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A plane crash is certainly not something to be taken lightly, and so Grace Lewis had to have been saved by the divine as there were only two survivors who made out of the crashed flight headed to Pamore, by 12:30 A. M. Faced with such a situation, Grace started to call her husband, Benjamin Hawkins but there was no response from him, neither did he care to return Grace’s call. That was how Grace was taken to the hospital to recuperate without the man she had been married to for three years available to ease her pain.

According to In The Lap Of Luxury Novel, Grace had woken up to the news of her plane crash in the ward, so there was no way Benjamin would have claimed not to have known about the crash, as the news was all over the country. When Grace got to the hospital and her phone dared to ring, she was happy as she thought that Benjamin had eventually returned her call but she was wrong to have thought in that direction.

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Part 1: Storyline Of In The Lap Of Luxury

In The Lap Of Luxury Novel

Had Grace forgotten that the only person that took her seriously in the Hawkins family as Benjamin’s wife was the old lady, Elizabeth Hawkins, Benjamin’s grandmother. The woman’s fondness for Grace existed because Grace was looked upon to produce an heir for the Hawkins family. That was how Grace got married to Benjamin in the first place. Grace had an encounter with Elizabeth Hawkins in the past, and according to In The Lap Of Luxury Novel, as soon as old lady Elizabeth Hawkins voiced out that she needed a wife for her grandson, Grace brought herself forward and indicated interest in the role which she eventually was given.

Grace tried to no avail to contact Benjamin, but she was able to speak with Elizabeth Hawkins, and she told the woman where she was. While Elizabeth supposedly sent a driver to pick Grace up and Grace was waiting to leave the hospital, she saw her husband hurry into the hospital with another woman, d the aura around him was that of intense affection for the woman that he held dearly and ushered into the hospital with urgency. Grace had never felt such deep pain in her life before. For crying out loud, she had just survived a plane crash, so how much more pain could she afford to endure? Grace happened to over gear some zealous fans of her husband, Benjamin Hawkins, that the woman he had brought in was a romantic interest of his, and she was 12months pregnant.

Grace soon found out that the woman whom Benjamin was seen with was from the Quinn family, yet no matter how deeply she researched, she could not find the connection between the Hawkins and the Quinn family. Soon enough, the butler cake to take Grace home, and she arrived in time to meet Elizabeth in the living room, expecting her. Elizabeth promised to call Benjamin over to the house and Grace got to find out that Benjamin was deliberately avoiding her and was available for everybody else. It broke Grace’s already shattered heart even more.

Grace was taking a much-needed rest when Benjamin entered the room, and he entered with query towards Grace at the tip of his tongue. How insensitive could Benjamin be? This was a woman who had just escaped death and was literally with crutches after forcing herself out of the hospital. Grace confronted Benjamin about his whereabouts for the past two days she had been calling him, and oh, how easy it was for lies to roll out of Benjamin’s tongue. He said he was at a business meeting, but Grace replied that she called his assistant and the assistant said he was not anywhere near any business meeting whatsoever. Grace eventually let the cat out of the bag and let Benjamin know that she knew about his mistress.

At this point according to In The Lap Of Luxury Novel, Benjamin could not hold it back anymore. After all, Grace had found out what he thought was a secret so why should he hold back? After first accusing Grace of stalking him, he went ahead to say that he was free to do anything as he had known his mistress for the past 20 years. Benjamin further claimed that his mistress who bore the name, Yvonne had been away for the past five years, and he lost contact with her, so that was the reason she could not be his wife when his grandmother urgently needed one for him. Now that she was back, Benjamin was ready to settle with Yvonne, and he had to remind Grace that their marriage was a secret because he got married to her on demand and bore no feelings for her.

Benjamin did not know was that Grace had become another version of herself by this time. To start with, had he not heard that she was involved in the much talked about plane crash? According to In The Lap Of Luxury Novel, Benjamin had not made mention of the plane crash at all, as in, what was going on? Even if he did not fancy Grace anymore as far as having her as his wife was concerned, she was involved in a plane crash for crying out loud. A plane crash is a big deal, right? Well, Benjamin was at the peak of heartlessness in this novel called In The Lap Of Luxury.

Well, since Grace had lost everything, she became desperate and started to act out of character. Grace set Benjamin up by spraying an aphrodisiac in the room. Since the Hawkins family had married her so that she would bear the heir of the Hawkins empire for Benjamin, then she was ready for Benjamin to make do with getting her pregnant. Grace complained that she had been married to Benjamin for three years, but he had barely touched her, causing his grandmother, Elizabeth to accuse Grace of being barren, so how did he expect Grace to feel now that he had gotten his mistress pregnant under such a short time? Would that not confirm his grandmother’s accusation that Grace was barren?

