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Lucy Score’s Thing We Never Got Over is a warm romantic novel that gathers many positive reviews and high recommendations from its readers. Told in the first-person point of view, this 496-page literary piece was a must-read for those who are craving an enticing story that will live up to the hype just by reading the first chapter.

The plot focuses on two completely opposite adults, who met by chance in a small town in Knockemout, Virginia. Naomi Witt, a runaway bride who just came out from a toxic relationship, wanting to live a new life by herself, and Knox Morgan, a bar owner with a bad-boy stubborn attitude.

A veteran author like Score truly strategized the outline for this gem, the theme was mainly romance with a sprinkle of family issues and introspection. Such profound elements were included to give enough justice for the characters’ development.

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However, Thing We Never Got Over was intended for mature readers as the novel has explicit content, like sexual scenes, violence, and profanity. Warning: It is also a tear-jerker so if you are a person who got easily touched then might as well, prepare a box of Kleenex right before jumping into the pages.

Part 1: The Main Storyline and Characters on Things We Never Got Over

Things We Never Got Over- Part 1 Background and Characters

Things We Never Got Over will probably take you to a different reading experience, a bumpy emotional ride. Knox and Naomi’s romance is tremendously addictive and it was something to watch out for. Their relationship buds in the most unexpected moment, yet they both came into each other’s lives just right in time.

The story started when Naomi had to help her twin sister, Tina in Knockemout. But luck turned away from her when her hellish twin sister took not only her car but also her money. Little did she know, Tina has an eleven-year-old daughter named Waylay. Left with no choice, Naomi had to take responsibility for the child and find a new job for a living.

She worked in a bar where she met Knox, a man who bought the place since he won the lottery a couple of years ago. His instant riches caused conflict with his brother, Nash. Amidst his life status, he only wanted to live a simple life and spend his leisure time with his basset hound.

As the two interact every day, certain attraction is built between them. Even without saying it, the spark is evident in the way they look into each other’s eyes. Naomi was sweet and sociable in nature, the opposite of Knox’s character.

Knowing that she did not have the easiest and comfort of life, he always makes sure of her safety and also secured her niece’s welfare.

While his infatuation is still unexpressed officially, the grudge against his brother who happened to be a police officer in the town, becomes stiffer as the two falls for Naomi’s gorgeousness and cheerful outlook.

There was jealousy and sibling rivalry between them which eventually ceased when an unfortunate event happened to Nash. His brother was shot and helped by Knox. From then on, the previous conflict finally stopped. Nash decided to respect Knox’s feelings for Naomi.

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Part 2: The Ending and Author’s Thoughts on Things We Never Got Over

Things We Never Got Over- Part 2 The Most Exciting Plot

In the later chapters of Things We Never Got Over, Naomi wanted to fix the wrongs that her twin sister did. So she made a way to call her parents and told them about Waylay. Of course, Know was always there to make things possible for her. Her parents went to the small town to meet the kid and finally reunite with her.

As things become smooth for her, Knox’s grumpy nature was no longer an issue to her as the two get along well. In spite of the fact that they were not vocal about their feelings for each other, the two had sex without playing hard to get. However, they were still not labeling the kind of relationship they had.

Later on, Naomi’s ex-lover went to the town and was asking her to come back to him. Yet, as the man tried to force her to leave that place, Knox intervened in the situation and fought him to protect the woman. As their connection went deeper, Knox decided to confess his life to her.

That he had some issues with his family since he became wealthy from winning the lottery. He also told her about the traumatic experience he had with his alcoholic father making his life more complicated. Although Naomi was willing to accept him, Knox decided to cut ties with her.

Things We Never Got Over Family

Moving over to the inciting parts of Things Never Got Over, Tina kidnapped Waylay who was eventually captured by the cops. Big thanks to the Morgan brothers. Knox and Naomi became a couple and decided to adopt the kid. Years after, Waylay had to leave for college and so they adopted two children, knowing that they can no longer conceive.

Part 3: Ending to Things We Never Got Over

Things We Never Got Over- Summary

Although Things We Never Got Over has a sequel that is about to come out this year, I still could not get over it this run-of-the-mill story. The main character’s complexity and flaws made them more relatable. I could easily say that this one was a memorable read.

More than just a typical romantic drama story, this one promised a new perspective on love. That it can also take place no matter what your age is. It is surreal, a kind of fulfillment that any individual deserves to indulge in. Truly love moves in mysterious ways and so changes people in the least expected moment.

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