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Abigail Marie Fuentebella Sandoval watched as her supposed fiancé got engaged to her stepsister, Alice, right in front of her. If heartbreak could embody a person, it would take Abigail’s resemblance vividly. Abigail was away from the country, and had just recently returned and her now ex-fiancé put a ring in her finger, so how come he was now getting engaged to Alice?

According to I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up Novel, Abigail had been the object of jealousy by her stepsister who was not even her father’s daughter to start with. Alice saw Abigail’s absence as an opportunity to snatch what belonged to Abigail, so while Abigail was okay with the monthly allowances she got from the company that her late mother built up for her father, Alice was busy working hard in the company to get herself noticed. Eventually, Alice’ hard work earned her a spot in the heart of Justin, the young man that was supposed to get married to Abigail in the first place.

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Part 1: Storyline Of I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up

I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up Novel

Abigail was getting herself drunk when her father, Phillip Sandoval saw her and hurried towards her. He knew that the situation surrounding Abigail and the couple that were getting engaged was controversial and Abigail had been cheated so he feared that she would cause a scene. Phillip Sandoval hurried towards his daughter asking her to quit drinking and daring her to cause a scene. While Abigail’s father seriously reprimanded her, she did not take his words seriously, as she had her eyes plastered on the couple that had tricked her and cheated her while she nonchalantly told her father that he had nothing to worry about.

While the engagement party continued, Abigail was forced to listen to her stepmother make fun of her because she was sure that her and her daughter had eventually won Abigail in the grand scheme of events as far as the Sandoval family were concerned. Karen and her daughter, Alice carefully schemed Abigail out of the lovely side of the Sandoval family, and at that time, even Phillip Sandoval who was Abigail’s father, preferred his stepdaughter, Alice over her. He said it plainly to Abigail at a time that she should try to be like her stepsister, Alice, meaning that Alice was a better person than Abigail.

Abigail nursed deep feelings of betrayal, and according to I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up Novel, she had to put in a lot of effort to mask the fact that she was hurting deeply inside because of how her family and the man she had loved since she was a child treated her. Desperate to take revenge on Justin for cheating, and in a bid to cause a scene, Abigail looked out for any guests who was as handsome as her ex-fiancé or better, so that she could transfer the bitterness she felt into a public display of affection in front of Justin just as he was doing to her.

Also, before Abigail approached a total stranger to get intimate with, her stepmother, Karen had told her that she had failed out completely by losing Justin, as there was no man in the entire city that could match up with Justin in looks and wealth. Abigail refused to believe that lie.

Soon enough according to I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up Novel, Abigail’s eyes fell on a deviously handsome man that attended as a guest, and she walked right up to him and started to kiss him. To Abigail’s glee, the man did not hold back, and he replied to Abigail’s kisses by letting her into his mouth as he kissed her back. The entire guests were in shock. First of all, Abigail naturally had the attention of everyone on her because of what she wore.

While everyone dressed formally in tuxedos and evening gowns, Abigail put on a t-shirt and shorts or something of that nature, looking conspicuous and out of place, so the eyes of the crowd naturally followed her anywhere she went. Also, majority of the guests were aware that Justin had abandoned Abigail for Alice.

The kiss that Abigail shared with this stranger attracted her father to enter the scene again, as he reprimanded Abigail fervently and asked her to quit embarrassing the Sandoval family as usual. Abigail would not listen. She fired back at her father, asking him to explain to her how he had the effrontery to ask her to be decent when he was aware that Alice had stolen her fiancé, and as a matter of fact, everyone was gathered in that venue to honour the very indecent action that Alice had done.

Readers would feel for Abigail dearly at this point because her heart broke even more when her father quickly took sides with Alice, claiming that while Abigail was away for years ignoring the family’s company, Alice showed interest in hard work for the company and that was how she stole the heart of Justin.

It was not easy for Abigail to listen to her father to take sides with a girl who was not even his daughter over her who was his biological father and one whom he had watched grow up. Well, since her life had already taken such a drastic and unfair turn, Abigail could not give a hoot about the outcome of anything she was doing and continued to kiss. She then asked the man that she was kissing what he did for a living, and he told Abigail that he was a mere waiter.