This was the saddest part of the novel for Grace because as desperate as she was for Benjamin to touch her, the man managed to break free from her and scamper away, claiming that it disgusted him to touch her and so Grace was left alone feeling dejected. That was enough, Benjamin Hawkins had done enough. The following day, Grace packed her luggage and was headed out of the Hawkins family. To think that she was in that state, yet the Hawkins family were still asking and commanding her to carry out different demeaning errands was mind-blowing. Of course, Grace was on her way out, so she did not attend to any of the errands she was being sent on, rather she announced to the entire Hawkins family that were present at the time that she was leaving Benjamin for good, so she had nothing to do with the rest of them anymore.

Part 2: Lead Character Of In The Lap Of Luxury

Grace Lewis

In The Lap Of Luxury Grace Lewis

Grace was a regular lady who happened to marry into wealth and affluence. According to In The Lap Of Luxury Novel, Grace had happened to be available at the right time when the Hawkins family desperately needed a wife for their son, Benjamin Hawkins. Having had an encounter with the old lady Elizabeth Hawkins who was the grandmother of Benjamin, she was within reach when Elizabeth Hawkins voiced out the fact that she was looking for a wife for her grandson, and so Grace indicated interest and secretly got married to Benjamin.

Grace, however, suffered a tumultuous marriage with Benjamin, and the relationship that she had with his family was not positive either. Grace was married to the Hawkins family because she was expected to bear the heir of the Hawkins family’s business, but the problem was that because Benjamin did not love her, he had not touched her for the three years that they had been married. That was the problem between Grace and Elizabeth Hawkins in the first place. Grace had not lived up to the reason that she was married into the family in the first place, so she was accused of being barren up until she had a plane crash that let her see where she was selling herself short. Soon after the plane crash, Grace left the Hawkins family.

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Part 3: Hot Chapters Of In The Lap Of Luxury

Chapter 1

In The Lap Of Luxury Chapter 1

“You are both his secretary and his wife. You went abroad on his behalf for work. And now that something has happened, he has gone missing?”

Old lady Elizabeth Hawkins managed to stand up for Grace at this point because Benjamin had taken it a bit too far. Grace was involved in a plane crash for crying out loud, and Benjamin had not showed up nor spoken to Grace at least to thank their lucky stars that she was among the less than a handful of people that survived the crash.

The first chapter of In The Lap Of Luxury Novel narrates the story of Grace’s fall from being the wife of Benjamin Hawkins.

Grace should have considered the plane crash a blessing, as at least she survived and got to find out that her husband had been cheating on her for a long time, and had already gotten his mistress pregnant. It became glaring to Grace that all her efforts at making Benjamin Hawkins a happy man that would warm up to her love was in vain.

Chapter 3

In The Lap Of Luxury Chapter 3

“Have you forgotten how you ended up as Mrs. Hawkins?”

Seeing that Grace had caught him cheating on her, Benjamin decided to be brutal with her. In The Lap Of Luxury Novel states that Benjamin did not feel any remorse for cheating on his wife, Grace, neither was he bothered about the fact that she had just survived a plane crash because he did not spare her feelings for one bit of a second.

It became clear to Grace Lewis in this chapter of the novel that Benjamin was not in love with her and would never be in love with her. There was absolutely no space for Grace in the heart of Benjamin Hawkins and he did not care to let Grace know that fact no matter how ruthlessly he had to make her come to the realization.

In the first place, considering how they got married, Grace and Benjamin had agreed that Grace would never interfere with his life. She was to be called Mrs. Hawkins, but that was just on paper, and not even the public knew that she was married to Benjamin Hawkins as everyone thought that she was merely a secretary. Yet, Grace thought to try and bend Benjamin into falling in love with her. It did not work.

Part 4: Conclusion Of In The Lap Of Luxury

In The Lap Of Luxury Read Online

To begin with, the title of the novel, In The Lap Of Luxury stands out and is the first element that will draw readers to the novel. Hardly would any web novel reader have come across this sort of uncanny novel title. Furthermore, the author directs so much expertise in the narrative surrounding the plot of the novel.

Characters that embody their role as if they were partaking in an actual real-life event, makes the novel come across as intensely captivating and full of rich scenarios that make the plot an outstanding one.

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