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Love rivalries. Werewolf mates. Smut scenes. Three Fated Hearts has a lot of things to offer. At first glance, Three Fated Hearts seems like the usual werewolf romance novel where the female lead is an outcast in a pack and the least favorite of her family. Such a premise is actually very common, maybe because that kind of drama evokes the reader’s emotions and hooks them eventually. Three Fated Hearts has that kind of premise.

Reading this at first, while the point of view of the female lead is being told sounds like ordinary and mediocre, since there are honestly many werewolf stories written with this kind of flow, but then its the storytelling of Three Fated Hearts that makes it engaging, and right then, the reader may not notice he or she has been flipping more pages of the book.

If you are a reader of werewolf romance novels then you are surely acquainted with werewolf mating. Mating is used as the central plot of this novel, Three Fated Hearts. It plays an important role in driving the story, actually it is where the romantic aspect and conflict was pulled off. But what is actually mating in werewolves? Why do many werewolves stories such as Three Fated Hearts revolve around this thing? How effective is this to draw out and sustain the entire storyline? Did that mating thing make Three Fated Hearts interesting? Read this honest review and find out.

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Part 1: The Mating System In Three Fated Hearts

Three fated hearts landon lincoln

In the human language, mate equals to a soul mate. For the werewolves, like here in Three Fated Hearts, it was like their sole purpose in life was about finding their true mates. A werewolf mate matters so much especially in maintaining their bloodline, much more their hierarchy in the pack to which they belong. And as for an alpha werewolf, his mate plays a great role in his alpha position in the pack. For the alpha’s mate will become Luna. The Luna werewolf is a female werewolf, a wife of an alpha. A Luna is expected to be strong and powerful, capable of leading and taking pack duties alongside with the alpha werewolf.

So, here in Three Fated Hearts, the main conflict of the story lies with the alpha twins being arranged to be mated with the female lead’s twin sisters. Since it was an arranged engagement by both of their parents, their situation was called chosen mates. There was a great difference between a chosen mate and fated mates. Choose mates are what the pack or the parents decided to for alliance reasons, while fated mates is what the moon goddess had given to a certain werewolf to be a wife or husband.

Here in Fated Hearts since we have two male leads here who happened to be identical twins, the twin alpha werewolves are bound to share one mate. It was like there’s some magical force binding them together, some kind of mate pull, that unless they surrender to the mate, to that love in which the moon goddess gifted them, they can never complete their entire lives. So, the twin alpha werewolves are captivated by the mate bond, and it was as if they don’t have their free will but to give in to what their inner wolf wanted – their fated mate.

That one girl, the female lead who happened to be the pack outcast. Three Fated Hearts is a wonderful storytelling of werewolf mating, and this is brave enough to explore such a romantic relationship which involves three people, but even so, the smut scenes here don’t look like a taboo, the author must be commended for executing such hot artistic smut scenes, rather the right word for that is, though it involves three people, the love scenes are sexy and romantic. Nevertheless, Three Fated Hearts is for the open minded, adventurous and romantic.

Part 2: Three Fated Hearts Summary

Three fated hearts tia

In Three Fated Hearts, Landon and Lincoln are identical twins. Since they are twins they are expected to share the same mate. That’s a wonder in werewolf mating. But then to strengthen the pack alliance, their parents agreed to mate them with Tia’s twin sisters. Landon and Lincoln had been waiting for their mates their whole life, and for long they haven’t find their fated mate so they give up to their parents’ ideas of partnering them to the Colby twins. But just then when the alpha ceremony and engagement was being held, there their wolves identified their mates, and it was no other than Tia, the youngest daughter of Emeral Lake pack who happened to be the least favorite and the pack’s outcast.

Meanwhile, Portia or Tia of the Emerald Lake Pack is gorgeous she-wolf. An alpha’s daughter but she never felt she was one for she never have had experience any affection from her father. She train in secret. She was living like she’s not existing. It’s iether she’s ignore by everybody or her parents sent her in exile. Ever since her twin sisters are her father’s favorite and was arrange to be the future Lunas, thus, arranging them to be mates to Landon and Lincon. But then just when his sisters was about to be Lunas in that one ceremony, there her wolf identifies her mate. And to her surprise, it wasn’t just one guy, but two! An alpha twins.

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Part 3: Plot Review Of Three Fated Hearts

Three fated hearts werewolf mates

The charm of Three Fated Hearts is in its clear, smooth storytelling. By that, the story is easily understood and the direction its heading. As for the plot, it was mentioned earlier that here in Three Fated Hearts we get to see our female lead having the same common background for a she-wolf. She’s an outcast. She’s not her parents’ favorite, and she find love and attention in her mates. Yet, despite of that, Tia was an interesting she-wolf. She’s a mix of a warrior, a sassy and liberated woman.

What makes the plot of Three Fated Hearts actually intriguing is its characters. Here we are given two male leads, and female lead, and there aren’t love rivalries in their part but they share the same girl! What make the readers wonder in here is that, would there not be any conflict or love quarrel between the three? It makes the reader wonder how the love conflict in the three characters would be shown. That makes Three Fated Hearts intriguing on that part.

On the other hand, Three Fated Hearts is giving its readers a damsel rescued vibe. As here it was presented that finding Tia’s twin mates is her chance of having her life, her situation changed. Her mates are her savior, and her way to gaining a peace and protection. And that makes the plot of Three Fated Hearts romantic. Such concept is exact for a romance story. All in all, Three Fated Hearts is an interesting novel to read, sure this story would not disappoint. If you are intrigue about this, you can read Three Fated Hearts on Dreame.

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