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Callista, for the sole reason that she was not a Bonafide member of the Walters family, was treated with little to no regard. According to Alpha’s Substitute Virgin Wife Novel, Callista was made to do tedious house chores like the maids and didn’t even live in the same area of the Walter family residence. Callista lived in the area where the maids lived.

Whenever there was a guest visiting the Walter family however, they would clean Callista up and dress her in nice clothing just to deceive whoever was visiting that they were taking care of her, and soon after, she would be thrown back to the unkempt are where she lived, and she would resume working day and night like a mere maid.

All Callista wished for while she was in that position according to The Alpha’s Substitute Virgin Wife Novel was that she would eventually find her mate and would be able to leave and do away with her hard life. That was what she thought of as her saving grace.

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Part 1: Main Plot Of The Alpha’s Substitute Virgin Wife

The Alpha's Substitute Virgin Wife Novel

Callista had to report to duty, as her family requested that she take her sister’s place temporarily as far as the Alpha, Greyson’s to-be bride, was concerned. The situation got sticky when Alpha Greyson, who had a wife arranged for him from the Walters family, was required to check the girl he was getting married to, to see if she was still a virgin.

According to The Alpha’s Substitute Virgin Wife Novel, Isabella Walters, the original daughter of the Walters family was the one that was supposed to get married to Alpha Greyson and not Callista, but the requirement to pass the checking process would definitely have Isabella falling short, so she could not do the test by herself. Isabella was not a virgin, and that was exactly what was going to be checked and passed if she would get married to the Alpha.

In lieu of this, Callista who was still a virgin was chosen to put on a mask and do the process of the checking for Isabella, hoping that whoever was checking would not notice that the person being checked was not Isabella but someone else. The truth was that Isabella was also not comfortable with the plan because she knew that Callista was more beautiful than herself, and so Callista might take her place.

That mask that Callista had to put on was not only for hiding the secret that the person being checked was not Isabella, but it would also secure Isabella to make sure that her beautiful foster sister did not take her place when the Alpha would see that Callista was very beautiful.

Callista was prepared and nurtured properly for the D-day. She would make sure to play her part to the max to guarantee that she got the best result and that her sister, Isabella got married to the Alpha. Meanwhile, Alpha Greyson was brooding at home. The Alpha who was married before, lost his wife and so he was really not interested in getting married anymore according to The Alpha’s Substitute Virgin Wife Novel, but his parents would not permit him to remain a widower.

The Alpha’s mother announced that they were receiving guests, and those guests were from the Walter family where Greyson would get married to their daughter. Greyson was shocked, as he was not at all ready to get married again after losing his wife. He disputed the fact with his mother, but there was no way he could get his parents, especially his mother, to bend to his will, so he had to agree with them.

Callista was reserved in a presidential suite in the most prestigious hotel, where she waited for Alpha Greyson. The truth of the matter was that Callista did not have an idea that it would be Alpha Greyson himself that would come to check her. According to the agreement, a representative of the Ferdinand family would check the bride, so when Callista woke up in the presidential suite to see that Alpha Greyson was in the room looking at her, she was shocked to stupor.

Alpha Greyson would like to start the process, but first, he demanded that Callista take off her mask. Why was she putting on a mask, was she scared of him? There was no need to be scared of him, so Alpha Greyson demanded that she took off her mask.

Part 2: Hot Chapters Of The Alpha’s Substitute Virgin Wife

Chapter 2

The Alpha's Substitute Virgin Wife Chapter 2

“Callista, you know how much we need to be married into the family of the Ferdinands. Your sister is no longer a virgin, and that can be disadvantageous to us. Please for the sake of the fact that we took you in and fed you and housed you when your parents abandoned you, do this for us.”

That was Callista’s foster mother speaking. The woman was only being polite, as she most likely knew that Callista did not have a choice whatsoever. If Callista did not do as they said, they would chase her out of the family of course, and where would Callista run to then? Callista had to accept the offer. Was it not just to check to see if she was a virgin? Well, that could be done, as far as she would be left alone afterwards to continue life as she knew it.

Callista was taken in and groomed as usual, as if the Walters family actually cared about her. They made her hair, and in fact, gave Callista a complete makeover. Then they gave her some instructions on what to do and what not to do, and then sent her on her way to the mission.

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Chapter 5

The Alphas Substitute Virgin Wife Chapter 5

“Take off your mask.”

The title of the chapter as stated above, and words said by Alpha Greyson when he came face to face with Callista. It was the moment of truth.

Callista froze when the Alpha King gently bellowed those words to her. How would she go about it. She was not Isabella Walters.

The Alpha King’s former wife was friends with Isabella Walters, so there’s no way the Alpha King would not recognize Isabella when he saw her, or recognize that someone was being an imposter, pretending to be Isabella.

Part 3: Main Characters Of The Alpha’s Substitute Virgin Wife

Callista Walters

The Alpha's Substitute Virgin Wife Callista Walters

The female lead of the novel, Callista was a foster daughter of the Walter family, and she was treated as such. Callista was beautiful, if course, with features that were to die for so much that her foster sister, Isabella, had to take note of that fact and tread with caution according to The Alpha’s Substitute Virgin Wife.

Callista acted in place of her sister, Isabella when Isabella had to be inspected before she would become the wife of Alpha Greyson of the Ferdinand family. The prerequisite to get married to the Alpha King was that, the chosen bride must be a virgin, and Isabella was not one, so the Walters family asked their foster daughter to do them the favor of pretending to be Isabella just for the inspection.

Alpha Greyson

The Alpha's Substitute Virgin Wife Alpha Greyson

Alpha Greyson is the male lead of the story, The Alpha’s Substitute Virgin Wife. Greyson did not even know that his mother had made a bride ready for him and was bringing her over to be inspected. Alpha Greyson’s wife had passed on and he would rather remain single. Yes. His mother was afraid that her son would turn out to be a widower for the rest of his life, so she decided to act fast on his behalf. The Alpha King met his virgin bride when he went to inspect her. His bride had been replaced with a substitute, and he did not mind at all.

Part 4: Conclusion Of The Alpha’s Substitute Virgin Wife

The Alpha's Substitute Virgin Wife Read Online

A novel with an awesome plot and plot twist, The Alpha’s Substitute Virgin Wife is a standard piece. The author’s storytelling ability is a tad bit more than top-notch, and the grammar structure is adequate to carry readers along a seamless journey into the euphoria of literary dream world.

Read The Alpha’s Substitute Bride On Dreame

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