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Kristen and Colt were twins. Colt was male and Kristen was female and given that Colt was born some hours before Kristen, he was the person that would be the Alpha in seven years. Yes, according to Tattooed Luna Novel, the present Alpha, Kristen and Colt’s dad was not going to step down from his position as Alpha until Colt was 25 years old. That would mean Colt had to wait for seven years before he could be Alpha.

It was not supposed to be that big of a deal, except for the fact that Kristen was suffering in the hands of her stepmother, Luna Ann. At every given opportunity, Luna Ann would hit and mistreat Kristen to the extent that Kristen could not take it anymore. She had reported to her father on countless occasions, but the man could not do so much, and it pained Kristen a great deal. Could the Alpha just act like he was her father? He nearly never took sides with her, and Kristen’s patience was growing thin. She planned to leave the pack on her eighteenth birthday.

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Part 1: Hot Chapters Of Tattooed Luna

Chapter 2

Tattooed Luna Chapter 2

“Where have you girls been?”

Luna Ann quickly jumped in the face of Kristen as soon as she returned home. Luna Ann, according to Tattooed Luna Novel, loved to pick on and bully Kristen just because Kristen looked like her mother. Did she not know that Kristen had a tattoo shop and earned money for herself? What right did she have to police Kristen the way she did?

Well, why the readers might be thinking in that direction, the character that was Alpha Luna did not imagine that she didn’t have the right to scold her husband’s daughter. Kristen claimed that she had put up a list of work to be done by Kristen, and none of them had been touched. She raised her hand to slap Kristen even in front of Kristen’s father. Such high disregard. Well, thankfully, Colt quickly stepped in to save the day, and the slap that would have landed on his sister’s face was averted.

Chapter 4

Resisting The Alpha's Triplets Chapter 4

Interest. A young man named Alec who had first visited Kristen’s tattoo shop for an inquiry and could not get his eyes off her, eventually got to get close enough to her. His tattoo appointment was for 4PM in Kristen’s shop, and he was there to fix his tattoo. Obviously, he was early because apart from having to keep strictly to time because of other customers, he was very interested in Kristen for whatever reason.

“Who did that?”

At the slightest chance he got, Alec wanted to know what happened to Kristen’s split lip. Her stepmother, Luna Ann had managed to land a slap on Kristen’s face eventually in a prior chapter. The woman had been waiting eagerly to do that to Kristen, and so she got the chance to, even though Kristen slapped her back.

“I asked around and found out about your reputation. Rumor is your dad hits you.”

Alec was not relenting in his zest for knowing Kristen on a grander scale. He saw that she was injured and wanted to get to the bottom of it. But where on earth did, he hear that Kristen’s father beat her up on a norm? According to Tattooed Luna Novel, such a rumor had to be cleared immediately by Kristen, and she did not fail to quickly correct Alec.

My dad has never for once laid his hands on me in that manner

Part 2: All About Tattooed Luna

Tattooed Luna Novel

Kristen was living her life on her own terms, and for some reason, it didn’t sit well with her stepmother. Well, it’s not exactly for just any reason because the author stated exactly what Kristen’s stepmother hated about her.

Kristen looked like her late mom so much and it painted Luna Ann. She didn’t want anyone making her husband remember that he had a former wife whom he loved but had lost to the cold hands of death. As if it was her fault that she looked like her own mother, Kristen suffered greatly.

Kristen had a twin brother called Colt, and most of the time, he took care of her sister. Copy was older than Kristen by mere hours, and as a result, became the heir Alpha after his father.

That would have been awesome as Colt would have had another Luna, and their stepmother, Luna Ann would have been forced to stay away from Kristen, but Colt would not take up the mantle of Alpha until he turned twenty-five. That would be in seven years as Colt and Kristen were about to turn eighteen at the moment.

The reason that piece of information is important in Tattooed Luna Novel is because Colt would have been his sister’s saving grace, but there was no way that could happen anymore. Kristen came to decide that she would run away from home as soon as she turned eighteen. She hoped to find her mate by then but even if she did not, it would not stop her from running away from her pack. One wouldn’t really call it running away per say because it was common knowledge to Kristen’s friends and her brother as well.

A lot was going on for Kristen. First, she had a no-nonsense reputation, so she was highly respected and in fact, some people feared her in the pack. Following her job as a tattoo artiste, it also brought people from other packs to do business with her, and that was when she met Alec.

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Part 3: Main Character Of Tattooed Luna


Tattooed Luna Kristen

Kristen is the female lead of the novel, Tattooed Luna. In fact, she is the Tattooed Luna being spoken about. Kristen owned her tattoo shop, where she earned quite some money to be frank. A glaring situation of her very comfortable earning Kristen received is from the amount of money Alec paid to get his tattoo done. He was just one customer and paid nearly two thousand dollars for a full back tattoo.

Kristen was the twin sister of Colt, who was slated to be the next Alpha. She was the youngest twin, being born a couple of hours after her brother, Colt. Kristen lived a nearly difficult life, but because she was a girl who had substance and was tough, she could maneuver her difficult life gracefully. What made Kristen’s life difficult? It was her stepmother who would stop at nothing to humiliate and smack Kristen at every opportunity she got, which mostly was uncalled for. Kristen decided that she would leave her pack as soon as she turned eighteen years old. But did she? Read Tattooed Luna to find out.


Tattooed Luna Colt

Colt was Kristen’s twin, and future Alpha of his pack. Not much was said about Cole as far as being detailed was concerned, but he was a protective brother, and looked out for his sister at every given time. He even stood up for her when their stepmother Luna Ann would try to maltreat her, and he did so in front of their father. Colt was a deserving Alpha-To-Be.

Part 4: Author’s Thoughts And Conclusion Of Tattooed Luna

Tattooed Luna Read Online

In Tattooed Luna Novel, the author displays determination, guts and wit. A tad bit of vengeance could also be viewed in the novel as seen in Kristen’s decision to leave the pack because her stepmother won’t just let her be. The author of the novel further portrays a brother’s love for his sister. Colt was always there to guard and guide his younger twin sister along the way.

Kristen’s independence should also be taken note of in this novel, Tattooed Luna. Kristen was not the type of girl to sit around and be lazy about the day just because her father was the Alpha and could provide for her. No. She worked. She spent most of her time in her tattoo shop where she was paid big buck for a job.

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