easy to read, the prose that is Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King Novel, carries rich elements of a standard web novel, and guarantees that the essence of the novel would be passed on to the readers using an approach that is friendly and at the same time serious enough for the readers to hold the author accountable for delivering a worthy book for reader enjoyment.

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