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Natalia White is supposed to be the Luna of Luna’s Rejected Vengeful Mate novel on Dreame. However, she is shocked to find out that her mate is Alpha Blake Hunter, the male werewolf who is also her sister’s ex-mate and a cause for the sister to elope with another male werewolf.

Natalia first met Alpha Blake Hunter from the Dark Moon Stone pack through her father, who wished to form an alliance with the pack, so the pack will be able to withstand rogue attacks. Unfortunately, Alpha Blake isn’t a nice Alpha; not only that he’s not interested in “oversized” women like Natalia, but he also uses the marriage contract to destroy Natalia’s pack.

What if Natalia dares to reject him back? He would kill Natalia! Let’s see how the stories of Luna’s Rejected Vengeful Mate turn out to be. Will the two continue to hate each other, or, will Natalia successfully melt Blake “the lunatic”Hunter’s heart?

Luna’s Rejected Vengeful Mate is a love-hate story between two Alpha werewolves that will make you feel tense as you turn each chapter’s page. Feel it by yourself!

Part 1: Meet The Characters Of Luna’s Rejected Vengeful Mate

Natalia White

Luna's Rejected Vengeful Mate Natalia

Natalia White, the female MC of Luna’s Rejected Vengeful Mate novel, is the daughter of Alpha Rey White of the Moon Howlers pack. Natalia’s father has saved the life of Blake Hunter’s father in the past, and her father also thinks that the Dark Moon Stone pack, which is Blake’s pack, is the only pack to be able to help him during a rogue attack.

Natalia is a quite smart young woman, given that she becomes an employee of Milan’s “Luigi e Marone” in her twenties. However, her role as the bargaining chip for the agreement makes her have no other choice but to let her guard down in Luna’s Rejected Vengeful Mate novel.

Blake Hunter

Luna's Rejected Vengeful Mate Blake

In Luna’s Rejected Vengeful Mate novel, Alpha Blake Hunter of the Dark Moon Stone pack has led his pack for ten years with the typical Alpha’s iron fists. Even though Natalia’s father has saved his father’s life, Blake still wants to use the Moon Howlers’ pack dependence on his pack to finish his vengeance.

As a form of retaliating, Blake forcefully involves the innocent Natalia in the contract. Yet, he doesn’t have any interest toward Natalia, and he’s not a nice Alpha, either. In Luna’s Rejected Vengeful Mate, he also becomes the reason Natalia moves from Italy.

Part 2: The Impressive Storylines Of Luna’s Rejected Vengeful Mate

Luna's Rejected Vengeful Mate Novel Dreame

The Moon Howler pack and the Dark Moon Stone pack are the two werewolf packs that become the focus of the stories in Dreame’s Luna Rejected Vengeful Mate. The Moon Howlers pack has Alpha Rey White as the leader after the previous Alpha stepped down from the duties, and the Dark Moon Stone pack is led by the ferocious and vengeful Alpha Blake Hunter.

Even though it’s not directly mentioned in Luna’s Rejected Vengeful Mate novel, I get the impression that Alpha Rey White must be a powerful Alpha in his prime age. He’s the one who saves Alpha Blake Hunter’s father’s life. Yet, Blake isn’t a nice Alpha, as his ex-mate runs away from him and elopes with someone else… And he swears revenge by using the contracts.

Anyway, the “contracts” here also play significant elements in Luna’s Rejected Vengeful Mate, and the contract involves Blake marrying Natalia, Alpha Rey’s most innocent daughter.

Neither party are interested in the other; however, the mating ceremony should go, or else, the Dark Moon Stone pack will have every right to cancel the cooperation agreement and kill everybody in the Moon Howlers pack.

After all, the Moon Howlers pack depends on the Dark Moon Stone pack’s powers to prepare for the upcoming rogue attacks. To save her pack, Natalia has to leave Italy and have Blake forcefully mark her.

A consequence? Somebody has to mate with another werewolf in whom another one has no interest. So, let’s see how Luna’s Rejected Vengeful Mate turns out to be a passionate and romantic lover, slowly, but surely…

Part 3: Meet The Author Of Luna’s Rejected Vengeful Mate

Luna's Rejected Vengeful Mate by Ritsa Chrysostomou

The full name of the author of Luna’s Rejected Vengeful Mate novel is supposed to be Ritsa Tsioutta Chysostomou. However, she goes with only Ritsa Chysostomou (without Tsioutta) on the Dreame platform. Looking at her name, we know that she’s a Greece. Right now, Ritsa lives in Cyprus.

So, English is not a native language for Ritsa. However, it doesn’t matter, since I understand the plots in Luna’s Rejected Vengeful Mate, and her vocabulary and ways to structure the sentences in the novel are superb. Plus, we will read some dialogue portions in Italian, including the ones involving Natalia and her law firm team.

Ritsa’s novels on Dreame always emphasize female roles. Some of her Dreame novels include kickass heroines with fragile hearts, such as Natalia in Luna’s Rejected Vengeful Mate. Some of her other novels emphasize female MCs in different ways, such as The Untamed Female Alpha And Her Beta Mate.

Yet, most of Ritsa’s published novels on Dreame are all about rejected female characters, and they are typically categorized under werewolf romance novels.

As for Luna’s Rejected Vengeful Mate itself, it has been read more than 45K times, which means it’s a pretty popular novel. After all, I love the Italian background that doesn’t include the typical mafia element; it relieves me to read that not all Italians are mafias.

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