Abigail’s father, Phillip almost fainted to see his daughter meddling with someone of such a low class, and to think that Abigail did not give a care in the world and was asking the man to leave with her almost brought tears to the eyes of Phillip Sandoval. After a series of back-and-forth argument with her father and having to do away with Justin who left Alice’ side to beg Abigail not to leave with another man, Abigail left the venue to a private place with the man.

Now, the only thing that bothered Abigail was to find out who this man was. Yes, he said he was a waiter, and Abigail believed him, but which waiter dared to ooze of such a distinct aura, one that almost intimidated Abigail to submission. The man kept on begging Abigail to let him go back to work, but Abigail, according to I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up Novel opted to pay the man for the time he would spend away from work with her.

While all that was going on however, the excitement that Alice and her mother, Karen felt to see Abigail leaving Justin for a mere waiter could not be overemphasized. As far as they were concerned, they had defeated Abigail to the maximum, and there was no way she would bounce back from this terrible ordeal that she had trapped herself in. If only they knew that a heavy plot twist was on the way.

When Abigail left with the mysterious so-called waiter, Alice and her mother started to get more ideas, settling with the decision that they should make Abigail’s father, Phillip disown her, so guess what they did? While Abigail was in another room getting to know her mysterious man innocently, a waiter came to them, serving drinks and claiming that it was Abigail’s father, Phillip that had sent the drink to them. At this point in the novel, one would love to maintain that the author was a bit careless with the writing because Abigail ought to have known that there was no way her father would send drinks to her. First of all, he had tried to stop her from drinking earlier, and then he did not agree with her being with the mysterious man, so how could the drink had come from him?

It was only after Abigail and the man had taken the drink and started to feel the pressure of the drug that the drink had been laced with, that Abigail began to put two and two together. Of course, her father did not send any drink, instead, she was sure that it was her stepsister and stepmother that had connived to give her a bad face, so they laced the drink with an aphrodisiac that would be so strong, Abigail and that man would not be able to keep their hands off each other.

As if Abigail could not confirm it any clearer, her father and her stepsister and stepmother barged into the room after they were sure that Abigail and that man had soiled themselves sexually, and the look of anger and dread on the face of Phillip Sandoval could not be mistaken in I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up Novel.

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Part 2: Hot Chapters Of I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up

Chapter 1

I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up Chapter 1

“Tonight, we are happy to announce the engagement of Justin Del Castillo to the daughter of our dear family friend, Miss Alice Campo.”

The announcement was made in front of Abigail Sandoval and her entire family. This was the announcement that got the party started. Literally a party to celebrate the engagement of two people as well as the party of chaos that Abigail Sandoval was about to kickstart in the plot of the novel. In this chapter of I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up Novel, Abigail had to watch her stepsister snatch her fiancé from her, and she could not deny the extreme pain that she felt as a result.

Chapter 5

I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up Chapter 5

“Believe me Abigail Marie Fuentebella Sandavol, no one in the world could afford me.”

This mysterious man in I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up Novel, who only revealed himself as L.A.M to Abigail, turned down the money that Abigail offered to pay him as she was so sure that he had suffered a loss while she took his work hours for her pleasure. What a pompous waiter. Abigail could not believe it, to be honest, it sounded absurd to her. First of all, he was supposed to be a waiter in that hotel that belonged to her family, right? So, it was not as if he was some sort of luxury/celebrity waiter who could afford anything just like a regular elite businessman, so why was he not accepting the money?

Part 3: Conclusion Of I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up Novel

I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up Read Online

I Paid A Billionaire For A Hook Up Novel, jjst like the name states, is an exciting novel to read. From the beginning of the novel, drastic action starts, and it is one that only builds up intensely as the novel progresses. The author of the novel does a great job in curating the novel with only characters that are set to blow the minds of the readers with their distinct role which they all embody so well, it is hard not to get stuck to any of the characters in the novel.

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